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500 posts from: Cote’s Weblog

MuleSoft Buys Programmable Web From Alcatel-Lucent, Marking The Telcos Departure From A Core API Community

(Indexed 2013-04-24):

Alcatel-Lucent acquired Programmable Web in 2010. At the time, Alcatel-Lucent had hopes for fostering a developer ecosystem and build out its own API management strategy. But the effort never really seemed to take hold. Hopefully, it will be a different … Continue reading →[Image]

Nests Smart Thermostat Ties Into Austin Energy

(Indexed 2013-04-23):

According to Nest, its new "Auto-Tune" technology connects into utility data, to learn about your habits and automatically fine tune the device’s schedule to save energy; the thermostat is also tied into a "Rush Hour Rewards" program with Austin Energy … Continue reading →[Image]

Sputnik, DevOps, and Cloud on theCube at DellWorld 2012

(Indexed 2012-12-15):

Barton and I were on theCUBE this past week at DellWorld. We talked about the recent news around Project Sputnik and then DevOps. We also discuss how Dell and OpenStack.[Image]

Project RIPTide the second Dell incubation project

(Indexed 2012-12-14):

Among my other doings at Dell, I helped put together and now run the internal incubation program. The idea of the program is to provide a sort of internal angel investment fund and program for employees who want to develop … Continue reading →[Image]

Sputnik Cloud Launcher Doing More DevOps

(Indexed 2012-12-14):

One of the tools in Project Sputnik is the “cloud launcher.” The idea for this tool is to help instrument a DevOps life-cycle: the tool models out a simulated cloud on your desktop during development, and then deploys it to … Continue reading →[Image]

Project Fast PaaS and Dell Cloud Labs

(Indexed 2012-12-14):

Dell releases Project Fast PaaS, a Cloud Foundry PaaS in Dell Cloud Labs. Continue reading →[Image]

Sputnik launches as the Dell XPS 13 Laptop

(Indexed 2012-11-29):

Today is an exciting day for me: Dell is launching a product that I’ve helped put together and create along with a team of people across the company and, of course, the leader of the project, Barton George. We’ve been … Continue reading →[Image]

Integration is gonna be a problem for cloud

(Indexed 2012-10-15):

Enterprise software integration is hard and risky. Once youve invested in integrating your enterprise applications with one another (and/or with your partners applications), that integration becomes the #1 reason why you dont want to change your applications. Or even upgrade … Continue reading →[Image]

Tractor Time

(Indexed 2012-05-27):

listen to ‘Tractor Time ’ on Audioboo (function() { var po = document.createElement(“script”); po.type = “text/javascript”; po.async = true; po.src = “// var s = document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })();[Image]

Complete Bluster in the Throes of Shiny Object Syndrome, or, New Stuff Means New Money

(Indexed 2012-05-18):

Just as with email, instant messaging, web, web apps (vs. GUI), selling in social networks, post-Apple mobile & tablets leading to cost savings from BYOD, to consumerization of IT, and, soon, Big Data – most businesses will be completly smoked … Continue reading →[Image]

3 minutes sometime before dinner time in May

(Indexed 2012-05-15):

listen to ‘3 minutes sometime before dinner time in May’ on Audioboo (function() { var po = document.createElement(“script”); po.type = “text/javascript”; po.async = true; po.src = “//”; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })();[Image]

All about IBM. Also: #projectsputnik and hoodies Back of the Envelope podcast #012

(Indexed 2012-05-12):

Ed and I talk about IBM as a company, their current high-level strategy (according to Cote). Also, the recently launched Project Sputnik and Hoodie-gate. Click to listen below: …or download directly. And, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast feed! … Continue reading →[Image]

Repetition of the Soul of PowerPoint

(Indexed 2012-05-10):

A common deck-tactic is to keep reseeding the same slide(s) over and over. Most people won’t like your slide at first – you probably couldn’t do a good job given the time and info you had and, let’s face it, … Continue reading →[Image]

Repetition is the Soul of PowerPoint

(Indexed 2012-05-10):

A common deck-tactic is to keep reseeding the same slide(s) over and over. Most people won’t like your slide at first – you probably couldn’t do a good job given the time and info you had and, let’s face it, … Continue reading →[Image]

Whiteboarding the Project Sputnik Back-end

(Indexed 2012-05-07):

As mentioned earlier today, we launched a new project, named Sputnik, around exploring what a developer laptop would look like, here at the day-job. Part of what we want to make is a cloud-hosted service that allows developers to quickly … Continue reading →[Image]

Project Sputnik

(Indexed 2012-05-07):

Today one of the projects I’ve been working on at Dell is launching: Project Sputnik. Barton George is the one running it, while I’m just pitching in here and there. We started an internal incubation/innovation program a few months back … Continue reading →[Image]

When it comes to operating-system-specific details and solutions, the text exclusively describes

(Indexed 2012-05-05):

When it comes to operating-system-specific details and solutions, the text exclusively describes Linux. At no time will it contain any information about other OSes. The author has no interest in discussing the implications for other OSes. If the reader thinks … Continue reading →[Image]

Lou Who are you, and what do you do?I think

(Indexed 2012-04-26):

Lou Who are you, and what do you do? I think of myself as an engineer primarily, but I spend most of my time organizing, planning and meeting with people. I am currently the cofounder and chief scientist at … Continue reading →[Image]

Cow Management Basic Software Business Model One

(Indexed 2012-01-17):


This is one of my grandparents pictures. I grew up

(Indexed 2011-12-11):

This is one of my grandparents pictures. I grew up spending a lot of time with them as we lived in the same town. I havent seen this painting in, probably, 10 years. Its amazing how it still evokes acomfortablefeeling, just looking at it, thinking of that wood-paneled living room where I spent to much [...][Image]

The combination of differentiated anchor SaaS, a competent aPaaS and iPaaS capability, and a

(Indexed 2011-12-11):

The combination of differentiated anchor SaaS, a competent aPaaS and iPaaS capability, and a portfolio of ISV-delivered extensions and SaaS-style solutions is a classic multisided platform in which the distinct user groups (SaaS consumers and ISVs) accrue network benefits that are magnified as more users participate. – Eric Knipps section of Predicts 2012: More PaaS [...][Image]

April 10th to 16th

(Indexed 2011-04-24):

I’ve been liking Leila’s weekly round-up thing. I always feel like I don’t remember what I did, but never had enough time to do enough. A nice Out of Office email ends with this: “If I do reply to your email it is because I took the time to hide from my family and peck [...][Image]

Theres no reason to be snooty about beer

(Indexed 2011-02-03):

There’s no reason to be snooty about beer – sure, you should drink good quality beer if you like it. But a Bud Lite, for example, is just fine. Thinking poorly of a person because they’re drinking crap-beer is a waste of your time. The opposite is equally true: there’s nothing special about beer because [...][Image]

Agree to be done right now

(Indexed 2011-01-31):

Agree to be done right now – if someone says, “I could be done right now, or I could…” always agree to be done. You’ll save a lot of time and stress in your life. Cutting corners helps make your life well rounded.[Image]

Let your friend be unreliable, and remember if they are

(Indexed 2011-01-20):

Let your friend be unreliable, and remember if they are – we often think that we should be able to rely on our friends. They’re not co-workers, they’re people we enjoy spending time with. Many friends will actually be “reliable” (they’ll show up when they say they will, with a truck to help you move [...][Image]

Keep the little rules

(Indexed 2011-01-18):

Keep the little rules – There’s no end of little rules you have to keep: fashion, law, properly filling out forms, putting the toilet seat down. Though it may seem tedious and, at times, like you’re giving in to flawed reasoning, you should follow most of these little rules. It’ll save time (the world is [...][Image]

Enterprise Gold at SXSW

(Indexed 2010-08-19):

(Cross posted from my work blog.) It’s panel promotion time for SXSW 2010. This year, I’m going for a panel on selling to the enterprise, targeted at the SXSW crowd, of course. I thought this would be a fun contrast to the consumer-heavy, “free” stuff that the SXSW sessions and panels are usually full of. [...][Image]

At the beach

(Indexed 2010-07-21):

Nite Beach, originally uploaded by cote. It’s been family vacation time at the beach. Galveston to be exact. While people have been freaking out about the BP spill, it’s still nice. In theory, it won’t be soon. My childhood memories are of the beach being hot, sandy, and dirty. Back in the 80s, it seemed [...][Image]

Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies

(Indexed 2009-11-09):

Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies: Understanding Patterns of Project Behavior by Suzanne RobertsonMy rating: 3 of 5 starsAs with most pattern books, this is one you flip through in an hour and then save it to refer back to. The strength of software management and development pattern books is describing problems that commonly occur, [...][Image]

Austin Politicos, Urban Outdoors, Nagging Austins Very Own #45

(Indexed 2009-10-25):

To listen to the episode, subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes or whatever, download the episode directly, or click play below to listen right here:While Kim and I drive around to do some errands, we discuss:The Texas Freedom Network fund-raiser thingy, pictured above. Culture wars in Texas.We decide to drive downtown the have an [...][Image]

Office Space, Beeps, Pens, and Costly IP Episode 158

(Indexed 2009-10-02):

To listen to the episode, subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes or whatever, download the episode directly, or click play below to listen right here:Earlier this afternoon, Charles and I found time to record an episode while we were taking a break from looking at office space. Check out the fote above for a [...][Image] #155 - Kids and Time Management

(Indexed 2009-08-20):

To listen to the episode, subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes or whatever, download the episode directly, or click play below to listen right here:Among other things, we discuss:Niilo, the new kid in town.Time management for makers vs. managers, craftsmen vs. factories.EMail, GMail, and business privacy concerns.

Peelander-Z at SXSW 2009

(Indexed 2009-03-21):

Originally uploaded by cote.I’ve written about Peelander-Z before here, last time I saw them at SXSW. They’re pretty damn fantastic. Their show is hyper-fun. They make whole songs out of two phrases. Like, the guy in yellow there will start out saying, in his Japanese accented English, “I so hungry! What I eat? STEAK! [drummer [...]

Austins Very Own #32 - The burbs dilemma & waiting in the hospital

(Indexed 2009-02-28):

To listen to the episode, subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes or whatever, download the episode directly, or click play below to listen right here:In this episode, Kim and I talk about figuring out our housing situation: the nice, city neighborhood vs. the luxurious suburbs. We also go over Kim’s time in Houston where [...]

New Faucet

(Indexed 2009-01-25):

Kim and I put in a new faucet this weekend. The city had come sometime back and put in a new water cut-off thing. They didn’t tell us that we should run our out-door hose for a long time to get all the resulting grit out of our tubes and, we think, some of that [...]

Traveling Again

(Indexed 2009-01-18):

I’m back in the travel saddle again: this time to lovely Orlando for Lotusphere.I travel on American Airlines, and the people traffic on this Sunday is light. The flight from Austin was waffle empty, as seems this one from DFW to Orlando.That said, my flights back - on a Wednesday - are full, [...]

Austins Very Own #20 - Wrapped or Unwrapped

(Indexed 2009-01-10):

In this short, audio episode from Christmas time I ask Kim if and when Santa wraps gifts. We find out that he hasn’t wrapped them for her, but he sure has for me. Weird.Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes (or whatever you like) to have all of the Austin’s Very [...]

Michael Lester on Product Protfolio Management from

(Indexed 2008-12-15):

While at the IBM Telelogic User Group in Austin, I had the chance to talk with IBM’s Michael Lester, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Focal Point. More so than the core idea of product portfolio management (or, PPM), I ask Michael to tell us how products like Focal Point actually attache dollar signs to things like software all through-out the software life-cycle. That said, we do spend a good chunk of time detailing the inner-workings of a PPM product and what it does for an organizat...(truncated)...

Links for December 15th from

(Indexed 2008-12-15):

Phurnace Adds Sales VPSurgient Links To HP"Austin-based Surgient, a developer of IT management tools used for virtualization and lab automation, said earlier this week that it has linked its product with HP Quality Center 10.0."Cisco planning significant datacenter assaultCisco to make blades?Compuware updates IT project portfolio management toolAT&T acquires Wayport - Austin Business Journal:"The acquisition of Wayport expands the AT&T Wi-FiSM footprint to nearly 20,000 domestic hotspots and ta...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #28 - Getting Ripped-off in the Cloud from

(Indexed 2008-12-12):

[Image]Download the episode directly right here, subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically, or just click play below to listen to it right here:This text will be replaced&&We join Amazon EU, launching AWS in Europe. This gets us into a discussion about the geographic importance of cloud computing when it comes to performance and regulation.This gets us into a recent conversation I had where a vendor had been trying to convince a customer to get...(truncated)...

The Software Delivery Platform with Dominic Tavassoli - IBM Telelogic Innovation 2008 from

(Indexed 2008-12-11):

While at the IBM Telelogic User Group meeting in Austin, I had the chance to with Dominic Tavassoli. We spent our time talking about “the software delivery platform.” What this means is the collection of processes and tools you’d use to take software from conception, to development, to testing, to release, and back through again. Sort of a “backbone” for the application life-cycle management an organization does. There’s also documenting, best practices, and ...(truncated)...

Links for December 10th through December 11th from

(Indexed 2008-12-11):

Flash Player ActionScript Virtual MachineWhile from 2006, this is a deep dive into the Flash Player.Why Google Analytics for Flashgaforflash -Google Analytics Tracking For Adobe FlashThe Opposite of Momentum or “Sophie’s Choice” for Rubyists."So, it’s with great sadness that I agree with several recent Rubyist’s blog posts and say that Ruby is in a very bad place right now. It’s no longer cutting edge, it’s technically stagnant, is in implementation limb...(truncated)...

What should you put in the cloud right now? from

(Indexed 2008-12-10):

[Image]As you may have picked up, I’m on the Advisory Board. Part of this “boarding” involves answering questions from time-to-time. The current question was interesting:For this month’s data center advisory board question, we asked our panel if data center managers should consider cloud computing for their operations, and under what scenarios.The panelists offered very specific advice on where to use cloud computing, and provided a checklist of cloud...(truncated)...

Martin Owen - IBM Telelogic Innovation 2008 from

(Indexed 2008-12-10):

In this video from the 2008 Telelogic user group meeting, I talk with IBM’s Martin Owen. The broad-topic is a discuss using Enterprise Architecture and how it relates to “business/IT alignment.” The nitty-gritty gets down to oing lots of reporting, metrics, and telling people what you’re up to. Here, the important thing is tailoring your communication to your audience - tech-jargon or biz-speak, depending on which one you’re addressing. And how to go in and apply th...(truncated)...

Links for December 9th through December 10th from

(Indexed 2008-12-10):

Cisco Joins Eclipse FoundationAppcelerator Takes On Adobe AIR with TitaniumMicrosoft revising its attitude toward open sourceOne brand new product and two major enhancements to the BSM stack - Vienna HP Software Universe 2008 - Making Business Service Management a RealityNew Releases Expand Splunk and ZenossLCDS BlazeDS and Spring Anil Channappa’s BlogNice, extremely concise overview of the SpringSource/Adobe partnership and technology.Data-Driven Services With Silverlight 2 with John Pap...(truncated)...

Links for December 4th through December 5th from

(Indexed 2008-12-05):

Employers cut 533K jobs in Nov., most in 34 years"Skittish employers slashed 533,000 jobs in November, the most in 34 years, catapulting the unemployment rate to 6.7 percent, dramatic proof the country is careening deeper into recession."On changes at Adobe at Mike ChambersOn Adobe's strategic goals, in the Platform group at least, post laying off 600 people. Also, an excellent, genuine use of blogging to be a more open company rather than not.Centaur - Adobe Labs"Centaur is the codename for the...(truncated)...

JavaFX 1.0 Arrives - What Now? from

(Indexed 2008-12-04):

The long awaited 1.0 release of JavaFX came out today. The question I get asked most often, including today, around JavaFX is “is it too late for Sun?” The answer is muddled: it’s late for anyone that’s not Adobe, including Sun and Microsoft. But, it’s not too late. I’ll leave the portfolio analysis to Stephen’s comments on Sun, which I pretty much agree with.But, let’s look at JavaFX for itself.What Does JavaFX Have Going for It? As a technology, ...(truncated)...

Links for December 2nd through December 3rd from

(Indexed 2008-12-03):

Tuppis - Lingon"Lingon is a graphical user interface for creating an editing launchd configuration files for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5. You can use launchd on a Mac to launch scripts and applications whenever something special happens or at a specific time or periodically. You get all launchd configuration files in a list to the left so you can easily see all and choose which one to edit." For messing around with how some of the background services in OS X - like TimeMachine - work.TimeMachineSchedu...(truncated)...

Links for December 1st through December 2nd from

(Indexed 2008-12-02):

SpringSource fits Tomcat server for enterprisesFedora 10 open source OS packed with improvementsThe XBRL mandate is here: Is IT ready?Another regulation for IT folks to worry about. This one doesn't look so bad, but vendors have a chance to up the price.SAP to bring unified interface across apps suite"'The next version of our Business Suite will have one harmonic view,' said Apotheker." Anyone know what said harmonic view will be? RIA-based? WebDynPro?VMware Announces the Next Generation of Virt...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #27 - What type of cranberry person are you? from

(Indexed 2008-12-01):

[Image]Download the episode directly right here, subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically, or just click play below to listen to it right here:This text will be replaced&&John and I get together at the beginning of this week to make up for last week’s holiday skipage. While there’s not a lot of news items & announcements, we manage to pull out a nice 90 minutes of several topics (out of order):John is putting together Cloud Camp At...(truncated)...

Rational in 2008 - Telelogic, Jazz, and the Transforming Portfolio from

(Indexed 2008-12-01):

Back at the Telelogic Innovation user conference this year, I had the chance to sit down with IBM’s Scott Hebner and walk through a review of what Rational has been up to over the past year.Being at the Telelogic conference, we cover the merging in and addition of the “systems” focused portfolio that Telelogic brings to Rational.Also, in 2008 Rational commercialized the Jazz platform first as Rational Team Concert and then, as Scott gets into, started moving it out as a platfor...(truncated)...

Episode 140 - Its that time of the month again from

(Indexed 2008-12-01):

[Image]I posted this episode to the feed last week, but didn’t have time to post here. So, here it is!Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

Links for November 25th from

(Indexed 2008-11-25):

Code 9 and Innoopract create EclipseSource"EclipseSource provides a complete range of products and services from fundamental technology development, production and developer support, training and mentoring to commercial management and provisioning solutions."Code 9 Blog Archive More changes afoot…"Today we announced that Code 9 and Innoopract have created EclipseSource. The idea of EclipseSource is to really get behind the Eclipse runtime vision and push Equinox, RAP, RCP, e4, ECF, &hel...(truncated)...

Links for November 24th from

(Indexed 2008-11-24):

EMC forms Decho subsidiary, targets consumers' 'digital echo' - Network WorldShare This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

Links for November 21st from

(Indexed 2008-11-22):

Is Eucalyptus ready to be your private cloud? | High ScalabilityThe Real Niel: ITIL versus MOF"I still favour the idea behind ITIL but find that, in practice, I need something that's more digestible and can be more easily explained to my staff and outsiders. For now, MOF gives me just that."OpsMgr SP2 Beta 1 on Connect Ian Blyth - System Center TechnologiesSome new, interesting features in the current beta of System Center Operations Manager.Announcing HQ 4.0"It also provides the first cloud-fr...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #26 - Change Management, CA, Amazon, Adobe PaaS, IBM Software Analyst Summit from

(Indexed 2008-11-21):

[Image]Download the episode directly right here, subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically, or just click play below to listen to it right here:This text will be replaced&&Late on a Friday after a week of somewhat thin IT Management news, John and I still manage to pull out some interesting topics:John’s experience with change management in the enterprise. Though we don’t mention it, check out Niel Nickolaisen’s piece on ITIL ...(truncated)...

Links for November 20th from

(Indexed 2008-11-21):

Why developers prefer MacsCA unveils simplified suite, SaaS portfolio | InfoWorld | News | 2008-11-19 | By Denise Dubie, Network WorldHave you heard of Speedies? Where can I get some in your part of the world?Join Bizspark, profile you startup on the BizsparkDD and Hit Techmeme ! CodorblogI assume all the "co-marketing" stuff for BizSpark was, you know, not real or at least not hip to neo-marketing. Looks like they're working to fix that assumption. Nice!Rivermuse: open source Fault Management ...(truncated)...

Links for November 19th from

(Indexed 2008-11-20):

Microsoft, Novell eye Moonlight beta, system managementMicrosoft Silverlight loses Major League Baseball to Adobe Flash - Network WorldSAP Slashes NetWeaver Developer Subscription Price - - Business Technology LeadershipThe SDN community should be a bit happy. While we all love free stuff, hey, what're you gonna do. Also, compare to Microsoft BizSpark.Sun adds query analysis tool to MySQL EnterpriseZenoss Adds Native Installer for Apple Mac OS X to Zenoss Core 2.3 - Commercial Open Sourc...(truncated)...

Links for November 17th from

(Indexed 2008-11-17):

IT management and Cloud: now some productsWhat Color is Your Cloud?John's questions about CA's cloud announcements today.Monitoring Software EvaluationCA Unveils Cloud Management Strategy, SaaS Unit — cloud-based management — InformationWeekHoly crap! Look what happened at CA World. Management of cloud stuff, and also getting the PPM (high-level project management) SaaS'ed up.A WebMaster's view of Adobe contributes full translations for Eclipse 3.4 in 6 languagesAdobe c...(truncated)...

All Platform, All the Time - Adobe MAX, Day 1 from

(Indexed 2008-11-17):

[Image]Today’s Adobe MAX was all about the Platform division. This is the group that does RIAs: Flash, Flex, AIR, etc. Indeed, it seems that Macromedia has really done a reverse-acquisition when it comes to Adobe’s agenda. We all know that PDF and Creative Suite are cash-cows for Adobe, but the vision and agenda is all Flash, all the time.As it should be, really. To be blunt: there’s not that much more to say when it comes to PDF and Creative Suite. Adobe has those two locked u...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #25 - Blue Cloud, VMWare Management Everywhere, Hadoop, openQRM, BizSpark from

(Indexed 2008-11-15):

[Image]Download the episode directly right here, subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically, or just click play below to listen to it right here:This text will be replaced&&&Not having recorded for a couple of weeks, we had a huge crop of IT related news to go over:John starts out talking about encountering iTricity folks in Europe (they partner with IBM for cloud computing) and his recent cloud-talk while in Europe.We go over the VMWare tooling...(truncated)...

New Episode of RIA Weekly - BizSpark, Adobe MAX, Google Audio/Video from

(Indexed 2008-11-12):

(Since posting has been a bit sparse here of late, I thought I’d cross-post this recent episode of RIA Weekly -Cot)[Image]You can download this episode directly directly and it’ll also show up in the RIA Weekly feed for iTunes and other podcatchers. Or, just use the controls below to listen to it right here:[Fancy Player]&& still out in West Texas, we had to phone this episode in instead of record it on Skype. That said, Ryan an...(truncated)...

Links for November 10th from

(Indexed 2008-11-10):

Microsoft’s BizSpark initiative offers free servers and software to startups VentureBeatMicrosoft Jump-Starts Global Entrepreneurs With BizSpark: With no upfront costs, the program provides easy access to software development tools and technologies to build solutions spanning the PC, Web and phone."BizSpark is available worldwide to privately held startups building a software-based product or service that have been in business less than three years and have less than $1 million (U.S.) in ...(truncated)...

Using SOA Now - Upcoming Talk from

(Indexed 2008-11-10):

This coming Wednesday I’ll be co-hosting a webinar put on by MuleSource, entitled “Building a Recession-Proof SOA Strategy”. The talk will go over the idea of using a leaned-up approach to SOA to help build the type of enterprise architecture needed to get through tight spending times. The idea here is that controls, governance, and the reporting capabilities that those two enable can help IT departments survive in tight spending times as we have now.Put another way, here’...(truncated)...

Links for October 28th through October 29th from

(Indexed 2008-10-29):

Network Management Suite 2.1 :: GroundWork Open SourceScienceLogic - EM7 Meta-Appliances for Integrated Systems, Network and Application Monitoring, Performance and Availability Monitoring, Service Desk, Asset Management, Service Level Management and moreAzure aimed at moving enterprises to Web - NYTimes.comMicrosoft adds 'M' to Open Specification Promise - SD Times On The WebSystem Center Online: Another Microsoft-hosted cloud service in the making | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.comMicrosoft&rsq...(truncated)...

Links for October 26th through October 27th from

(Indexed 2008-10-27):

How to switch to a Mac and live to tell about it | Negative Approach - CNET NewsCheck out the comments. Goes to show you that a post about Apple gets mega attention, no matter what.Microsoft opens DevLabs, a new developer portal | InfoWorld | News | 2008-10-24 | By Nancy Gohring, IDG News ServiceSystems Building Systems: Puppet Automated Infrastructure - 2009 SXSW Interactive Panel PickerVote for Puppet at SXSW '09 and hope they pull it in past deadline. You know you want to see it at SXSWi!GPUs...(truncated)...

Getting used to a Mac - Applications and Behaviors for Ever Day Use & Work from

(Indexed 2008-10-26):

[Image]Several times a year, a long-time Windows user I know switches over to a Mac. What with the new MBP’s (”MacBookPro”) out, there’re several people “making the leap,” as they always put it. These people are usually “business users,” people using their machine for work: information users, programmers, managers, etc.My usage tends to follow along these lines. Thus, the things I care about on Macs tend to be slightly less consumer focused and mor...(truncated)...

Getting used to a Mac - Applications and Behaviors for Every Day Use & Work from

(Indexed 2008-10-26):

[Image]Several times a year, a long-time Windows user I know switches over to a Mac. What with the new MBP’s (”MacBookPro”) out, there’re several people “making the leap,” as they always put it. These people are usually “business users,” people using their machine for work: information users, programmers, managers, etc.My usage tends to follow along these lines. Thus, the things I care about on Macs tend to be slightly less consumer focused and mor...(truncated)...

Links for October 24th from

(Indexed 2008-10-25):

Cloud News from Amazon and Rackspace SmoothSpan Blog"Michael Cote suggests these kinds of acquisitions are the sort of thing he has been suggesting and hoping the likes of IBM and Sun would sign up for, and he is absolutely right. Making it dead easy to play in the cloud is a great move for Rackspace, and it only cost them $12-16M to move ahead of many other vendors (not neccesarily Amazon)."Service Oriented Enterprise: 16 Corrections on Cloud ComputingOh man, this looks fantastic! ;)RedMonk T...(truncated)...

Links for October 23rd from

(Indexed 2008-10-24):

Angel Investing in Austin: Jay Hallberg of Spiceworks –Discovering the IdeaZivios - Open Source Enterprise Management"Zivios is a web based control panel which brings together vital open source technologies needed by medium and large enterprises. At it's core, Zivios provides identity management, single sign-on, user, group and computer provisioning, as well as remote management of services."OpenNMS 1.5.99 ReleasedWatch Blueprint in Action Barton’s BlogDo your business process model...(truncated)...

The Great *aaS Grab - Early Wins for Enterprises in the Cloud from

(Indexed 2008-10-23):

[Image]Sure, “cloud” has rubber-band-balled into meaning all sorts of *aaS’s. This happens to successful technology ideas. Along those lines, it’s worth using IBM’s announcement today about providing Lotus Notes as a SaaS (at first glance, it looks like a good move by those guys) offering as an excuse to detail a few potential low-hanging fruits for moving IT to “the cloud”:Email and CalendaringClearly, hosting your own email is close to insanity now-a-d...(truncated)...

Links for October 22nd from

(Indexed 2008-10-23):

Zenoss 2.3 Beta is now Available | Zenoss BlogRackspace Announces Full Suite of Cloud Hosting Offers - MarketWatchMoonwatcher: Cot Looms Large at Rackspace EventIDC Finds Cloud Computing Entering Period of Accelerating Adoption and Poised to Capture IT Spending Growth Over the Next Five Years"IDC expects spending on IT cloud services to grow almost threefold, reaching $42 billion by 2012 and accounting for 9% of revenues in five key market segments. More importantly, spending on cloud computing ...(truncated)...

Rackspaces New Cloud Portfolio from

(Indexed 2008-10-22):

[Image]As your would expect, and desire, from a cloud announcement, the Rackspace event this afternoon were very clear and direct this morning. There’s not a lot of wiggle room for nuance. The nut is that Rackspace announced a portfolio of three cloud offerings:Cloud Sites - Rackspace moved the technology behind their existing cloud holding, Mosso, to “Cloud Sites.” All of the Cloud offerings fly under the Mosso umbrella.Cloud Files - started up cloud storage and purchased Jung...(truncated)...

Links for October 21st through October 22nd from

(Indexed 2008-10-22):

iPhone and iPod sales to date | Hardware 2.0 | ZDNet.com12 million plus iPhones sold so far. Christ, that's a lot of iPhones!IBM to roll out $8-per-month hosted Lotus Wednesday"An IBM Lotus executive said publicly in September that it would offer a Notes hosting service to cater to companies with between 1,000 and 10,000 employees, which IBM considers the midmarket. He said the offering would be priced between $8 and $18 per seat, per month, but did not offer more specifics." Good move for IBM.O...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #24 - If you stare into the Abyss long enough the Abyss stares back at you from

(Indexed 2008-10-21):

[Image]Download the episode directly right here, subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically, or just click play below to listen to it right here:This text will be replaced&&&Being in Brussels for Tivoli training (see waffles above), I ask John to give us his usual take on the character of the IT Management people he’s encountering on the road. We both agree that the European IT Management folks he tends to deal with tend to be extremely st...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-10-21):

Microsoft already took 23% of virtualization market says IDC - UPDATED | virtualization.infoWill ITIL V5 still have Capacity Management as a process? Or is it replaced by Cloud Management? Ivanka MenkenMore discussion on how The Cloud effects capacity management.the rackspace cloud event - 12 PM CT October 22, 2008 - - All Dvorak, All The TimeWhat? No RSS?Novell and Managed Objects: Vision, Convenience, Need or ?NetBeans 10th Birthday CelebrationVenture capital investmen...(truncated)...

Debriefing - Flossing doesnt put out fires from

(Indexed 2008-10-20):

[Image][Fancy Player]&&Today’s debriefing - download it here, click play above to listen, or subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes - covers:NetBeans is 10.Java SE 6 Update 10 - I’ve talked with several reporters today on Update 10. The key thing here is fixing and improving the bad reputation that client-side Java has, laying the necessary foundation for JavaFX to be competitive. There’s nothing too interesting about foundations, but the house they build on-top should be fun ...(truncated)...

Episode 139 - US Debates from

(Indexed 2008-10-17):

[Image]In this episode (click play above to listen to it right here), Charles and I talk about this week’s, US presidential debates.Also, in response to last week’s 64 bit talk, Roger V. sent this in:A 64-bit OS can access more memory because it’s using 64-bit address pointers. In C, C++, and assembly language, one deals directly with address pointers.Whereas in Java, C#, or the myriad of various scripting languages, one is shielded from raw pointers and one doesn’t make ...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #23 - Buying Milk in Rocket Cars from

(Indexed 2008-10-17):

Download the episode directly right here, subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically, or just click play below to listen to it right here:This text will be replaced&&&John was occupied for this podcast, so I rounded up two stand-ins: Tarus Balog and Brandon Whichard, both returning guests.Among other topics, we discuss the recent finding in the wild of OpenNMS, maps and dashboards in IT Management platforms, Novell putting in plans to buy Manage...(truncated)...

Danny Coward on Java SE 6 Update 10, JavaFX, and Improving Client-side Java - RedMonk Radio Episode 51 from

(Indexed 2008-10-16):

Download the episode directly here, subscribe to the podcast feed to have it automatically downloaded, or just use the controls below to listen to right here:This text will be replaced&&&&When I was in his neck of the woods last, I got the chance to talk with Sun’s Danny Coward, the Chief Architect of Sun’s Client Software (that is, Java SE, Java ME, JavaFX and JavaCard), about Java 6 Update 10. That seems like kind of a narrow topic to speak to, but as Danny and I discuss, it’...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-10-16):

JSR 277 turning point?Front Page — BMCtvHot Chicks with DouchebagsThe next big language; Theory, practice, and the killer app on Dion Almaer's BlogThere's an explosion of shiny objects on the field. Otters beware.Farewell FireWire?Linux an equal Flash player"Welcome to the future. Linux is now a first-class desktop operating system citizen. Adobe today released version 10 of its Adobe Flash Player, available now in a variety of convenient packaging formats for Linux, as well as other popul...(truncated)...

Debriefing - Silverlight 2.0, Open Web, Firefox, IT Spending, &co. from

(Indexed 2008-10-15):

[Image]Today’s debriefing (download directly here or subscribe to the feed for auto-download) covers:Silverlight 2.0 is out! We’ll cover this is more depth in this week’s RIA Weekly, but I skim the specifics and comment on the Eclipse Silverlight plugin project.Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith joined Mozilla to start the developer tools department (or “labs,” or whatever). Congrats to them, this will be fun to watch.I cover three briefings I’ve had since the last...(truncated)...

Self-service Virtualization - Surgient Update with Dave Malcolm from

(Indexed 2008-10-15):

[Image]Download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the RedMonk Radio podcast feed to have it automatically downloaded to iTunes or other podcatcher.Over the past few months, I’ve seen an up-tick in announcements and mentions around Austin-based Surgient. I visited with them a little over a year ago to hear about their virtual lab management and hosting services. In the mean time, as we learn in the podcast, they’ve extended their product line to on-premise installs to help I...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-10-15):

Enterprise File System for Amazon S3 | SubCloud10 questions about the direction of CRM: An interview with Jon Cline | 10 Things | TechRepublic.comMozilla Developer News Blog Archive Firefox 3.1 beta 1 now available for downloadRailsConf 2009 Call For Proposals: RailsConf 2009 - O'Reilly Conferences, May 04 - 07, 2009, Las Vegas, NVInfrastructure Management Startups Bring Big-Company Capabilities To SMBs — Network Management SystemsPresentations -> Panel: How does the Open Source trend in...(truncated)...

Austin Conference - InnoTech, Spiceworld, and Telelogic from

(Indexed 2008-10-14):

[Image]In a rare moment of biz-travel nirvana, there are three upcoming conference in the town I live in, Austin. Usually I have to travel for these things, so it’s great that there’s three here:InnoTech, Oct 16th, 2008 - this is a general tech conference. A few years ago, I was on a panel about open source. whurley has a free pass code for you if you can’t spring for the $35 ;>Spiceworld, Oct 24th & 25th, 2008 - I’ve followed Spiceworks pretty much since they got out of ...(truncated)...

Novell to purchase Managed Objects - A New Player in BSM & IT Management? from

(Indexed 2008-10-14):

This afternoon Novell announced it’s intent to acquire Managed Objects, an “independent,” if you will, BSM vendor. Managed Objects’ main trade is in CMDBs and, of late, a Web 2.0 layers on-top of CMDBs, myCMDB (see demo above and overview as well).Novell Starting Out IT Management Portfolio Build-outI must admit that I don’t typically think of Novell and “IT Management” in the same sentence, or even paragraph. I’ve been more enamored of Moonlight a...(truncated)...

How much money can you make from open source? - The Open Source Cash Question from

(Indexed 2008-10-14):

[Image]One of my favorite topics - how much money can you make with open source? - has come up again, thanks, I think in part at least to a recent 451 report. The report looks very interesting for sure. I haven’t read it, so I can’t really comment on it. But, as usual when you stir the open source cash pot, lots of fun things bubble up.Here are some.From Alex Russell:[Open source is] a great way to distribute software that should already be a commodity at near the cost of reproductio...(truncated)...

Last Stop Until Bubblenextown? from

(Indexed 2008-10-14):

[Image]Marvin Reem, CIO at Bob Jones University in Greenville, S.C., has been deploying new processes based on the IT Infrastructure Library specifications as a means of improving the efficiency of the school’s IT operations. The ITIL implementation has delivered cost savings, Reem said. But he added that he already has started looking at additional ways to cut expenses.One cutback involved dropping a plan to buy a new service management tool as part of the ITIL implementation, according t...(truncated)...

Links for October 13th from

(Indexed 2008-10-14):

Official Google Enterprise Blog: Email Archiving Made Simple$45/year/user for what looks like pretty complete email archiving. To quote: * Set the retention policy that makes sense for your organization * Never worry about hitting storage caps * Give end users access to years of historical mail * Search and recover messages quickly for legal discovery * Ensure secure, spam-free delivery of email * Be fully up and running within days of signing upAmazon Web Services Blog: Amazon...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-10-13):

A new programming language for cloud developers | IT Management and Cloud BlogJohn finds some old humor in the flickr archives ;)Java Posse #210 - Newscast for Oct 6th 2008Quick news link to RIA Weekly interview with Jacob Lehrbaum about JavaFX. Thanks!Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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(Indexed 2008-10-12):

Kernel developers, Wall Street to come together - Network WorldShare This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

Puppet at Shopzilla from

(Indexed 2008-10-10):

[Image]This episode is in two parts: part 1 and part 2. Also, you can just subscribe to the RedMonk podcast feed to have them automatically downloaded to iTunes or other podcatcher.Recently, I recorded a podcast with Luke Kanies and Abe Ingresoll (of Shopzilla) about Shopzilla’s use of Puppet for server configuration management. Abe walks us through the decision to start using Puppet and then the roll outs the initial did as they added new data-centers.Also, in part two of this episode, Ab...(truncated)...

ZipTie Demo from

(Indexed 2008-10-10):

A little while ago, I sat down with ZipTie’s Michael Nels and Ryan Kruse for a detailed demo of ZipTie, the open source network inventory and configuration management tool. That is, ZipTie scans all the devices on your network, figures out what they are, what’s running on them, and then gives you the ability to backup and change the network-oriented configuration for each device (it doesn’t dip into the application layer, for example, configuring Exchange).As with most open sou...(truncated)...

Episode 138 - Re: WTF on this Financial Thing, 64bit Java from

(Indexed 2008-10-09):

[Image]This week - episode here, man! - Charles and I have John Willis on as a guest (you may know him from one of my other podcasts, The IT Management Podcast). John explains the business owner side of all this financial stuff that we ranted about last week. Also, as we mention several times, this last week’s This American Life episode explains it all very clearly.We also spend a long time on Charles ranting about the lack of full 64 bit support in Java’s Firefox plugin, esp. on th...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #22 - Real ITSM, Predictive Analytics, Blue House, Second Life from

(Indexed 2008-10-09):

[Image]Download the episode directly right here, or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically.This week, John and I manage to balance out time between traditional IT Management and cloud talk. While we discuss IBM’s cloud announcements of earlier this week, we also talk about the idea of predictive analytics (from Tivoli, BMC, and others). Also, we talk about “virtual reality” (Second Life and friends) and how that might not b...(truncated)...

Links for October 7th from

(Indexed 2008-10-08):

Zenoss Adds Network Management and Systems Management Veterans to Leadership Team From Sun Microsystems, IBM, BMC, CA, and NovellZenoss ticks off all the execs they've poached from Big 4 & co.Why didn’t you choose Curl? - InsideRIAEclipse DemoCamps November 2008/Austin - November 12th 11:30pm - 1:30pmAlso note that Chris Aniszczyk is now working at Code 9, the OSGi/Equinox somethingoranother company started by Jeff MacAffer.Linux distros lead jumps from Sun - Barton George goes to Lombardi...(truncated)...

Debriefing - Pandora on Chumby, Mono 2.0, Predicting Failure, Facebook from

(Indexed 2008-10-07):

[Image]Today’s debriefing (download directly here or subscribe to the feed for auto-downloads) goes over:Pandora free, streaming music is now available on Chumby (see pic above). I rarely get the amount of use I should from the Chumby - it’s a shelf-gadget - but I’ve liked Pandora on it so far, today.Mono 2.0 - I’ve gotten several press inquires about Mono 2.0. It’s an interesting language because you’ve got multi-platform support on both developer and deploym...(truncated)...

Links for October 6th from

(Indexed 2008-10-06):

3Tera in virtual Windows server mating call • The RegisterI.B.M. Releases Bluehouse for Collaboration - Bits Blog -"I.B.M. walked me through an early demonstration of the Bluehouse software, and it seemed to work well. An online meeting started quickly without requiring any software downloads onto my laptop, and I was able to watch as an I.B.M. engineer moved between various projects, sharing a wide range of documents and presentations with different groups of contacts based on ...(truncated)...

Debriefing - Windows in the Clouds, Spring dm Server, Blue Cloud, Splunk Customer Numbers from

(Indexed 2008-10-06):

[Image]Today’s debriefing (download directly here or subscribe to the feed for podcast download) catches up on the debriefing items from the past few (work) days. My excuse: I was busy at the Adobe MAX judging event in San Jose last week.Here are the items covered:Everyone has Windows in the cloud: Amazon, Microsoft, and 3Tera. As I’ve said before, the short-term deployments to look for are Exchange and SharePoint instance.Spring Source released dm Server, their application server ba...(truncated)...

Links for October 3rd from

(Indexed 2008-10-03):

Microsoft updates desktop management tools - Network WorldConfiguration management for the desktop has always been a big differentiator for Microsoft's IT Management. How many other people do it? iPhone intelligence.Ah, I didn't realize that Raven had left 451, at least from full-time status, to go off and do iPhone stuff. Good luck!Sudden outbreak of democracy baffles US punditsThe problem is, no ever explained why.Microsoft will float cloud OS this monthRunning on AIR: Great business ...(truncated)...

Links for September 30th through October 1st from

(Indexed 2008-10-01):

Microsoft and Nokia back jQuery - InsideRIARMH gives his take on jQuery + (Nokia/Microsoft).Rushmore Script at IMSDb."You guys have it real easy. I never had it like this where I grew up. But I send my kids here because the fact is you go to one of the best schools in the country: Rushmore. Now, for some of you it doesn't matter. You were born rich and you’re going to stay rich. But here's my advice to the rest of you: Take dead aim on the rich boys. Get them in the crosshairs and take the...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #21 - Clouds are Stupid, Windows on EC2, Cloud Revenue, Reporting in IT Management from

(Indexed 2008-10-01):

[Image]Download the episode directly right here, or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically.This week, John “The Cloud to Everyone’s Silver-lining” Willis and I start out talking about the recent spate of cloud-bashing, from Messieurs Larry and Stallman. Partly in response, I point out a nice piece from Savio Rodrigues in reply to all this trough of disillusionment talk. Bouncing off some Gnip gnews, I ask John about the rev...(truncated)...

Debriefing - Zoho Marketplace, Flash on the iPhone, Zenoss Update from

(Indexed 2008-09-30):

[Image]Today’s debriefing (download here or subscribe to the feed) deals with two Z’s primarily: a brief commentary on ZoHo Marketplace and a short update I recorded with Matt Ray, community manager for Zenoss, an IT Management platform. See the Zenoss 2.2.4 release notes for more details on the release Matt Ray talks about.I also briefly mention the latest Flash maybe could be on the iPhone news that Ryan and I tragically missed in our RIA Weekly recording today. And, here’s t...(truncated)...

Links for September 30th from

(Indexed 2008-09-30):

Craig's Rantings…: Zoho MarketplaceCraig likes the Zoho marketplace.Sun goes commercial with OpenSSO - Network World"OpenSSO Enterprise can be licensed in its entirety or users can just buy into the federation features. Entry level pricing for the entire product is $40,000 for less than 25,000 users. Entry level pricing for federation only is $20,000 for less than 25,000 users and includes unlimited partner connections."Flash for the iPhone confirmed at FOTBFor Microsoft shops, Silverlight...(truncated)...

SaaS Single Sign-On with OpenSSO from

(Indexed 2008-09-30):

I recently talked with Pat “The Knees” Patterson and Daniel “The Smoking Monkey” Raskin of Sun Microsystems. They’d applied the use of the open source single sign-on project, OpenSSO to tie together the login process between Google Apps,, other SaaS services, and the local corporate network. You just sign in once to your Windows login, and you don’t need to sign in again.Life-cycle ManagementAlso key here to companies is more control over the fu...(truncated)...

Debriefing - jQuery & Microsoft, Loglogic, Hyperic HQ 4.0 Beta, Cubicals, Cloud Capacity Management from

(Indexed 2008-09-29):

[Image]Today’s debriefing podcast (download here or subscribe to the feed)mentioned: my quick take on Microsoft and Nokia using jQuery, a brief note on seeing LogLogic’s new community portal and some basic tips on boot-strapping such sites, Hyperic’s HQ 4.0 Beta (with lengthy commentary on IT management agents behind the firewall and JMX browsing and monitoring), cubicles vs. offices, and then a brief mention of a piece on capacity management for cloud computing that I sent off...(truncated)...

Links for September 29th from

(Indexed 2008-09-29):

IBM Service Management Jams eMedia CenterA whole lotta upcoming webcasts on Tivoli.Is your IT system compliant?LogLogic updates search and analysis tools for conquering IT systems management complexity | Dana Gardner’s BriefingsDirect | ZDNet.comLoglogic reveals growth ambitions - 25 Sep 2008 - CRNGetting Social in the Enterprise with ESMEjQuery and Microsoft: The Q&A"Users will be provided a version of jQuery that they can incorporate in their existing or new ASP.NET projects. Users will ...(truncated)...

Links for September 26th through September 27th from

(Indexed 2008-09-27):

[PDF] Implementing a Model for Service Level Management - Steve LewisAn old JDE talk on ESM.Capacity Management using simple or advanced scheduling tools"The 'Theory of Constraints' (TOC) penned by Goldratt & Fox in their book 'The Goal' argued that the capacity of the supply chain system was governed by the capacity of its weakest link (the bottleneck) and that overproduction in other areas would simply produce unwanted inventory. Therefore high level control needs to be exercised to avoid loca...(truncated)...

Links for September 25th through September 26th from

(Indexed 2008-09-26):

Oracle's Ellison nails cloud computing"Maybe I'm an idiot, but I have no idea what anyone is talking about. What is it? It's complete gibberish. It's insane. When is this idiocy going to stop?"Terracotta Licenses Hyperic IT Management Technology | HypericOld press release, but, yeah, Terracotta licenses SIGAR.SmartFoxServer: Socket server for Flash multiplayer games and applicationsAnyone know about these guys? I like the description: "SmartFoxServer is a multi-platform socket server designed to...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #20 - myCMDB, When Not to Virtualize, Project Management, IBM Cloud Update, PacketTrap Perspective from

(Indexed 2008-09-25):

[Image]Download the episode directly right here, or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically.This week John and I return to our laxidasical agenda, covering a disparate range of topics:I start out asking John about The IT Skeptic’s recent book and new website, since John mentioned it to me the other day. The myCMDB screencast I recorded this week leads us to start talking about CMDBs in general. Keep your eyes peels for that screencast ...(truncated)...

Links for September 24th through September 25th from

(Indexed 2008-09-25):

Props from Redmonk - NetQoS - Network Performance Blog, Network Performance Management News, Tutorials, Resources - Network Performance BlogEtelos Online Marketplace for On-Demand Web Applications, Services, and MoreAnother SaaS platform for ya, with marketplaces and plenty of SaaS-ified apps.Adobe Talks Open Source, Innovation and the Future of FlashPERFMAN 7.2 Enables Virtualization Lifecycle ManagementDoes VMWare and LPAR virtualization management, along with a legacy of normal monitoring stu...(truncated)...

Links for September 24th from

(Indexed 2008-09-24):

Cisco Tries to Break Out of the Data Center Role - NYTimes.comMacworld | Mac Gems | Spotlight ControlMicrosoft Makes San Antonio “A Force”Real ITSM | Making IT realWhat do all the sites without a CMDB do? | The IT SkepticThe continuing semiotic quest to figure out what exactly "CMDB" means now-a-days.Why is Project Management almost invisible in ITIL V3? | The IT SkepticMicrosoft ups the ante on ITIL by releasing MOF into the public domain | The IT Skeptic"Consultants, trainers and s...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-09-21):

IT Management Podcast - ITKE Community BlogShare This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

IT Management Podcast #19 - Cloud Computing and Virtualization Sitting In a Tree from

(Indexed 2008-09-19):

[Image]Download the episode directly right here, or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically.As promised last week, we get back to topical news and commentary this week. John starts out talking about super computers briefly, then we discusssuper computers. We then discuss Citrix (whose Santa Clara building is pictured above), 3Tera, and VMWare’s recent cloud talk. I ask John how 3rd party cloud suppliers are tackling licensing for elasti...(truncated)...

RIA Weekly 21 - Adobes Mike Potter on the Zend/Adobe Partnership and Curling from

(Indexed 2008-09-16):

[Image]Download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the RIA Weekly RSS feed for automatic downloads of each episode.In addition to talking with Zend’s Andi Gutmans about the PHP/Flex announcement this morning at ZendCon, I had the chance to talk with Mike Potter of Adobe to hear their side of the story. In addition to going over the basics of the announcements - see the episode with Andi for a quick wrap-up - as you can guess, we spend more time talking about what AMF is and how it ...(truncated)...

Deki CRM - MindTouch and SnapLogic from

(Indexed 2008-09-16):

Two RedMonk clients, MindTouch and SnapLogic, released a mashup, or composite application if you like, narrowed down to CRM systems, SalesForce and SugarCRM to be exact. Check out a screencast here. The idea of such a compositing platform reached an apex of hype last year and earlier this year if you’ll recall.Taking the non-technological explanation and settling it in a work context, the idea is that all the applications you use for your job can’t hope to put together your Ultimate ...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #18 - Jane Curry Evaluates Nagios, OpenNMS, and Zenoss from

(Indexed 2008-09-12):

[Image]Download the episode directly right here, or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically.In this fantastically rich episode, we talk with Jane Curry, of Skills 1st, about her recent evaluation of Nagios, OpenNMS, and Zenoss. This evaluation resulted in a 148 page draft paper, “Open Source Management Options,” which we glide through in this episode, hitting on the pluses and minuses of each platform from the stand-point of looki...(truncated)...

Links for September 11th from

(Indexed 2008-09-11):

Citrix Developer NetworkCheck it out, Citrix is doing collaborative IT management with their NetScale product line.Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

Enterprise RIA and SAP Community Update from

(Indexed 2008-09-11):

While at SAP TechEd 2008 this week, I grabbed Craig Cmehil for a quick overview of what’s been going on the SAP Community over the past year. He tells us about:The evolution of the SDN Club House, a separate room set aside at TechEd for people to meet, hang out in, and get good coffeeThe rising interest in using RIA in SAP-land, diving into some quick examples of what people are using it for beyond charts and graphsThe Process First bookHow the SDN point program is used to donate money to ...(truncated)...

Links for September 8th through September 9th from

(Indexed 2008-09-09):

25 Million People Have Now Downloaded Adobe AIR - ReadWriteWebAlso, "more than 850,000 developers have already downloaded the AIR software development kit."Microsoft plays up Hyper-V versus VMware - Network WorldAdobe sets Genesis mashup pilotExisting customers gravitate to Microsoft Hyper-VShare This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

Microsoft Virtualization - Clearing up the waiting bottle-neck from

(Indexed 2008-09-08):

Microsoft is finalizing its virtualization strategy and portfolio up in Bellevue as I type. While James is up there in person, giving a talk on how virtualization related to green IT, it seems like a good idea to briefly comment here.Microsoft’s Virtualization Announcements - The Portfolio So FarHere’s what they have:Hyper-V, a hypervisor for running Linux and Windows. The price for this was set at the low cost of $28 (with theories and insinuations that this was the lowest it could ...(truncated)...

Links for September 5th from

(Indexed 2008-09-05): | BlinkMicrosoft adds management features, licensing options to desktop virtualization - Network WorldVendors scramble to rein in virtual environments - Network WorldOracle buys ClearApp for SOA managementMicrosoft, Red Hat, HP, Sun boost desktop virtualizationCheap TruthShare This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

The Making of ESME & A Peek at ESME Code from

(Indexed 2008-09-04):

In this three part interview/screencast combo, we talk with Dennis Howlett, Darren Hague, and David Pollak about their work on ESME. Dennis and David spend time talking about how ESME came to be and their involvement, while Darren gives a peek at the code-base by showing us how he added search to ESME.If you’d like a larger version, click the full-screen button on the viewer above.For a demo of ESME in action and more info, check out the original demo video referred to in a recent post of ...(truncated)...

Links for September 3rd from

(Indexed 2008-09-03):

Google does not want rights to things you do using Chromegapingvoid: "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards": desert ratsDid you know I'll be out in West Texas for about a month (less given travel) in Marathon. Yeah. Totally.Monocle MagazineLooks cool, but for 75 pounds for year subscription, I think not.Agile Thinkers: Israel Gat - The Equipoise of AgileSpringSource Parners with Government IT Solutions ProviderJINSPIRED Home Page"An Unified Approach to Performance Management and Cost Man...(truncated)...

IDEs and Training from

(Indexed 2008-09-03):

[Image]Last month, I was one of the guests on a Briefings Direct episode, “Pulse Provides Novel Training and Tools Configuration Resource to Aid in Developer Education, Preparedness.”Download it directly here or subscribe to the Briefings Direct feed to have it automatically downloaded along with other episodes.Here’s Dana Gardner’s intro:Today, a sponsored podcast discussion about the complexity around Java training and education. The development toolset, the plug-ins, t...(truncated)...

Links for August 14th from

(Indexed 2008-08-15):

BSM in the CloudsOpsMgr 2007 Cross Platform Extensions Beta Refresh Ian Blyth - System Center TechnologiesBMC's ITM Software acquisition affects every technology silo - Network Worlderp4it, baby.BMC - IT Service Support Demo CenterRecording WebEx sessions demo'ing BMC stuff in the Service Desk area.BMC Remedy Knowledge ManagementMainframe here to stay"59 percent of respondents said they would be ridding themselves of the mainframe in less than three years, compared with 74 percent in 2007."Shar...(truncated)...

Zenoss Screencasts from

(Indexed 2008-08-14):

It’s been screentastic over here of late: today I have a two part screen cast walking through several sections and usage scenarios for Zenoss. Erik Dahl and Brandon Whichard were the guests and narrators.As with all screencases, be sure to click the full-screen icon if you’d like to see a larger version.Part 1 - Dashboards and Event ConsoleErik starts us out by going over the dashboard and portlets page, which allows us to start dipping into the model and overall functionality that Z...(truncated)...

Virtualization with Sun xVM Server - Interview and Demo from

(Indexed 2008-08-12):

A few weeks ago I talked with Steve Wilson about the (then upcoming) Sun xVM Server, Sun’s hypervisor and virtualization management stack.InterviewIn the first part, Steve gives us an overview of xVM Server, talks about usage scenarios and getting started with xVM Server, and then how it fits in to Sun’s virtualization portfolio:DemoIn the second part, Steve demo’s xVM Server, showing us the embedded web-based console, browsing libraries of virtual machines, creating a new gues...(truncated)...

Links for August 6th through August 8th from

(Indexed 2008-08-08):

Sun close to releasing xVM Server hypervisor - BMC to launch predictive virtualization management tool - Note 2005 date.BMC Software Delivers Integrated, Simultaneous Management of Virtual… | Reuters - THE GRATES - Funny that it's only available in Australia and New Zealand iTunes, eh?DeWitt Clinton Blog Archive Will Silverlight prohibit open source applications? - Procrastination: Beat procrastination with the 10 minute rule - Secret to getting stuff done: start doing it.TrustSaaS ...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #17 - Agent Builder/ACE, iPhone Telneting, iLog, RiverMuse, Cloud Hype Explosion, and Thin Desktops from

(Indexed 2008-08-06):

[Image]John Willis and I kick off another episode talking about the Tivoli Agent Builder training he’s currently doing. This scoots me down memory lane to where I once worked on a similar hunk of software for BMC.We then talk about the telneting and other remote command-shell applications available for the iPhone - seemingly no SSH, though. Tracking back into IBM land John asks briefly about the iLog acquisition, and we talk about a new open source event management startup in the works.Fin...(truncated)...

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VMware joins Linux Foundation(tags: redmonkpressquotes vmware virtualization standards itmanagement LinuxFoundation)Turn to collaborative tools for systems performance managementAn (short) update on the idea of Collaborative IT Management with a few small examples of vendors.(tags: collabsysmgmt collaborativeitmanagement itmanagement itmanagementguys paglo splunk fiveruns wuffie collab)MyEclipse Sees Green, Announces Near-Zero Carbon Footprint Initiative(tags: redmonkpressquotes pr genuitec gree...(truncated)...

Collaborative IT Management Update from

(Indexed 2008-08-06):

As most people who talk with me for more than 5 minutes on the topic of IT management know, the idea of “collaborative IT management” is a pet-topic of mine. So, when given the chance to write a relatively open-ended piece for TechTarget, I wrote-up a short piece outlining what’s been going on recently in collaborative IT management:The term “more heads are better than one” has a dicey applicability in IT management. As with most technological problems, too many coo...(truncated)...

Enterprise Twittering - Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment for SAP Demo Jam from

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Check out the above screencast of a Twitter-like service built for “enterprise” use, ESME. It’s actually pretty impressive.In this demo, allowing people to do time-shifted/near real-time trouble-shooting. While they manage to cram just about every buzz-technology into the short demo (Scala, AIR, and even cloud computing!), it’s actually a well done example of how something Twitter-like could be used in a company to do “real work.”Also, it reminds us that when ...(truncated)...

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Austin airport traffic surges to record"Passenger traffic at Austin Bergstrom International Airport broke a record last month, up a healthy 8.5 percent from the year earlier."More than 869,300 passengers flew through Austin in June. That’s 4.4 percent higher than the previous r(tags: airport aus austin)Citrix XenServer Plugin | Hyperic(tags: hyperic redmonkclients xen virtualization management citrix itmanagement)IBM invests big in two new cloud-computing centers(tags: cloud ibm japan rdu)...(truncated)...

OpenNMS DevJam Interviews from

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The OpenNMS community had their annual DevJam this week over in Atlanta. While I wasn’t there, Tarus Balog put together a series of short remote interviews with people at there:Tarus Balog - Tarus gives an overview of what’s been happening at DevJam and OpenNMS in general. Before wrapping up, I ask him how OpenNMS does product management, that is, determining what features get in.Ben Reed - after discussing what Ben does with OpenNMS, we pick up the conversation about project managem...(truncated)...

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Top analyst twitterers / analyst twitter index Technobabble 2.0The new round of Twitter analysts rankings.(tags: twitter via:twitter via:johnnybbrentwood analysts rankings socialmedia)Bigging it up for BlueAnt | AccManDennis likes the BlueAnt gear. I dig it myself.(tags: bluetooth headsets reviews ego porternovelli blueant)MobileMe: Troubleshooting iPhone or iPod touch sync issuesMy calendars weren’t synching correctly. Deleting and then re-adding the account worked. The old Windows trick...(truncated)...

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Switchers Blog 1Password Coming Soon to an App Store Near YouOh man, do I hate entering username/passwords on the iPhone…(tags: iphone iphoneapps via:twitter via:kaydub sso identity identitybuzz) for iPhone and iPod Touch Group at Last.fmIt’s sort of incredible to having streaming music on a pocket device. Music everywhere!(tags: iphoneapps music streaming)InfoQ: Tasktop 1.2: Enhanced Time Tracking/Reporting and a New, Free VersionIf you like GTD, even slightly, you ...(truncated)...

RIAs for the Enterprise - iLog + IBM = More Adobe? from

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[Image]IBM purchased iLog this morning. Now, I’ll admit that I don’t know iLog extreamly well. I actually heard about them for the first time last week at the Adobe Analyst Summit (which was a nice introduction to LiveCycle ES).Dark Data in the EnterpriseOn the other hand, I am nuts for the RIA. Even more so, I like seeing how RIAs get themselves into the enterprise world. I’m fond of pointing out that most RIAs need a back-end. There’s limitless “dark data” i...(truncated)...

The Return of Paying for Software from

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[Image]Over the weekend, I finally picked up an iPhone for myself thanks to my lovely wife who woke up and, no crap, said first thing “when does your Verizon contract end?”She’s obsessed with the thing.Small Change for Small ApplicationsWhen it comes to making money with software, the iPhone App Store is the glossiest example of trend I feel creeping up on us: people paying for software.Yes, people have been paying for software forever, but the expectations for most consumer so...(truncated)...

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Flex: the Open Source SDK for RIAs: OSCON 2008 - O’Reilly Conferences, July 21 - 25, 2008, Portland, Oregon(tags: adobe flex opensource sdk ria oscon)Adobe Developer ConnectionAdobe developer community site.(tags: adobe developers community)Open Management Consortium: Thomas Lockney’s OMC Blog: Open Management at OSCON. Wednesday’s perspective, anyway.(tags: oscon via:whurley via:twitter openmanage itmanagement opensource)Agile Infrastructure(tags: via:im puppet agile itmanagem...(truncated)...

MindTouchs Deki Release - The Mashup Marketing Delima from

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[Image]Last week we talked with MindTouch’s Aaron Fulkerson about the new release of their Deki product, ne DekiWiki. While Deki started out as an enterprise-ready wiki, Deki has evolved into more of a quick and easy business application development platform with linage in “mashups” and “composite applications.”This new release - Kilen Woods (named after a Minnesota park)- adds in a workflow engine and many more adaptors to pull data into Deki from other sources.Wha...(truncated)...

OpenSSO Express on IdentityBuzz from

(Indexed 2008-07-23):

Sun announced an interesting support offering this morning with their OpenSSO Express offering. Boiled down it means companies can buy support for the OpenSSO offering, released on (about) three month cycles, instead of only being able to buy support for the “commercialized” version of OpenSSO, Access Manager (released around 12 month cycles).What’s the deal there? The idea is that companies can quicker access to new features in the OpenSSO build rather than waiting for the lon...(truncated)...

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OpenNMS Replacing and/or Complementing Netcool/OMNIbus & Impact dougmcclure.netDoug writes up a nice summary of the OpenNMS content in IT Management Podcast #16. Thanks!(tags: openms itmanagementguys netcool)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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The pIT stop Q&A: How can I best support home workers? - WhatPC?(tags: redmonkpressquotes teleworking redmonk)TechCrunchIT Blog Archive Engine Yard Aims For Java With RubyOnRails Platform - Raises $15M Series BHopefully Engine Yard’s ambitions are beyond rails. They could have a good cloud story if they keep things open with an eye towards standards. Never mind being rails-parochial.(tags: engineyard Vertebra cloud funding)NBC Olympics Coverage Web Ad Inventory Almost Sold Out“NBC ...(truncated)...

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Citrix aims to simplify mixed virtual environmentsDoing heterogenous virtualization management. OVF!(tags: ProjectKensho citrix virtualization ovf dmtf standards itmanagement)Zoho gets big partner win for its SaaS business apps(tags: zoho saas office customers cases swisscomm)Virtualization vendors start supporting common spec(tags: ovf virtualization itmanagement citrix standards)PacketTrap Users Reach One Million Tool Runs(tags: packettrap oracle pr networkmanagement tools itmanagement via:ema...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #016 - Shes using the router to dry her clothes - OpenNMSs Tarus Balog from

(Indexed 2008-07-17):

Download the episode directly right here, or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically.In this episode, we’re joined by Tarus Balog of OpenNMS and also Matt Ray of Zenoss. John Willis gets on half-way though after a Skype-blow-out.We start out talking about OpenNMS, of course, and then get into some other topics:What “network management” means.Using Perl for scripting in IT Management.Using ZipTie for asset management.JohnR...(truncated)...

Briefing: Apptio - How Much is the IT Costing Me? (The SaaS Edition) from

(Indexed 2008-07-16):

Earlier this week I had a briefing with Apptio’s Eric Berg, late of Microsoft (you might remember him from the IT Forum videos around System Center we did last Fall in Barcelona).Tracking Costs for ITApptio’s thing, if you will, is doing IT cost tracking as a SaaS. In a nut-shell, their stuff mines usage and cost related data in organizations, provides some modeling and mapping, and then tells tries to tell you how much your IT is costing you.Clearly, your skeptical mind should be ki...(truncated)...

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WhatsUp Gold: A solid new version with minor flaws - Network World(tags: WhatsUpGold itmanagement monitoring)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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Johnson Controls and IBM develop data center management software - Computer Business Review(tags: green JohnsonControls ibm tivoli itmanagement)Sun To Shed Up To 2,500 Jobs In Strategic MoveTechCrunchIT likes the pink dot strategy. Amazingly, this is the first time in years I’ve seen the press be anything other than snarky/”it’s dead!” about Sun. And from TechCrunch-land, no less. Where’s them flying pigs? ;)(tags: pinkdots sunw opensource biz)Best Buy to sell Ubunt...(truncated)...

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Column 2 by Sandy Kemsley : Enterprise Mashups webinarWrite-up of the Wed. SnapLogic webinar I took part in.(tags: snaplogic ria webinar ego mashups cloud stack)Thinking about Gartners Hype Cycle SageCircle BlogI must admit, I’ve always liked the hyper-cycle. Jack-hammer of Disillusionment!(tags: gartner hypecycle models analysts)Defrag Conference 2008 - Nov 3-4, 2008“The Defrag conference is accelerating the “aha” moment!”(tags: conferences defrag via:SamLawrence)...(truncated)...

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[Image]In this episode, I try to get Charles to help me get more shit done (GMTD?). Gotta run to go see Gonzo, no time for long write-up, brohan!Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

IT Management Podcast #015 - Training, myCMDB, Grounded Clouds from

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Download the episode directly right here, or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have episodes downloaded automatically.In this episode, John and I start out talking about training for IT departments.We then get into a discussion of Managed Objects‘ myCMDB for which James Governor and I had a briefing earlier this week. The first question people have been asking me - John included - is “was the IT Skeptic right?” Also, see this guest post over in McClure-land...(truncated)...

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Adobe readying new mashup tool for business users | InfoWorld | News | 2008-07-08 | By Chris Kanaracus, IDG News ServiceCheck out the quotes from the ex-intellegence guy on security, identity integration, and auditing.(tags: adobe genesis mashup enterprise quotes ria riaweekly)Food Notebook: Can a burger be worth 17 bucks? You bet when it is Arcadias Kobe burger. [San Jose]“The American Kobe Burger ($16 in bar, $17 restaurant) with Vermont White Cheddar and Duck Fat French Fries lived up t...(truncated)...

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VMware Tanks As CEO Greene Gets Ousted (VMW)(tags: vmware execs via:twitter virtualization)SolarWinds: Headwinds or tailwinds for the IPO? - BloggingStocks(tags: solarwinds via:speakercity ipo austin itmanagement networkingmanagement itmanagementguys)Speaker City New Gig at ZenossBrandon is the new Director of Product Management at Zenoss.(tags: zenoss austin redmonkclients itmanagement itmanagementguys opensource)Bitrock on center stage with its Network Service(tags: bitrock opensource network...(truncated)...

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The dangers of cloud computing“But the use of cloud computing also carries with it security risks, including perils related to compliance, availability, and data integrity.”(tags: cloud fud ema security audit grc backup it itmanagementguys itmanagement risk)First look: Mozilla Weave 0.2 puts Firefox in the cloudKeep your bookmarks, cookies, and pretty much everything synched between all your Firefoxes.(tags: weave plugins firefox mozilla)Microsoft Equipt: 3 Office, OneCare licenses f...(truncated)...

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Independence Day(tags: via:facebook gillmor satire iphone)WordPress FriendFeed Comments WordPress PluginsFinally got this FriendFeed/WordPress integration. Shows likes and comments from FriendFeed on your WordPress blog about, obviously, the current post.(tags: wordpress plugins friendfeed comments)GoGrid Hits 1000 Customer Mark(tags: itmanagement cloud gogrid grid)Sisense Launches Analytics For Amazon S3(tags: sisense analytics s3 dashboards csv cloud itmanagementguys)What would Roger William...(truncated)...

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Enterprise Unix Roundup: Sun Should Loosen Up“But at the end of the day, it’s alway been about what’s best for Sun. But before I beat up Sun, let’s be honest: Is this really any different for any other open source vendor? Novell, Canonical and Red Hat…. And why not? That’s what companies do.”(tags: via:friendfeed via:webmink solaris opensource sunw community)Paglo launches Google for IT(tags: search paglo itmanagement)Splunk and iSecure Announce Agreemen...(truncated)...

Episode 17 - Curls Richard Monson-Haefel, RIA Middleware, Search for Flash from

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[Image]Download the episode directly or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher.New Sponsor: - Listener DealsAs mentioned at the beginning of this episode, we have a new sponsor: And, even better, we have two specials for you, dear RIA Weekly listeners. Go over to and you can get discounts for listing a job and posting ads. If you’re looking for an RIA job or looking to hire someone, go check it out ;>We’re Joined by ...(truncated)...

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IDEO’s Thoughtless Acts Flickr Group“Observing such everyday interactions reveals subtle details about how we relate to the designed and natural world. This is key information and inspiration for design, and a good starting point for any creative initiative.”(tags: design pictures via:BruceSterling thoughtlessacts gestures ideo)Critics rave about Mindjet ConnectMindjet wraps up positive notes about its new Mindjet Connect service.(tags: mindjet reviews mindmapping ego mindjetco...(truncated)...

Free Webinar on Cloud Computing, Data Integration, and RIAs Next Week, July 9th at 1PM EST from

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[Image]Next week I’ll be participating in a webinar with one of our clients, SnapLogic, on data integration in the cloud and with RIAs. Originally, we’d billed this as being about RIA’s and data integration, but there’s been so much interest in getting data integration in the cloud that we’ve expanded the scope a tad, which suits me just fine.Adding Data-Meat to the RIA SkeletonI’ve been fond of pointing out that content (a consumer friendly word for “da...(truncated)...

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Twitter’s weakening pulse(tags: xmpp friendfeed twitter digerati microblogging scaling DanFarber)Open-source venture funding rises 14 percent in Q2 | The Open Road - The Business and Politics of Open Source by Matt Asay - CNET“Venture funding for open-source companies rose to $115 million in the second quarter, a 14 percent increase over the same period a year ago, according to The 451 Group.” But, not so much in new funding.(tags: via:friendfeed via:puppetmasterd vc o...(truncated)...

SpiceWorld - Oct. 24th and 25th from

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One of RedMonk’s clients, Spiceworks is putting on its first user conference in Austin, Oct. 24th to 25th. As mentioned yesterday in reference to the Lone Star Ruby Conference (also in Austin), I always love to see a conference in my home town - it’s much better than having to fly somewhere, no matter how fun the topic in places distant.In this case, it’s not only that, but from the fun and innovative company Spiceworks. Their free, ad-supported model for small-shop IT Manageme...(truncated)...

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Shining a Light into Amazon’s Darkness(tags: redmonkpressquotes redmonk cloudstatus hyperic cloud)Sun sponsors social apps platform(tags: zembly sunw mashups socialnetworking)Apache looks to bring fun back to Java“The framework is based on Java Specification Request 170 for Java Content Repositories.” And, Felix OSGi.(tags: osgi apache sling JSR170 jackrabbit)Progress makes another SOA buy(tags: progress soa m&a testing mindreef)Mule offers enterprise SOA governanceMuleSource c...(truncated)...

Cloud Standards and Open Source - Cloud Conference Week, Part 5 from

(Indexed 2008-06-30):

StandardsAs Stephen pointed out last week, and I touched on in reference to, there’s a fast emerging need for standards in cloud computing and we need them quick.Keeping Things RunningAs from-left-field example - monitoring and managing - while there are the beginnings of efforts, we don’t even have SNMP for the clouds. How about things orchestrating spinning up new instances and packaging?These are just a few of the basic protocols and standards that keep on-premise thing...(truncated)...

Know Your Cloud Consumer: ISV or Enterprise? - Cloud Conference Week, Part 3 from

(Indexed 2008-06-30):

[Image]While I don’t think we’ve gotten to a nailed-down understanding of cloud computing, there is one way to slice that is interesting, and often overlooking: dividing up the types of cloud computing users, primarily along the lines of ISVs and IT departments.If “cloud computing” means infrastructure outsourcing, keep your eye on the ISV/IT department forkWhat’s clear is that the point of cloud computing is moving your software mostly out of your control and depen...(truncated)...

You Think Its Bad Now: Get Ready for Cloud-* - Defining Cloud Computing - Cloud Conference Week, Part 2 from

(Indexed 2008-06-30):

[Image]While some conference glow from last week, no doubt, pulled itself across the weekend, it’s safe to say that this cloud stuff has turned into a dog that’ll hunt on both the technological, but more importantly, the marketing angle.Cloud AspirationsEven though there’s little agreement about what “cloud computing” means (showing that IBM, really, wasn’t so bad off for being so scatter-shot back at Pulse - they’re just as wild-eyed as the rest), over ...(truncated)...

Velocity, Cloud Camp, Structure - Cloud Conference Week, Part 1 from

(Indexed 2008-06-30):

[Image]Last week I was in the bay area for 4 conferences (, Velocity, CloudCamp, and Structure) centered on cloud computing along with, of course, plenty of meetings and bar-side chats with the good folks running around there.Cloud Conference Series - Five Parts to Cloud Madness!In addition to this first part, there’s a handful of notes on different aspects of the week and, more interestingly, overall screeding on cloud computing:Part 1 - Velocity, Cloud Camp, Structure (you’...(truncated)...

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Microsoft to buy semantic search engine Powerset for $100M plus(tags: via:techmeme microsoft powerset rumors search)Systems Management: A Strategic Approach(tags: redmonkpressquotes itmanagement alignment)What happened to Oracle’s Red Hat challenge?(tags: oracle rhel redhat unbreakable redmonkpressquotes)Genuitec sets IBM, Java tools(tags: maven redmonkclients genuitec eclipse pulse myeclipse)Microsoft Hyper-V now available(tags: virtualization hyper-v microsoft redmonkclients itmanagement...(truncated)...

Episode 129 - Cloud Conferences, Flex, Flex Builder from

(Indexed 2008-06-27):

[Image]This week we phoned in our recording as I was at Velocity 08, smack in the middle of a crazy week of cloud conferences - Tour de, Velocity, Cloud Camp, and then Structure.We spend most of our time talking about Charles using Flex (without FlexBuilder) and then get into coverage of the the cloud-headed I’d been doing up to that point.Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

Hyperic CloudStatus - Starting the Ball Rolling from

(Indexed 2008-06-25):

[Image]Earlier this week, Hyperic released their free dashboard of Amazon Web Services monitoring, Cloud Status. Aside from having slick looking graphics, the interesting thing here is the beginning of figuring out what it means to manage “the cloud.”What they’re doing is pretty straight forward: they’re monitoring the few metrics that are available for each service, from multiple points globally. What they don’t do is let each person monitor from their perspective....(truncated)...

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Ptak Noel Webcast :: GroundWork Open Source - Wed. June 25th at 8AM PT(tags: groundwork webcasts ptaknoel redmonkclients via:twitter)Anycast“Anycast is a network addressing and routing scheme whereby data is routed to the “nearest” or ‘best’ destination as viewed by the routing topology.”(tags: anycast networking scale velocity08)JProbe Freeware“JProbe Freeware is an Eclipse-based memory analysis tool that leverages JProbes superior data visualization an...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-06-24):, Partners, and Value-Added SaaS | Enterprise Anti-matter |“Love” this Microsoft circa 1992 strategy: secret APIs!(tags: paas itmanagementguys via:scottd apis lockin cloud)Connecting the Clouds - Introducing the Toolkit for Google Data APIs - Blog - TourDeForce SalesForce PaaS cloud itmanagementguys)Rackable Systems unveils high-density servers(tags: hardware rackable blades)Scripting languages spark ne...(truncated)...

SalesForce-to-Google and the PaaS Lock-in Question from

(Indexed 2008-06-24):

[Image]Today’s news from the more SaaS-y part of cloud-land is that’s platform,, now integrates with more of Google, in an even tighter way.The AnnouncementThe ongoing idea here is to move all the on-premise, enterprise software up to “the cloud,” which here means the sort of “classic” idea of a SaaS, backed with middle-ware and programming as you’d expect in business applications. You know, “cloud as URL users go to,”...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #012 - Return to the Cloud and Zenoss Update from

(Indexed 2008-06-21):

[Image]Download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the feed to have episodes downloaded automatically.After a long abcense, John “” Willis and I return for this episodes. We do some “admin” house cleaning at first, for example, figuring out what happened to the Zenoss jacket in the No Country for Old IT Guys series. The answer is pretty simple, turns out.Next, I mention the iTricity/Blue Cloud announcement iTricity of this week, which gets John on a...(truncated)...

RIA Weekly #016 - RIA in the EU, SproutCore, Mobile in China, Silverlight and NBC, Deep Zoom, Google Gears, and Beyond Open Source from

(Indexed 2008-06-21):

[Image]Download the episode directly or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher.This week, Ryan and I finally get back together for a brief but packed episode. The title pretty much covers the topics. We don’t spend a lot of time detailing news - as there’s not a whole lot of it - spending most of time talking about geographic concerns and getting back to a discussion from episode 14, we talk about Google Gear’s aspirations to be the new web standards work-horse, su...(truncated)...

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HP, VMware team to manage virtual servers(tags: hp vmware itmanagement itmanagementguys virtualization)Red Hat unveils new virtualization initiatives(tags: redhat rhat virtualization ovirt redmonklclients)BMC scoops up ITM(tags: bmc bsm itmanagement m&a)HP chief Hurd fields questions about EDS buy - Network World“You will see a blurring of lines between our software and services businesses. Our software strategy is to link and align it across HP.”(tags: hp eds quotes service itmanage...(truncated)...

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Parallels Server for Mac released(tags: parrallels virtualization swsoft osx servers)The Employee Factor: Are Your Company Benefits Perceived as Benefits?(tags: via:friendfeed via:rbieber work hr golf canada)Midday snooze for sizzling creativity(tags: sleep coffee lifehack)SageCircle launches calendar of Vendor Analyst Events SageCircle Blog(tags: calendars analysts events)Homesick Texan: The king of casseroles: King Ranch Chicken“this recipe looks fantastic” - @SaraD(tags: recipes ...(truncated)...

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HP IT automation strategy setA whole slew of products from HP in the IT Management space. Plus, some SaaS angle that’s somewhat ambiguous here.(tags: hp opsware automation mercury itmanagement saas)BI vendors trying to reach the rank and file(tags: saas bi smb itmanagementguys)Microsoft Expands List of Formats Supported in Microsoft Office: Move enhances customer choice and interoperability with Microsofts flagship productivity suite.(tags: microsoft office odf plugins xps pdf documents fo...(truncated)...

Mindjet Connect - SaaS for Mind Maps and Document Management from

(Indexed 2008-06-17):

[Image]Mindjet announced their new, Mindjet Connect, this morning that takes mind mapping and document sharing from the desktop and email to a new, hosted environment the likes of Google Docs and Adobe’s haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet, but having seen a demo, the features are impressive. Indeed, they may even be overwhelming at first, so let’s whack it down to the simplest, most important parts:Price - Mindjet Connect isn’t free, but it has ...(truncated)...

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Microsoft sponsors Open Source Census(tags: SamRamji 451 opensource OpenLogic census numbers)Support grows for universal power adapterThis seems like it’d be awesome to me. I wonder if there’s a way open source could help spread this consumer convenience thing and (slightly) green two-fer? Or if open source would just cloud the issue in this kind of industry.(tags: green Westinghouse poweradaptor usb)Red Hat looks out for OSS community with patent settlement(tags: patents redhat hibe...(truncated)...

John Simonds on Twitter, blogs, & tags in Analyst Relations from

(Indexed 2008-06-16):

In the last of our RSDC video series I had the chance to talk with John Simonds of IBM Analyst Relations. We spend our time talking about how John uses Web 2.0 tools and concepts to help out with his day-to-day analyst relations. For example, we talk about his use of Twitter several times with a couple of examples of how he and other IBM AR staff have monitored analysts Twitter streams to find things they need help with.We then discuss blogging, esp. as it relates to Twitter. Check-out some of t...(truncated)...

Dave Klavon on Testing at RSDC 2008 from

(Indexed 2008-06-16):

While at RSDC, Stephen O’Grady and I had the chance to talk with Dave Klavon (Director Quality and Requirements Management, Rational). We start out by quickly walking through the Rational testing and requirements management portfolio, and then dive into the testing silo.We talk about testing in general and at the end get into a discussion about which aspects of the testing chain would do well in hosted, either as a SaaS or just in infrastructure in the cloud.Disclaimer: IBM is a client, pa...(truncated)...

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Study: SOA deployments on rise | InfoWorld | News | 2008-06-11 | By Chris Kanaracus, IDG News Service(tags: soa ibm surveys redmonkpressquotes enterprisesoftware)Enterprise 2.0: Suns Project SocialSite(tags: sunw socialsite opensocial widgets socialnetworking via:snoopdave)Japanese salarymen fight back“Slowly and reluctantly, Japan’s salarymen are learning to stand up for their rights, and in the process rewriting the social contract that had once bound workers to companies with near...(truncated)...

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Blogging Hyperic Even Worse than It Appears(tags: hyperic MikeOlson execs redmonkclients)Microsoft opens TechEd with virtualization pitch to IT pros - Network WorldRound-up of TechEd for IT news.(tags: teched2008 microsoft identity virtualization hyper-v)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

Laura Bennett on alphaWorks and developerWorks from

(Indexed 2008-06-12):

While at RSDC ‘08, I had the chance to talk with IBM’s Laura Bennett, Manager of the alphaWorks Team. I start out by asking her to explain what alphaWorks does, the life-cycle of projects that go through it, and what new projects and services we’ll be seeing from alphaWorks soon.We then talk about developerWorks briefly, mostly focusing on how upcoming social networking features will help users find other users who can help them out, filter the available content, and also hook ...(truncated)...

Puppet at Google - RedMonk Radio Episode 48 from

(Indexed 2008-06-11):

[Image]Download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the RedMonk Radio podcast feed to have this and other episodes downloaded automatically for you.I recently talked with Reductive Lab’s Luke Kaines and Google’s Nigel Kersten on the topic of Puppet. First, we go through a quick overview of what Puppet does - establishing the desired configuration of machines by modeling services and then enforcing that model.As I note in introducing Nigel, while Puppet is well known for managi...(truncated)...

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Sun bolsters SOA software with data management | InfoWorld | News | 2008-06-08 | By Paul Krill(tags: redmonkclients redmonkpressquotes JavaCAPS MDM SOA esb sunw)Twitter / Jonathan Eunice: @cote Apparently we are amo…New club: “The Listless, Shiftless Lurker Crew.” I think I fit in there well.(tags: teched2008 funny twitter)HB COLDI hear there’s some Finland blogging in here.(tags: blogs finland trip)Analysts and swag - A waste of time and money or worse SageCircle Blog(t...(truncated)...

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Danish Broadband Supplier Uses JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform for Integration(tags: jboss soa redmonkclients redhat)Microsoft aims to offer best of both worlds - 06 Jun 2008 - IT Week(tags: redmonkpressquotes mesh livemesh microsoft synchronizedweb cloud)Desktop virtualization: Vista’s secret weapon?(tags: desktop desktopvirtualization windows microsoft vista)BI steps into the cloud(tags: bi cloud Panorama charts reports)IBM releases ODF-based Office killer(tags: ibm odf office microsoft sy...(truncated)...

New Customer, Hyperic; Also, Mike Olson Surfaces from

(Indexed 2008-06-06):

We signed up Hyperic yesterday as a RedMonk customer, finally filling out the once so-called “Little 4″ (there’s only 3 of them now) along-side Zenoss and Groundwork Open Source. I love working with open source driven IT management companies like these as they’re one of the primary areas that I find innovation occurring in the “lower levels” of the IT management space, that stratum where I got my start in the IT management world while at BMC. For example, earl...(truncated)...

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Open Source Analysts Clean Up in Industry Awards | Socialized SoftwareThanks ;)(tags: redmonk iiar awards 451 analysts)Open Source Systems Management: Zenoss expands platform support, an interview with Mark Hinkle | Commercial Open Source Software(tags: zenoss itmanagement interviews MarkHinkle little4 community marketing communitymanagement)Zenoss Core Network and System Monitoring by Michael Badger(tags: zenoss books via:mray redmonkclients itmanagement opensource)What’s Keeping Adobe Up...(truncated)...

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Curl adds runtime support for Mac environments(tags: ria curl osx riaweekly enterprise redmonkpressquotes)Microsoft readies Oslo previews - Also, Microsoft finally discovers UML“With Oslo, first detailed by Microsoft last fall, the company is looking to refocus application development to have models themselves become applications.”(tags: oslo teched modeling programming microsoft uml silverlight)IBM, Acrobat offer response to Google Apps and Office(tags: ibm adobe office ...(truncated)...

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Microsoft, HP do search deal for PCs(tags: ria riaweekly hp microsoft partnerships)Adobe offers Acrobat 9(tags: acrobat adobe pdf documents)The Packet Scoop - A Lighter Look at Network Management“Perspective watches hosts and services that the user specifies, auto-remediates problems, and alerts users when performance deviates from a user defined baseline.” With more functionality as well, of course.(tags: via:email packettrap monitoring itmanagement itmanagementguys)Biscuits ‘...(truncated)...

Adobe Kicks off SaaS Efforts with from

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[Image]Adobe launched it’s SaaS beachhead today with the consolidation of its information worker centric suite of services at The two jewels of this suite are the Buzzword word processor and Connect desktop sharing and conference service. Also included are the Share service and a service for creating PDFs.As I cataloged last year, Adobe actually has a lot of SaaSes running around. They acquired Buzzword and launched Share last year, but until now they haven’t really had ...(truncated)...

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Java Doodle: crossdomain.xml Support(tags: java crossdomain.xml)Free range workers(tags: freerange satire via:kim)FiveRuns Expands Rails Application Management Partner Program (RAMP) with New Partners and New Offerings(tags: bizdev partners hosters fiveruns rails itmanagement redmonkclients via:jdilwort)Home fitness program. Home workout program - Beginnner(tags: fitness via:factoryjoe)Welcome to Las Vegas - Home of the technology superpower you’ve never heard ofA weird tale of a mega data...(truncated)...

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Wheres Whurley | IT Management and Cloud Blog“In fact, is that Bob Beauchamp banging the skins.”(tags: whurley via:email bmc)CNET - Sun’s VirtualBox hits 5 million downloads | Tech news blog - CNET News.comDave takes notice of VirtualBox due to RedMonkTV.(tags: cnet ego sunw redmonktv virtualization opensource virtualbox)Dont Debug Alone With FiveRuns TuneUp(tags: TechCrunch fiveruns performance collaborativesystemsmanagement debugging redmonkclients rails)On Rails production p...(truncated)...

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Simon Heys Word Clock(tags: via:mray screensavers clocks osx)Mobile advertising: The next big wave and a golden opportunity for RIAs“[T]he confluence of mobile devices and advertising is a place where RIAs can really come into stride. [E]veryone wants a piece of what will be a lucrative pie.”(tags: ryanstwewart ria mobile quotes riaweekly china utopia)Moonlight, the Silverlight for Linux project, releases first public version(tags: moonlight ria mono silverlight)The Most Curious Thi...(truncated)...

Paglo Public Beta - SaaS-based IT Management Search from

(Indexed 2008-05-28):

[Image]I spoke with Paglo today around the public beta release of their SaaS IT Management service. As you may recall from last time we talked with them, the theme they’re working under is search, much like Splunk except hosted online instead of installed behind the firewall. See below for more competitive comments.Of course, there’s an agent - they call it a “crawler” - to install behind your firewall to collect the raw metrics and data. The name “crawler” ma...(truncated)...

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eminence grise“A powerful adviser or decision-maker who operates secretly or unofficially. Also called gray eminence.”(tags: words via:wsj)Facebook To Open Source Facebook PlatformWould allow others to run Facebook applications on their site. In a page-view driven world, most software isn’t too valuable: eye-balls and stuck users are, as well as lock-in. Lock-in is what web sites want badly, anything to keep users around.(tags: facebook opensource rumors socialnetworks via:twit...(truncated)...

IBM Tivoli Pulse Wrap-up - Product Updates, Green Metrics, and Cloud Confusion from

(Indexed 2008-05-27):

[Image]TechTarget asked me to write a piece on Pulse for them this year - hence the lack of coverage here ;>The article is up now, so go check it out if you’re interested in my take on what Tivoli talked about this year.Most of you, dear readers, will probably be interested the most in the cloud computing angle, but there’s no doubt some interested in Tivoli’s green announcements as well.It looks like they copy-edited out my oh-too-witty sub-title of “All Your Assets Are ...(truncated)...

RedMonk Radio #047 - Open and Commercial Development at Eclipse from

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[Image]Download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatchers to have RedMonk podcasts downloaded automatically, including this one.During RedMonk’s Unconference at JavaOne this year, I had the change pull aside Mik Kersten and Ian Skerrett for a little conversation about what it’s like to be a commercial company (TaskTop) operating in the Eclipse ecosystem. A large part of Eclipse’s mission is to build out the open source foundation for a c...(truncated)...

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“Know Your Customer, Use Your Data” webinareVapt webinar on June 12th at 2PM Eastern. I suspect it’ll be about using customer usage information, subscriptions, and other data for SaaS money-making.(tags: evapt redmonkclients saas backoffice billing metrics)The Failures and Successes of Open Source Product Management | Product Beautiful: Building Product Management by Paul Young(tags: productmanagement via:bwhichard opensource prjmgmt)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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git-cheat-sheet-medium.png (PNG Image, 1100850 pixels)(tags: git cheatsheet via:bytesized vcs versioncontrol)enthiosys June 18/19, 2008 Innovation Games(R) Class in Austin, TXTwo day Agile training in Austin.(tags: via:igat agile training austin events)Red Hat debuts 5.2 version; Novell issues service pack(tags: redmonkpressquotes rhel redhat linux opensource virtualization)Pulse 2008: IBM simplifies IT service management to facilitate business and IT convergence(tags: ibmpulse ovum itmanagemen...(truncated)...

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FireScope BSM: BE Shatters the Costly, Complex Service Management ParadigmBSM on the cheap, that is, $2,450.(tags: FireScope SMB BSM itmanagement itmanagementguys)Macs account for two-thirds of sales of PCs costing $1,000 or more | Hardware 2.0 |“Data from the NPD Group suggests that Apples overall retail market share is 14%, and a whopping 66% for PCs costing $1,000 or more.”(tags: numbers via:twitter via:ghaff apple hardware purchasing)Dopplr Blog Blog Archive Adding mu...(truncated)...

The Resistance Wire Network from

(Indexed 2008-05-22):

[Image]This is just too sci-fi crosses real-world to pass up. Apparently, a dispute over a private network “lies at the heart of the crisis that pushed Lebanon to the brink of civil war [last] week.”See here:“In the past six months [Hezbollah] have developed a huge, octopus-sized network covering the whole of Lebanon, entering areas where there are no Shiite headquarters in what appears to be the creation of a parallel Iranian network in Lebanon,” Hamade said in an interv...(truncated)...

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Compuware 2.0 Rebranding Launched“Id like to see product managers, developers and delivery services folks active and encouraged to discuss how theyre going to adopt Compuware 2.0 in their products.” Also, see: compuware bsm marketing blogs)generationE Launches New Line of On-Demand Services“This new [SaaS-based?] administration service provides daily activities related to the optimization, care and feeding of a ...(truncated)...

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cloudtools - Google Code“Cloud Tools is a set of tools for deploying and testing Java EE applications on Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2).”(tags: via:wyscan ec2 cloud j2ee jee testing cloudtalk)The five fatal flaws of green communications - New Mexico Business Weekly:(tags: green via:jdilwort marketing)Why isn’t Dell going to be at Citrix Synergy?, from Brian Madden on“I thought the two companies were on good terms, what with Dell now selling P...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #11 - Tivoli Training, Zenoss in Austin, System Center from

(Indexed 2008-05-18):

[Image]After a month off, John and I finally get back. I start by asking John about the world travel he’s been doing for Tivoli training, asking what he’s been seeing in the IT management user-base in Japan, Sydney, and then Warsaw (with a little jaunt around Paris).As Tivoli Pule is coming up this week, I ask John what he’s looking forward to, but come to find out that he’s canceled going due to all that travel. Nonetheless, I ask him to give a quick re-cap of sort of th...(truncated)...

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Anvil, Flex and Java Anvil Overview PresentationSome work being done to connect Flex to Java back-end via BlazeDS and Spring.(tags: via:twitter flex middleware spring adobe java opensource presentations via:dan_mcweeney)IBM Tivoli Pulse Next Week dougmcclure.netCheck it out: Doug is one of most accessible and “2.0″ enabled Big 4 guys out there. This post is all like, “hey, let’s talk, buddy.” Not much more of that going in that space.(tags: ibm tivoli communicatio...(truncated)...

Towards Crowdsourcing IT Management - Spiceworks 3.0 from

(Indexed 2008-05-16):

I’ve pointed to Spiceworks marketing a few times before as something worth checking out for other IT Management folks, big and small, old and young. Their product is interesting as well: essentially, a free, ad-supported product you download to do basic asset discovery, management, and then monitoring on your behind-the-firewall networks. Over the past year, they’ve been adding in more and more collaborative IT management features. First, forums where users could ask questions and tr...(truncated)...

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Defamer PsaPractice random acts of “WOOOOOOOOO HONK!!!” daily.(tags: via:IM via:DaveRosenberg funny)Why Twitter Matters(tags: twitter via:twitter via:dhinchcliffe web2.0 crm customerservice)Ragged Clown Blog Archive Lines on the Death of AgitarI’ve heard Agitar is going out of business.(tags: agitar agile testing unittesting tools)GPL3 used as club to coerce customers toward commercial licensing - The Java Posse | Google Groups“I find it deliciously ironic, however that...(truncated)...

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Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts | Google Groups(tags: via:twitter via:dickwall scala email)Twitter UpdateRobert on using Twitter, for the second time around.(tags: twitter advice)My Git Workflow | Oliver Steele(tags: git via:wyscan vcs)17 Ways You Can Use Twitter: A Guide for Beginners, Marketers and Business Owners(tags: twitter via:wyscan)Mapping HP Software to the Data Center Automation BlueprintBreak-down of HP’s IT Management stuff into a handy-dandy outline.(tags: hp taxonomy itmanagement...(truncated)...

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SE210 Sound Isolating Earphones(tags: headphones music via:twitter via:al3x shure to_buy)QLPlugins - Quick Look PluginsIncluding a Flash player.(tags: via:mray osx quicklook plugins flash)flv Quick Look Plugin topExpands the video formats you can watch in QuickTime.(tags: utils video perin quicktime)Technology Helped News Spread Quickly - WSJ.comCheck out those Chinese Twitter and Facebook equivalents.(tags: twitter china globo wsj)Why Product Management is Open Source’s Fatal Flaw | Produ...(truncated)...

Wunderkammer 2.0 - Blue Cloud, Brazil, and Real ID from

(Indexed 2008-05-14):

Just some miscellany for you today, dear readers:Blue CloudJohn Willis posted the below a little while ago. It’s sort of worth watching if only to see what the top brass on polar opposites of the tech world do when they’re on the same stage, crushing on each other:More coverage of the event here.Also, I like finding (relatively) clear statements like the below from one from IBM’s Blue Cloud press release last year:Cloud computing is an emerging approach to shared infrastructure...(truncated)...

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Thoughts on JavaOne 2008 Ian SkerrettIan on JavaOne 2008.(tags: eclipse IanSkerrett javaone2008 osgi ria javafx parties)Sun: Java ubiquity an advantage in RIA battleAlso, notes on Sun and the JCP and middleware.(tags: jcp javafx javaone2008 sunw java osgi)Google turns Postini into Google Web Security for Enterprise“The new service is branded under Google’s ‘Powered by Postini’ product line and, according to the company, ‘provides real-time malware protection and UR...(truncated)...

RIA Weekly #015 - JavaFX and JavaOne 2008 Wrap-up from

(Indexed 2008-05-09):

[Image]Download the episode directly here or subscribe to the RIA Weekly feed in iTunes or other podcatched to have episodes automagically downloaded.Dion Almaer stands in as the special guest-host for this episode from JavaOne 2008. Being the last day, we spend go over the RIA news of the show…and the news in general. We discuss Sun’s “momentum” and road-map announcements around JavaFX and spend time talking arm-chair quarter-backing RIA strategy.Share This[Image] [Image...(truncated)...

RedMonk Radio #46: James Gosling at JavaOne 2008 - Scala, Multi-core, Working Below the VM, and Epigraphs from

(Indexed 2008-05-09):

Download the episode directly here or, as always, subscribe to the podcast feed to have this and other RedMonk Radio episodes downloaded automagically.Yesterday at JavaOne I had the chance to talk with Sun’s James Gosling who is, as Wikipedia puts it “best known as the father of the Java programming language.”While we may have recorded this episode at JavaOne 2008, we spent most of our time talking about more general programming and Java concerns: Scala and functional languages...(truncated)...

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Sun to unveil open-source Solaris version - San Jose Mercury News“If they’re involved in an ongoing conversation, they’re in the game.”(tags: sunw OpenSolaris solaris opensource unconferences communityone redmonkpressquotes)In the cloud: What startups need to succeed(tags: cloud cloudtalk saas ibm google amazon)Startups take on network security, management(tags: networkmanagement security companies opensource itmanagement interop)Sony Ericsson combines Java and Flash(tags...(truncated)...

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Automated Software QA Testing Tools | Software Quality Test Tools | Redstone Software(tags: qa testing via:twitter java .net)The Mighty “2.5″“I therefore declare OpenNMS as now part of the ‘Mighty 2.5.’”(tags: little4 itmanagement via:twitter opennms opensource TheMighty2)Sun offers JavaFX road map(tags: javafx javaone2008 ria)Ruby faces off against PHP, Java(tags: ruby php dynamiclanguages communityone)System Center Cross Platform Extension: too many distract...(truncated)...

A Roadmap for JavaFX - Adobes Beat Them By a Week, But So What? - JavaOne 2008 from

(Indexed 2008-05-06):

[Image]In regards to the JavaOne keynote and general sessions I popped in and out of through today, allow me to refer you to my note last week on Adobe’s Open Screens Project. I’m sure it drives Sun crazy to hear the comparison so directly, but, really, that’s the way it is.It shouldn’t make them cringe, though: it’s a good plan. The fact that Adobe, Microsoft, Sun, and others are all racing towards the same end should be encouraging, not frustrating. Getting preemp...(truncated)...

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Marcel Molina Jr. Ruby on Rails ConsultantSat next to this dude on the AUS->DFW flight. Seemed like a nice guy.(tags: ruby travel austin)Understanding the Cloud Computing/SaaS/PaaS markets: a Map of the Players in the IndustryBunch of people to checkout.(tags: saas cloud mindmaps lists to_read companies via:email)Chronicles of a Wandering Mind Business models for open source it management companies(tags: to_read opensource itmanagement)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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Architecture astronauts take over - Joel on SoftwareJoel doesn’t like Live Mesh.(tags: mesh livemesh msft recruiting astronauts architecture cloud)Microsoft Expression(tags: microsoft expression developer/designer ria riaweekly)Microsoft Expression Studio 2 Ships, Advancing Superior Developer and Designer Collaboration: The newest release of the suite of tools includes revolutionary capabilities for creative professionals including Silverlight functionality, PHP support and Adob(tags: expr...(truncated)...

System Center Cross Platform - Finally, Heterogenous Support in System Center - MMS08 from

(Indexed 2008-05-02):

[Image]I guess I can’t say that I recommend you running this many non-Windows system in your environment. But, if you do, we want to be able to provide you with a great cohesive management environment for that. (Applause.)…[Y]ou told us that Windows is great, and Windows might be a large part of your data center, but for many of you, you have heterogeneity out there. So we’re taking a step towards allowing you to have one single solution with System Center, to manage that entir...(truncated)...

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What is the definition of analyst? SageCircle BlogWhao, this conversation is going to go everywhere fast.(tags: analysts questions via:twitter)Adobe Launches Open Screen Project(tags: openscreen adobe ria flash air mobile redmonkclients)Apple - Mac OS X Deployment v10.5Man, these Apple IT courses would be most excellent to attend, eh?(tags: apple enterprise via:email virtualization images osx itdept)IBM and the resurrection of the mainframe | Outside the Lines - CNET News.comIt’s all a ma...(truncated)...

New Client - Reductive Labs, The Puppet People from

(Indexed 2008-05-01):

[Image]Last week we signed up a new client in the IT management space, Reductive Labs. While their company name may not be well known - yes, I’ve already suggested changing it ;> - their ruby-based, open source automation platform Puppet is actually very well regarded.For example, Google uses puppet to manage over 5,000 laptops and desktops and they seem to like it. RedHat as well, along plenty more, both on the record and off.As RedMonkTV fans may recall, I talked with the founder of Pup...(truncated)...

Adobes Open Screen Project - A Plan & Lower Barriers to Using Flash - Checking Up On the RIA Wars from

(Indexed 2008-05-01):

[Image]Adobe’s Open Screen Project, announced today, is two things:Vision, road-map, and partnerships for building out the Adobe software development platform.Loosening IP restrictions on (in the most broad use of the term) Flash - really, doing everything short of open sourcing Flash.The Vision: Develop for More DevicesThe stated vision of Open Screen is deliver a platform that makes it easier for developers to make software that’ll work on all sorts of devices (”screens”...(truncated)...

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Tibco backing Microsoft Silverlight | InfoWorld | News | 2008-04-30 | By Paul Krill(tags: tibco ria riaweekly silverlight enterprise)SpringSource launches Java application server - Network World(tags: spring springsource java jee redmonkpressquotes)Curl Developer Community: Developer Community Blog: Announcing Curl Nitro!“The days when Curl is a wallflower in the market are over. We are going to get out there and help people understand why so many enterprise developers love Curl.”(ta...(truncated)...

RedMonk Radio #45: Really Simple Integration with SnapLogic from

(Indexed 2008-04-30):

In this episode of RedMonk Radio, Stephen O’Grady and I talk with SnapLogic’s Chris Marino and John Bennett.Really Simple IntegrationWe start out with an overview of what SnapLogic is and does. As Chris says, “SnapLogic is an open source data integration framework that allows people to very quickly build data integrations that replaces the hand-coded, point to point integrations they’re using today.” The idea that SnapLogic bills itself under is “Really Simple...(truncated)...

Conferences Need Lots of Lounge Space from

(Indexed 2008-04-28):

[Image]I want to also take a second to thank the folks from Blogtropolus for putting on such a great blogger lounge, which rocked in comparison to the conference media center. They were great hosts and offered a robust wireless network as well as a lively lounge for the couple of days I was at the event. I actually met more people I wanted to see in that lounge than anywhere else at the conference. –Jeff Nolan on Web 2.0 Expo 2008I was talking with a client last week about one of their upc...(truncated)...

RIA Weekly #014 - Google Gears, Web 2.0 Expo, RIA Back-ends, Curl from

(Indexed 2008-04-28):

Download the episode directly or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher.Cot and Ryan start off with some bumpy introductions and then Dion Almaer, our special guest for the week, introduces himself. Dion and Ryan were at Web 2.0 Expo and gave a combined talk about Google Gears and Adobe AIR (slides).The conversation starts with Web 2.0 Expo. Dion says that the highlight of the event was Fake Steve Jobs. Dion notes that there haven’t been any really standout applications and Ry...(truncated)...

Off to Microsoft Management Summit 2008 from

(Indexed 2008-04-27):

[Image]I’m off to MMS 2008 later tonight.I’ll be there for the first part of this week. I’ve enjoyed following Microsoft’s IT Management strategy over the years, and even more closely since being at RedMonk. Why? As Microsoft is wont to do, they tend to start from scratch when getting into a vertical - here, IT Management, obviously. This makes for unique, and therefor interesting for an observer like myself, approaches.I mean, don’t get me wrong, Microsoft’s ...(truncated)...

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Twitter’s initial list of friendsOn the sort order of your friends/people you’re following in Twitter.(tags: twitter socialnetworks)On The Media: Transcript of “Dialing for Dollars” (April 25, 2008)This piece is fascinating. People using cellphones as their first phone, airtime as minutes. Check out her commentary on how (sort of) p2p networks of cellphone stuff leap-frogs the need for traditional infrastructure for commerce and communication.(tags: onthemedia africa 3rdw...(truncated)...

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SugarCRM, NetSuite Get Boost From BT Deal(tags: sugarcrm crm opensurce bt redmonkpressquotes)Open Sources | Rodrigues & Urlocker | InfoWorld | RedMonk’s unconference at Java One | April 21, 2008 07:12 AM | Zack Urlocker(tags: redmonkone redmonkreferences unconference)Tweeting for Companies 101 | ::HorsePigCow:: marketing uncommonReference “book” on using Twitter to for marketing/PR.(tags: via:sogray twitter pr marketing)The Open Source Census Reports: Summary and Participant De...(truncated)...

Going Open Source Series & Working With Open Source Companies - 3 RedMonk White Papers from

(Indexed 2008-04-24):

Just a few days over a year ago, we wrote two papers at the request of one of our clients that was thinking through open sourcing part of their portfolio. The two papers in the Going Open Source series are intended to help out companies thinking of getting more involved in open source, indeed, going open source.We’ve kept those papers on our hard-drives primarily because, well, we just haven’t had the time to clean them up and publish them. We’ve finally found the time to put t...(truncated)...

SnapLogic 2.0 and Really Simple Integration from

(Indexed 2008-04-23):

Today, RedMonk client SnapLogic released the 2.0 version of their product. Their whole deal is layering easy to use interfaces on-top of data silos. Essentially, making public web-like interfaces (REST and friends) and APIs for “enterprise” data sources. As SnapLogic put it last week when I talked with them, it’s for “everything that might hang off an ESB.” They’re not limited to such data sources of course - any data silo will do - but that’s the area w...(truncated)...

GroundWork Open Source Monitor 5.2 Screencast & Demo from

(Indexed 2008-04-23):

Last week I talked with GroundWork’s Richard Trezza and David Dennis about the newly released GroundWork Open Source Monitor 5.2. As you’ll recall, I talked with David a little while ago in video form about 5.2 and GroundWork in general.This time, we have a three part screencast of 5.2 itself, which is great because you can actually see Monitor in action. Hopefully, we can get more of these screencasts for the other products we spend a lot of time talking about here.Below are the th...(truncated)...

Market Context for Silverlight - A Brief Q&A from

(Indexed 2008-04-22):

A little while ago, a reporter asked me several questions about Silverlight. Rather than lock-up that Q&A in my email archives, I’ve spliced it in below with some minor edits. Also, for more Silverlight/Microsoft analysis, check out RIA Weekly #11 with WaveMaker’s Chris Keene. Chris had a lot to say on the topic, which prompted more commentary from Ryan and I.Q: What is your overall feeling about Silverlight at this time?A: At the moment, Silverlight feels like it’s going to be...(truncated)...

Zenoss Opens Austin Office from

(Indexed 2008-04-21):

[Image]As Zenoss announced today, they’ve opened up an Austin in office, primarily as a development campus.Back during barcampESM I had the chance to talk with Bill, Erik, and Mark from Zenoss, doing a little off to the side of the room future-talk with them. Among other things, I was trying to get them to open an Austin office. There’s plenty of IT management (and IdM) people running around down here spawning all sorts of folks like FiveRuns, Spiceworks, NetQoS, the BMC campus, Sola...(truncated)...

Portable USB Headset - Plantronics Audio 470 from

(Indexed 2008-04-19):

Someone asked recently for a quick rundown of the new headset I’ve been using, the Plantronics Audio 470, a foldable USB headset:[Image]In reality, it’s not a full USB headset: instead, it ships with a little USB dongle that does you hook the headphone and mic plugs into. I actually like this setup a lot since it means I can use the headset with normal, analog jacks, or as a USB connection. Unlike my older, larger Plantronics headset, the USB dongle is quite small and manageable.The ...(truncated)...

Register Now for RedMonks Free Conference at JavaOne CommunityDay from

(Indexed 2008-04-18):

[Image]As you may recall, Sun has been kind enough to once again ask us to run a track in their CommunityDay unconference, which happens May 5th, the Monday before JavaOne proper starts. If you’d like to attend, please go register now, indicating your interest in the RedMonk and any other tracks (click the “Register Now” button or try this direct link).Last year we had a great mix of open source, dynamic languages, development in general, Java, and all of the usual things you&#...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #10 - Tivoli and the Little 3 from

(Indexed 2008-04-17):

[Image]Download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the feed to have it automatically downloaded to iTunes or other podcatcher.After a lengthy pause, John and I are back with an episode primarily filled with Tivoli and enterprise IT Management talk. As we say at the end, we’ve chunked off clout talk to a soon to be released new podcast series - watch for it!I start off by asking John to explain the training arrangement he has with Tivoli, and then we discuss why Tivoli needs lengthy...(truncated)...

RIA Weekly #013 - JavaFX with Joshua Marinacci, Widgets, Curl, DRM, and the Adobe Media Player from

(Indexed 2008-04-17):

Download the episode here, or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to have it automatically downloaded for you.Cot starts off with the introductions. Ryan is in Ireland and we have our special guest, Joshua Marinacci, who works on JavaFX for Sun. Josh works on the new designer tool which includes actual drawing and animation tools. He tells us that he’s been heads down on Java One stuff. Cot mentions the Swing book that Joshua wrote and ended up getting him the job with Sun....(truncated)...

Outsourcing and Tivoli - File Under Tea Leaves from

(Indexed 2008-04-16):

[Image]IBM sent me a packet in the mail for Pulse the other day. Pulse is Tivoli’s new brand-conference (a sibling to Impact, RSDC, Lotusphere, and others), building on Maximoworld. It’ll be all IT Management, all the time, which, as you can imagine, is like a pig in slop for me.What struck me with the above is that every major Indian outsourcer is a platinum sponsor. I actually don’t know the demographic of Tivoli users, but after seeing this you can bet I’m hot to find ...(truncated)...

Getting Love (and Attention) for Your Whizbang 2.0 Application - Fast, Frequent Features from

(Indexed 2008-04-16):

Last month, Adobe evangelist Ryan Stewart asked why Adobe Share doesn’t get as much attention as other document sharing services. Without picking on all the gory details of Share itself, the main way I see Whizbang 2.0 services getting attention is by frequently integrating with out Whizbang 2.0 services. By integration I mean simply the simplest, easiest thing you can think of (or complex if you want, but the bar is low), and by frequently, I mean monthly, if not 2 or 3 times a month.Any...(truncated)...

IT Censuses - An Enterprise 2.0 Idea from

(Indexed 2008-04-16):

While collaborative, UI-driven Web 2.0 technologies get most of the attention in the “Enterprise 2.0″ discussion, there’s plenty of (seemingly “boring”) value in enterprises simply sharing their meta-data with each other across their firewalls. In the simplest case, sharing raw numbers to establish industry benchmarks. To pick one example, take software usage. How many people are using IBM’s ESB or MuleSource’s ESB? What ways are they using them? Did the...(truncated)...

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ProSyst - OSGi device and back end software platformsCisco using ProSyst’s OSGi stack.(tags: cisco prosyst osgi networkmanagement)IT analysts produce crap - what to look for in analyst “research” | The IT Skeptic…in the continuing vain of “people don’t like analysts.”(tags: itskeptic analysts)Andi on Web & IT: Java is losing the battle for the modern Web. Can the JVM save the vendors?“It has taken over 10 years for the Java stronghold to admit Java...(truncated)...

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Comcast, Twitter And The Chicken (trust me, I have a point)(tags: twitter via:jdilwort comcast pr marketing)Is Cloud computing too good to be true for enterprises?So long as everyone is worried about cloud/SaaS being OK to use, those mavericks that do use can achieve differentiation, assuming they don’t get burned. Look for ladder-hungry CIOs to start appearing on magazine covers: “the cloud saved me $10M/qtr.”(tags: via:twitter cloud cloudtalk saas enterprisesoftware)Good Old ...(truncated)...

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Virtualization tames the storage beast for a veterinary school - Network World“Then she learned of Storage Virtualization Manager (SVM), a virtualization appliance from StoreAge Networking Technologies, now owned by LSI.”(tags: storage virtualization lsi cases)Introduction to Storage Virtualization - Book ExcerptThe end result of “the various whats, wheres, and hows is that storage virtualization provides the means to build higher-level storage services that mask the complexity...(truncated)...

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cote’s Profile GitHubEveryone says this will blow my mind. I’m ready for blowing.(tags: github profiles to_checkout via:KirinDave git vcs versioncontrol)Facebook | IBM TwitteratiList of IBMers in Twitter.(tags: via:twitter via:CiscoGambo ibm socialnetworks twitter)Top analyst micro-bloggers (twitterers) coming soon Technobabble 2.0(tags: ranking analysts twitter redmonk)Home - Twitter@Sun - wikis.sun.comThis is awesome: a directory of Sun people in Twitter. Now if there was just a ...(truncated)...

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IBM launches enterprise mashup portfolio | Between the Lines | sMash WebSphere ibm mashups situationalapps)IBM’s project Phantom to lock down virtual machinesSecuring hypervisors.(tags: ibm virtualization phantom questions:pulse tivoli security)Early experiments in cloud computing(tags: cloud cloudtalk ec2 amazon nytimes cases saas)Desktop virtualization field welcomes two new players(tags: virtualization desktopvirtualization mokafive stoneware thin usb)Cloud computing, We...(truncated)...

Open Source and IBMs SOA-think - IBM Impact Day Two from

(Indexed 2008-04-08):

As I noted yesterday, the topic of open source hasn’t gotten much shine at the analyst event here at IBM Impact, the big WebSphere/SOA pow-wow going on right now in Las Vegas. Little wonder, more or less, as the discussion has really been more about the idea of SOA as a whole lot more than some boxes and diagrams: it’s a whole lotta business/IT alignment. What’s open source got to do with that, eh? Eh?During an early morning session with Tom Rosamilia, GM of WebSphere, one of m...(truncated)...

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JavaFX preview coming in May with a 1.0 release shortly thereafter | The Universal Desktop |“Sun sees JavaFX as a way to create interactive content with one language across devices and desktops.” All the RIA people are nuts for this multi-platform deployment dealy. I’m still mildly skeptical that it matters or, worse, can happen.(tags: ria javafx deployment riaweekly mobile desktop)Twitter / Jordan Friedman“Going to the Coen’s today to fix their Mac. Tryin...(truncated)...

Hows your T-Zone? - IBM Impact from

(Indexed 2008-04-07):

[IBM’s SOA is] not [just] going back to the old, it’s taking what we learned in the old and taking it back to the new. –Robert LeBlancThis afternoon, IBM (of course) re-enforced and nuanced out it’s message about SOA’ness from this morning: SOA is the technology to build out what business’s want and IBM is the most mature, thus, best choice for your SOA-buddy. This question is critical to IBM because it want so to sell to The Business, not The Tech People. Sim...(truncated)...

The Idea of SOA - IBM Impact Day One from

(Indexed 2008-04-07):

[Image]IBM wants its SOA to be about two things: scaling and using technology to make the company money.What is SOA?Drew Cary is MC’ing the event. Looking up at the mega-screen after several muy caro jokes, he said:I don’t even know what we’re sellin’. They’ve explained it to me 10 times, but I still don’t know. Yeah…’Smart SOA.’ Not that stupid SOA our competitors are selling.That about sums up the The Emperor’s New Clothes side of the...(truncated)...

Theres a Skillet in my Room - IBM Impact Day One from

(Indexed 2008-04-07):

[Image]IBM’s annual middleware/SOA conference, Impact. I wasn’t in attendance last year, but James managed to capture several episodes for RedMonkTV.Last year, IBM was throwing around the figure of 53, as in owning 53% of the SOA market, according to a Wintergreen report. As James said then:Its been a long time since IBM was so dominant in a market. According to Wintergreen Research IBM has an eye-popping 53% of the SOA tools market. I dont know about Wintergreens methodology or what...(truncated)...

Theres a Rip in My Pants from

(Indexed 2008-04-06):

While on the way to Las Vegas for some bid’ness, I thought I’d wear my suit. No real reason: it was just fun. Tragically, as often happens, my pants got caught up on a loose edge, this time a seat recliner:[Image]And then look what happened:[Image]I’ve actually done this to several pairs of pants, on planes and no.Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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Straight from AT&T Mobility CEO’s Mouth: 3G iPhone Coming in “Months”“Cue fanboy 3G fever!” Maybe it’ll be in time for July when I finally buy an iPhone?(tags: iphone apple rumors at&t 3g)Analyst of the year - submit your answers today The IIAR BlogVote for who you think is analyst or analyst firm of the year.(tags: voting analysts ar)Twitter / mray: Today is my first day on th…“Today is my first day on the job for Zenoss.”(tags: zenoss mray...(truncated)...

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IONA Open Source: Disbanded After Acquisition?On rumors of SoftwareAG buying Iona, the author speculates on the shine of open source in business models.(tags: iona rumors SoftwareAG opensource)Apotheker named co-CEO of SAP(tags: execs sap redmonkclients)IT heresy revisited: Let users manage their own PCs(tags: it rougeit usercentric)ITIL, automation provide recipe for datacenter managementProcess is the only way to manage the chaos and complexity of modern data-centers.(tags: itmanagement itmana...(truncated)...

MuleCon Wrap-up: Rouge IT, Open Source in the Water, Support Response Time, and Reputation from

(Indexed 2008-04-02):

MuleCon is now officially over and my luggage is a few items of schwag heavier. Namely, these little gems of schwagage:[Image]Note the attention to humor-detail what with the hay. I think the Blogger gloves from SXSWi still rank as #1 schwag, but these cuff-links have a certain category of their own.But, sadly, my work-life hasn’t turned into one of simply showing up at conferences and collecting schwag. It’s still the “slowly but efficiently” blimp-days for me.Panels - E...(truncated)...

SOA Camp - Next week in Las Vegas from

(Indexed 2008-04-02):

[Image]Next week, James, I, and many other folks will be at SOA Camp during the tail end of IBM’s IMPACT conference.The camp is being done by Mass Event Labs (David Berlind and friends), so it should be the usual unconference, camp experience. As such, there’s no nailed down agenda to point other than a skeleton schedule to add meat to. We’ll be decided that in the morning, pulling ideas and talks from the attendees-cum-presentors.It looks like the RSVPs have been filled up, so...(truncated)...

Jazz Update from EclipseCon with Erich Gamma from

(Indexed 2008-03-31):

Once again, I had the pleasure of talking with Erich Gamma, currently lead of the IBM Rational Jazz project. We catch up on the recent developments in the Jazz world, discuss managing large, geo-distributed teams, and then talk about the upcoming release of Rational Team Concert, based on Jazz.We start out discussing the different parts of Jazz as I observe that I tend to think of Jazz as one unit when, in fact, there are several sub-systems that would seem to be emerging as Rational products. I...(truncated)...

New Sun Identity Buzz Episode: Passport-gate, ESSO vs. SSO, M&A in IdM, and SXSW from

(Indexed 2008-03-27):

[Image]Earlier this week I once again recorded an Identity Buzz episode with Sun’s Brandon Whichard. You can download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the podcast feed to have episodes automatically downloaded, and official show-notes here.Bouncing off noting IBM’s acquisition of Encentuate, I ask Brandon to explain the difference between Enterprise SSO and SSO. As with most things prefixed with “Enterprise,” the use of the E-word doesn’t really explain wh...(truncated)...

GroundWork 5.2 Interview with David Dennis from

(Indexed 2008-03-25):

RedMonk client GroundWork Open Source released version 5.2 of their GroundWork Monitor product line today. See the press release and Paula Rooney’s note here.Last week, they sponsored a RedMonk video interview with David Dennis on the topic of IT Management in general and, of course, GroundWork specifically. I split the video into two parts, the general, market-level overview and then the specific 5.2 features:Part 1In the first part, I talk with David Dennis, Senior Director of Product Ma...(truncated)...

SXSWi 2008 Conference Evaluation from

(Indexed 2008-03-25):

[Image]Overall, I had a most excellent time at SXSWi this year. As I noted elsewhere, I didn’t actually end up going to any sessions, but I got plenty of work down hanging out and talking with people in hallways, bars, at day, and night. If you have some glamorous, nerd-fun vision of what I do, SXSWi was one of those rare times where I was actually living up to that total fantasy vision of what us RedMonk people do for work ;>I just filled out a quick evaluation for SXSWi this year. I hate...(truncated)...

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Eclipse learns how to let go(tags: eclipse eclipsecon osgi java opensource msft)The Obama breach: What exactly is a passport record - Network World(tags: identitybuzz security politics obama usa)Storage revolution shuffling IT jobsIndeed, the needs for more storage are never ending. All you open source IT Management people out there outta take notice: Big 4 people silo out storage management, so differentiate by NOT doing that.(tags: storage san itmanagement redmonkadvice itmanagementguys)HP add...(truncated)...

Is Enterprise Search an Application or a Feature? from

(Indexed 2008-03-24):

[Image]After speaking with Brainware this morning, I’ve been left with the question “is enterprise search an application in itself, or just middleware (or a feature) for other applications?”Remember Enterprise Search?About a year ago, every major software company (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, etc., not to mention all the medium and small ISVs) came out with an enterprise search product. Essentially, the product replicated Google behind the firewall, giving you a search box that...(truncated)...

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Sun Launches Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software 2.0Desktop virtualization management from Sun.(tags: desktopvirtualization desktop sun xVM sunw itmanagement)Sun SVP Speak on Sun-Microsoft Interoperability CenterIt’s all about email, baby.(tags: sun interop partnerships sunw msft labs email storage)Replicate TechnologiesWhere Oren Teich now works: “Replicate Technologies Inc. (RT) is a provider of configuration, connectivity and security management technologies. RTs offerings ar...(truncated)...

Sun Identity Management Buzz Podcast - Vaau, Roles, Ping/Sun Video Spat, and MySQL from

(Indexed 2008-03-23):

Several weeks ago, I was once again the co-host on Sun’s Identity Buzz with Brandon Whichard.As Sun’s acquisition of Vaau had recently closed, we talked about that, the general topic of role mining, then moved on to the Ping/Sun video show-down. Also, of course, we talked about the Sun purchase of MySQL.You can download the episode here, or subscribe to the IdM Podcast to have it automatically downloaded.Disclaimer: Sun is a client and is paying for my participation in IdM Buzz.Techn...(truncated)...

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Eclipse planning an upgrade - on e4(tags: e4 eclipse eclipsecon ide redmonkclients opensource)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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Supernova - Port 25: The Open Source Community at Microsoft(tags: eclipsecon conferences higgins interop opensource msft eclipse swt wpf)/dev/random Blog Archive Weathermap Integration Into Groundwork Open SourceSomeone likes GroundWork.(tags: groundwork itmanagement opensource redmonkclients)TechWeb :: Interop(R) Las Vegas 2008 Announces Energy CampJames to be doing a green conference/camp with CMP/David Berlind.(tags: energycampe greenmonk redmonk conferences cmp)Share This[Image] [Image] [I...(truncated)...

Analyst Relations Using Twitter from

(Indexed 2008-03-19):

Carter Lusher, who’s turned into quite the “AR 2.0″ sort, sent out an email asking what us Twittering analysts would want to see from analyst relations folks in Twitter, following up on a recent post.Here’s what I wrote back (with some slight tweaks):Another Way to be FriendlyI’d expect individual to sign up and just be “normal” with Twitter. Usually, I’d actually just like to get to know someone personally through things like Twitter in the same w...(truncated)...

Microsoft working with Eclipse - EclipseCon 2008 from

(Indexed 2008-03-19):

This morning I was in the Sam Ramji keynote at EclipseCon, crammed in the front row in an equally crammed ball room. As the keynote was starting, I noticed that Sam’s had already put up a post describing the announcements, which was great. I always love seeing blogs used in addition to (or instead of in the best case) press releases.Helping out with Identity Management in Higgins and SWT on WindowsIn summary, the announcements are that Microsoft will continue to help the Eclipse Higgins pr...(truncated)...

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the chavs guide to sxsw“‘Cheers, mate!’ is not an acceptable tip in Texas.”(tags: sxsw via:email via:rita conferences bars)[] RE: [] Ec“At the risk of starting a fight, is anyone else bothered by the fact that this initial committer list is composed almost exclusively of IBM engineers?”(tags: via:email eclipse community ibm scandal redmonkclients)Eclipse launches super run-time project as alternative t...(truncated)...

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H1-B Visas: The Biggest UsersHmm, what does this mean?(tags: via:twitter via:@midtownninja h1-b work it usa)Incredible “Big Dog” robot from Boston Dynamics - (37signals)Whao.(tags: robots via:mray videos)China now #1 in executions, population… and web surfing!China thought to have 225 to 228 million “web surfers.”(tags: china web globo numbers)The night the IETF turned off IPv4IETF tests out using only IPv6 at a recent meeting. Seems to have gone marginally OK, but ...(truncated)...

On The Registers Open Season, #13 from

(Indexed 2008-03-17):

[Image]Last week, I was all giddy to be a guest on one of my favorite podcasts (indeed, the one I look forward to each week at the moment), Open Season. Check out the write-up or download the MP3 directly, or even and OGG file!Here’s Ashlee’s description:…our assessment of Microsoft’s interoperability pact, BusinessWeek reporter Sarah Lacy’s interview with Facebook’s Mark Zombieberg, disappearing appointments in Zimbra, the evolution of Firefox, Matt Asay̵...(truncated)...

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Cote having a good time on Flickr - Photo Sharing!Beards!(tags: beards cote pictures fiveruns)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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BarCampAustin Karaoke Apocalypse Unicorn! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!I think - sort of ironically enough, it being from BarCampAustin3 - this is the picture you’d use on a slide called “What is SXSW?”(tags: barcampaustin3 pictures clipart sxsw)Six-Word Reviews of 763 SXSW MP3s by Paul Ford - The Morning NewsAs it says. Should be useful, too bad it don’t cross link to “add to my calendar.”(tags: via:twitter via:ftrain sxsw music reviews).Audio 400 DSP Foldable P...(truncated)...

RIA Weekly #10 - SXSW Wrap-up, Knocking Out Googles Lights, Micro-ISVs from

(Indexed 2008-03-12):

At the tail-end of SXSWi in Austin, Ryan Stewart and I wrap-up what we've seen and done at SXSW, more or less relevant to RIA land. As we note, the main thing at SXSW is hanging out with people during the day and late into the night. Indeed, I didn't even manage to go to any sessions.We also talk about the theory that Microsoft could use Silverlight to make parts of the web "go dark" for Google (thus, harming Google's revenues). We then get into a discussion of people making money selling RIA ap...(truncated)...

Improving Agile Development Teams with 6th Sense Analytics and Atlassian JIRA from

(Indexed 2008-03-11):

In this screencast, I talk with 6th Sense Analytics’s Jared Richardson about the 6th Sense product for collecting and learning from development team metrics. He walks us through different scenerios for tracking down how time is actually spent in development and talks us through how that knowledge can be used to create a better and more productive development experience. He also shows us how 6th Sense integrates with Atlassian’s JIRA to stream line this process and help everyone estab...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #009 - Zenoss with Mark Hinkle, OpenNMS & Cittio from

(Indexed 2008-03-09):

[Image]Download the episode directly, or subscribe to the podcast feed.While at BarCampAustin3, John Willis and I talk with Mark Hinkle, of Zenoss. Mark being the guest, we spend most of the time talking about Zenoss and the roll of open source in IT Management. We also discuss the marketing benefits of Zenoss had at barcampESM.We then touch briefing on the OpenNMS/Cittio hoopla.Disclaimer: Zenoss is a client. See the RedMonk client list for other clients mentioned.Technorati Tags: cittio, openn...(truncated)...

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Sun: We’ll put Java on the iPhone(tags: sunw iphone java javame mobile)Apple releases iPhone SDK, announces push e-mail, Exchange support(tags: apple iphone iphonesdk mobile ria riaweekly)Casino insider [Jeff Jonas] tells (almost) all about security - Network WorldThats the way they catch the bad guys, Jonas said. Theyre generally idiots.(tags: vegas gambling tricks crime ibm)Ballmer, Kawasaki go barb-for-barb on MacBook Air - Network World“Ballmer said Microsoft developed Silverligh...(truncated)...

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Microsoft launches its alternative to Amazons SimpleDB | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.comIs this project Astoria, or has Microsoft come up with another database in the cloud thing?(tags: via:sogrady cloudtalk database cloud saas hosted msft sqlserver)chinposin - a place for authority. take it on the chin(tags: via:twitter chinposin mashup)ReadyTalk - The Web Seminar Experts.(tags: conferencecall services conferenceservices to_checkout)Free Conference Call, Phone Conferencing, Teleconferences - Fr...(truncated)...

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Is Cittio ripping off the OpenNMS community? | The Open Road - The Business and Politics of Open Source by Matt Asay - CNET Blogs(tags: cittion opennms via:tarus via:email scandal itmanagement itmanagementguys)Hyperic and OpenNMS Partner to Provide Integrated Products and Services(tags: hyperic opennms partners opensource itmanagement itmanagementguys)iPhone SDK exceeds developer expectations(tags: iphone sdk apple mobile cocoa rim email exchange msft)Microsoft cited for open efforts, eyes Eclip...(truncated)...

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Apple stabs Adobe in the back Scobleizer Tech geek blogger(tags: via:twitter via:scoble adobe flash iphone riaweely ria silverlight)What ever happened to network management?Nice, concise rundown of what people are up to now, with laundry list of companies.(tags: ema networkmanagement itmanagement itmanagementguys)What Ever Happened to Network Management?Tarus responds…(tags: networkmanagement via:emal via:tarus itmanagement opensource itmanagementguys)Microsoft Mix Keynote One, Live From...(truncated)...

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Maison Fleury: The Power of PR, is JBoss/Red Hat a failure?(tags: via:twitter via:botchagalupe springsource jboss redhat oracle m&a covalent)The BackchannelNice sum-up of using a backchannel at conferences. I’m all for it.(tags: backchannel conferences irc twitter)Issues w/Sync from GCal to iCal - Spanning Sync | Google Groups(tags: spanningsync ical bugs calendaring leopard)IT Management Guys Podcast | John M Willis ESM BlogAs you can see, John figures we’re like Abbott and Costello...(truncated)...

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ongoing Sssssssssssssssssssssssun“[A]s of this morning, noted Pythonista Ted Leung and Jython lead Frank Wierzbicki are joining Sun.”(tags: via:twitter python sunw readmonkclients via:tbray)Nexaweb offers way to move apps from desktop to Web | InfoWorld | News | 2008-03-03 | By Paul Krill(tags: web 3gl 4gl nexaweb webfacing)Scripting language set for semantic Web | InfoWorld | News | 2008-03-03 | By Paul KrillI don’t know what this is, but it uses Flex and Java.(tags: TopQuadr...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #008 - Wikinomics, Low Barriers to Entry, Enterprise Innovation from

(Indexed 2008-03-03):

Download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the feed for auto-magic downloads in iTunes or other podcatcher.As ever, I plan on getting around to a more detailed description soon.This week, we had to do a quick recording while I was leaving the Austin airport.Getting a little out of the realm of IT Management, but still touching base as needed, John tells us about a visit to the Technology of Georgia Tech Summit, namely, about wikinomics.In doing so, we get to an interesting discusion of ...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-02-28):

Twitter / Shawn Ferry: data security 101“Very brief summary of customer data security/management: If you put customer data on a tape. Don’t leave it in your car”…that’ll be $5,000.(tags: data security identity tapes)Sun Microsystems and VMware Announce OEM Agreement to Add VMware Virtualization to Sun x64 Server and Storage Portfolio - VMwareWhao.(tags: sunw virtualization x64 vmware pr oem)believe on Flickr - Photo Sharing!(tags: via:twitter via:dalmaer fpm religio...(truncated)...

Sun Identity Buzz Episode on RBAC from

(Indexed 2008-02-27):

A little while ago, Brandon and I had special guest Rick Siebenaler of Deloitte on the Identity Buzz podcast, which I’ve been co-hosting on of late. We spent most of the time discussing how role based identity management is used for compliance and governance. That is, we discussed the role of roles (HELLO!) in corporate governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).You can download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the Sun Identity Management feed in iTunes or other podcatcher.Disclaimer...(truncated)...

Video and Audio Services at RedMonk from

(Indexed 2008-02-27):

Today, once again, I got caught not having a ready write-up of the video and audio services we increasingly do for clients here at RedMonk. While this isn’t an official write-up, I thought I’d at least take a crack at it so I don’t have to re-write That Email for the 50th time.In summary, we produce sponsored audio podcasts, do moderated screencasts, and produce sponsored videos. Much like our white-paper reselling, the sponsorship here essentially means the right to re-use the...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-02-27):

Desperately trying to be interested in Adobe | Negative Approach - CNET Blogs+1 on the baked goods.(tags: mulesource adobe ria flex air redmonkclients)Andi Gutmans’ Weblog: The RIA Battle Heats UpAndi Gutmans on Adobe Engage 2008.(tags: conferences Engage2008 zend redmonkclients ria air riaweekly)Cote’ - FriendFeedGolly. River of Souls?(tags: aggregator via:botchagalupe rss cote)dev2ops: delivering application change: CIM, APML, SML, CML, SDM, MOF, CMDBF, WTF??… Users aren̵...(truncated)...

End of day at Adobe Engage - More Demos, Open Source from

(Indexed 2008-02-25):

Things are winding down here with a Q&A of Kevin Lynch. Clearly, he’s someone who knows his, well, “stuff” as we’d say in front kids. As he gets asked questions, you can see that sort of look-up humming in his eyes and then that “ah, yes, there are several aspects to that…” where he reels off the list.More DemosThe afternoon was full of demos, and I’m sure I’ll do some more “analysis” later. There was plenty of video stuff which, ...(truncated)...

Its time for organizations and companies to aggregate Twitter from

(Indexed 2008-02-25):

At some point in the past few years, organizations and companies started aggregating all of their employees blogs and sometimes related blogs. People need to start doing this for Twitter. Clearly, this is just an application of the pulse of open source template.This has the great aggregating effect of aggregating together a stock archive of the conversation about the organization - for general attention-ganking, PR, research, and navel-gazing purposes - but also making it easier for people to st...(truncated)...

Should I worry that has no obvious revenue model? from

(Indexed 2008-02-24):

[Image]I was looking at TweetScan for my Twitter account this morning, thinking, “man, them Twitter guys sure have built up a great little ecosystem for 3rd party developers. Little wonder, it’s all free and totally open.”Which got me to think, “sure, but that VC money ain’t gonna last forever, and simply hitting up MTV and the Grammy’s from time to time surely isn’t going to support the payroll, or the cash-out ambitions they got going on.”I like ...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #007 - The Tivoli Framework and Shooting Down Satellites from

(Indexed 2008-02-22):

Download the episode directly, or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or other podcatcher.As with last week’s episode, I’l write a very brief summary for now and insert in a longer write-up later.This week John and I start by talking about having the flu - I know, exciting. We very quickly move onto this episodes John’s Tales from IT Management Past with an overview of the Tivoli Framework. I start by asking John what the deal is with people having that “ask me to tell you wh...(truncated)...

Got Some Dopplr Stickers from

(Indexed 2008-02-22):

[Image]As the above peacock’s tail shows, I finally got my hands on some Dopplr stickers. Thanks!They wisely sent me about 5 or 6 of them. Why wise? Well, as you know, I send out RedMonk stickers and shirts now-and-then (there’s a big batch in the works for IT Management Podcast listeners and RedMonk Twitter fans). Usually, I psuedo-randomly slip in other stickers into those shipments as well. For example, I got a crap-pile of In-n-Out stickers from both the company and Kurt Brockett...(truncated)...

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NetQoS Has Strongest Quarter and Year to Date: Industry First Innovations, Revenue Growth, Successful EMEA Expansion and Partner Integration Set the Standard for Network Performance Management IndustryA detailed “what I good boy and I” press release about NetQoS’s 2007 accomplishments.(tags: netqos austin networkmanagement itmanagement pr)Poor IT security to blame in Socit Gnrale fraudThousands of PowerPoint decks for GRC and other enterprise software sales folk are being updat...(truncated)...

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AlterPoint launches ZipForge, a repository for open source network configuration platform(tags: redmonkpressquotes alterpoint zipforge opensource networkingmanagement)Bungee Labs opens developer platform-as-a-serviceBungee has some interesting programming for the cloud stuff going on. I sprinkle some cold water on it at the end - it is just a beta! - but overall, check it out.(tags: redmonkpressquotes bungee mashup rad cloud platform itmanagementguys riaweekly DanFarber)Curses! Why the heck is e...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-02-19):

DVD Format Wars Over? Reuters Writes Obituary, Says Toshiba Is Ending HD-DVD Production(tags: dvd movies bluray hddvd videos sony toshiba formats)Top 100 analyst blogs(tags: analysts via:twitter numbers ranking blogs)EastSouthWestNorth: Sexy Photos GateWhao, there’s some celebrity news tracking for ya.(tags: celeberties asia EdisonChen scandal)Bungee Labs - Next Generation Web Development Platform - ReadWriteWeb(tags: bungeelabs riaweekly mashup web2.0)Announcing Bungee Connect - Alex Barn...(truncated)...

RIA Weekly #007: Ajax with Jazz, Web-native Interfaces, Power Users in RIA, Blu-ray, iPhone Rumors from

(Indexed 2008-02-18):

Download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the feed to have episodes auto-magically downloaded in iTunes or other podcasther.Ryan was kind enough to edit this episode write up these notes - yuh! - so the “I” refers to him ;>Cot and I introduce ourselves and BillHiggins, a front end developer for Jazz. Bill starts by explaining whatJazz is and says it started a couple ofyears ago with the goal being to create a collaborative developmentplatform. Since the idea is focused arou...(truncated)...

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President Clinton makes campaign stop in Austin; Obama, Clinton open Texas offices(tags: austin elections clinton politics)Sun Partner implements Pervasive Policy ParadigmLacing identity into network access?(tags: sunw idm networking pervasive partnerships identitybuzz identity)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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eVapt Demo(tags: evapt saas cloud billing itmanagement itmanagementguys)The Gallery of Old Iron — System 360, System 370, old Mainframes(tags: mainframes ibm pictures via:JamesGovernor)Austin Among Top Ten Greenest Cities(tags: austin green energy)ACLU, Free Market Foundation Want In On Speaker RaceMore coverage of Kim’s work.(tags: aclu texas politics)The world must adapt to diasporasIn a more globalized world, does the phrase “diaspora” even make sense?(tags: globo immi...(truncated)...

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pictures of card catalogsThese things always smell great.(tags: cardcatalogs library pictures cc)OSGi from Here to There, Part II“OSGi now managed all of the issues we were trying to solve with classloaders.”(tags: OSGi classloaders java programming equinix)OSGi from Here to ThereA summary of love for OSGi.(tags: osgi equinox programming java eclipse)Red Hat’s JBoss dons BlackTie to target BEA Tuxedo(tags: redhat jboss middleware transactions BlackTie tuxedo bea oracle)Advertis...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #006 - Oracle IT Management; SML, CML, & Friends; Fog vs. Clouds; SLAs; The Hollywood Model Applied to Ops from

(Indexed 2008-02-15):

Download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the feed for auto-magic downloads in iTunes or other podcatcher.In this episode, we have special guest William Vambenepe, IT Management blogger and “architect in the application and middleware management part of Oracle’s Enterprise Manager division” as he puts it.I’m going to try a new tact here for timelessness and write-up the lengthy description later in favor of posting the actual audio quickly. I figure this will be...(truncated)...

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Can Sun turn downloads into dollars?For Sun, it’s all about creating their own market. Hopefully, the overall expense is less than their total revenue.(tags: sunw opensource pinkdots solaris redmonkclients downloads)Novell acquires open source collaboration vendor(tags: novell cms opensource SiteScape collab m&a)Red Hat sets JBoss assault on middleware marketRedHat/JBoss starts having Suite Dreams.(tags: redhat jboss middleware stacks suitedreams opensource)Price, not format war fears, hol...(truncated)...

Open Source Podcast Project 001 - VirtualBox and other Sun Open Source News, Dual-license models, the Fedora model, monetizing volume from

(Indexed 2008-02-14):

Download the episode directly, or subscribe to the podcast feed for auto-magic downloading in iTunes or other podcatcher. Also, I realize - but have yet to do anything about - that for this podcast, out of all of them, I should probably have an OGG version and feed.Stephen O’Grady and I finally embrace out podcasting destiny: to start a (more or less) weekly podcast on the topic of open source. While I note it’s Valentine’s day, Steve notes the much important occurrence that th...(truncated)...

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Tools vendors stuck on UML and agility | Reg DeveloperIn a battle between mouse and keyboard, keyboard wins!(tags: uml ide tools developers agile)HP lands $675M outsourcing contract from Unilever(tags: hp unilever outsourcing)What SimpleDB Could Do For Your RIA(tags: simpledb amazon cloud databases itmanagementguys riaweekly)Movement - Finding a new metaphor for web designI’ll admit I only got mid-way thru the 41 slides. But, man, looks like it’d be a killer presentation to hear pres...(truncated)...

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CEILING CAT HAZ FOUND YR PORNOS!(tags: flickr via:sarah lolcats austin)Mobile Tech: Androids March on Barcelona“I think the carriers have looked at the success that a handset free of carrier-meddling — the iPhone in this case — and have seen a potential competitive advantage.” Meddling!(tags: android google mobile handsets bnc redmonkpressquotes)Appcelerator Platform RIA Developer Open Source Community(tags: riaweekly appcelerator ria jboss opensource atlanta)IBM Rational...(truncated)...

Can Code be Green? Does Beauty Matter? from

(Indexed 2008-02-12):

At an IBM green event, James asks:On that note I am beginning to wonder if beautiful code is green code. Code generation tends to generate pretty ugly code - but is it less efficient? Developers that write beautiful code may end up in great demand for their green coding: but this is pure conjecture at this point…Tragically, I don’t think there’s a great deal of corelation between beauty of code and it’s greenness. The more beautiful code is, typically, the further away i...(truncated)...

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Using rich Internet applications to take more advertising dollars from televisionThis begs the suggestion: a startup that’s an ad platform for RIAs (Silverlight, Flash, GUIs in general) that you sell to Google or Microhoo.(tags: riaweekly ria ads ideas)Virtual Team Collaboration: Share, Send And Publish Large Files Online With Adobe Share - Robin Good’s Latest NewsOverview of Adobe SHARE: share files with fancy viewers, like a PDF page flipper.(tags: share adobe documents pdf embedde...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #005 - The Night John Slept on a Cray from

(Indexed 2008-02-11):

[Image]Hosted by John Willis and myself, as always.Download the episode directly, or subscribe the podcast feed in iTunes or other podcatcher to auto-magically get each episode.The itmanagementguys TagFirst, we throw out a little pro-top for you: if you want to see a good idea of what we’ll talk about each week, check out the tag “itmanagementguys”. Also, if you want to stick something on our radar, feel free to tag it with itmanagementguys yourself and we’ll ...(truncated)...

Current Theory on Cloud Computing from

(Indexed 2008-02-11):

[Image]In last week’s IT Management Podcast, John and I joked about how many phrases there are for “cloud computing.” But, then we get into a nutty discussion where we try to pull out each layer.I have no idea if the above reflects that conversation, but doodling sure is fun!Technorati Tags: cloud, grid, saasShare This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

RIA Weekly #06 - Whats Behind Code-Behind, JavaFX with Adobe tools, Microsoft/Yahoo!, and other acquisitions from

(Indexed 2008-02-09):

[Image]Download the episode directly here, or subscribe to the feed in iTunes and other podcatchers for auto-magic delivery.Ryan Stewart and I start by reviewing the fun of the RedMonk 5th birthday party, but then jump right into a brief discussion of Kevin Lynch getting promoted to the new Adobe CTO. Kevin Lynch came from the Macromedia effort and had been heading the “platform group” at Adobe, Flash, Flex, and AIR. As I note, this is a nice signaling from Adobe about the importance...(truncated)...

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The Mighty Two (Part One)Note on new Hyperic release.(tags: little4 itmanagement hyperic)European Open Source Projects: Qualipso Conference (part II) | Commercial Open Source Software(tags: eu opensource opensource_biz conferences)Google tries to sneak “Team Edition” suite past IT help deskThought-line fun: email addresses are the only reliable form of a universal, cross-firewall/cloud type of identity.(tags: google saas cloud itmanagementguys office identitybuzz)Gartner: 80% of comm...(truncated)...

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Trends: The Stackless StackSomeone likes the “stackless stack” phrase.(tags: stacks terms ego cms platforms)Blogging Roller: Project Kenai: social networking place for developersOne would assume Roller Dave is working on Project Kenai, eh?(tags: kenai sunw developers)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

SAS2008: A Hosted environment for cloud applications from

(Indexed 2008-02-06):

[Image]During one of Rich Green’s talk at the Sun Analyst Summit this year he showed the above slide. This is Sun’s Project Kenai, and the information above is the essence of what Sun is publicly talking about now.The intention is an evolution of their online developer community “stuff.” As the bullets above indicate, the goal is to have a place where services are provided - what exactly, who knows? - and developers can get their social networking fix.That’s all the...(truncated)...

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Adobe’s newly titled CTO“Kevin Lynch got promoted to Adobe CTO. Congratulations!”(tags: execs adobe via:twitter)Vote for OSGi integration with Java Modules(tags: osgi java modules)Is LINQ leaving Java in the dust?(tags: linq msft databases query java)openxVM(tags: xvm openxvm opsmgr sunw itmanagement itmanagementguys)IT never dies, it just gets a new face - Illustration | Adam Kinney, Silverlight SurferCheck it out! A fantastic illustration of how old IT gets re-faced. What fun...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-02-04):

IT management in a world of utility ITA piece on what IT Management in cloud-land would be like: lots of monitoring and managing external parties services.(tags: cloud saas itmanagement)Spring Overtakes EJB as a Skills RequirementComparing want ad keyword postings for Spring vs. EJB.(tags: java springsource spring ejb jobs trends)A sign of life from the CML working groupSome cold water on CML.(tags: cml itmanagement standards)Adobe AIR Getting Ready to Launch with Big Customers on BoardAIR 1.0 t...(truncated)...

Does Microsoft Care About Firefox? Or, Microsoft as Cloud Infrastructure from

(Indexed 2008-02-03):

It appears that Firefox has captured what I’d call a damn big share of the european browser market share: 28% at its height in 2007. To contrast that, IE fell to 66.1% in the same time.66.1% (don’t forget that 0.1%!) ain’t nuthin’ to sniff at. But, this rise in Firefox popularity begs the question “does Microsoft care?” Due to that whole monopoly legal action in the 90’s around crushing Netscape, Microsoft’s lawyers are (hopefully!) not letting Mic...(truncated)...

Nerd Fight: Identity - And Making Letting Enterprise Software be Boring from

(Indexed 2008-02-02):

In case you don’t follow Sun identity blogs as I do, I thought I might pull together a weirdly out of place spat-by-viral-video story that’s been going on.In one corner, you have the Sun Identity group, in the other Ping Identity.And then it gets real nerd-fight. Check it out:Ping on PingThe first video was really the most brilliant, if, you know, kind of ass-holey if you take making fun of competitors to be a bad thing:Ping Pings BackThe Ping Identity has some fun in response, takin...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #004 - Cloud-crazy! from

(Indexed 2008-02-02):

Download the episode directly, or subscribe to the podcast feed.This week we start out with a review of John’s monitoring panel at barcampESM. As he’s said in other forums, he was pleased with the result. I then mention announcements and whitepapers around the Common Model Library (CML), which is a further evolution of the SML family of IT Management data models. There’s a large cross-vendor effort, similar to the CMDBf, but there doesn’t seem to be any open source folks ...(truncated)...

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Microsoft Proposes Acquisition of Yahoo! for $31 per Share: Transaction valued at approximately $44.6 billion in cash and stock; provides 62 percent premium to current trading price for Yahoo! shareholders; combined entity to create a more competitive comWould it help or hurt OpenID?(tags: msft yahoo! m&a openid)Shell IT staff disgusted at mega profitsThe same old story: company makes profits, fires-then-outsources thousands of workers. The mythical Shareholder and his executive comes off lookin...(truncated)...

Guesting on the Sun Identity Buzz Podcast - OpenID, OAuth, and Friends from

(Indexed 2008-01-28):

Last week I started a run as a regular guest on the Sun Identity Buzz Podcast. Sun’s Brandon Whichard hosts the show and, so far, the plan is just to talk every two weeks about identity news.I’ve always enjoyed the Identity Buzz podcast, so it’s great to be invited to participate. Not to mention that Brandon’s been a friend for quite sometime now.This week - MP3 download here - we talked about the OpenID news of late and spent quite a lot of time speculating about how it ...(truncated)...

Of Open Agents and Wheel Reinvention: The BMC Performance Manager Agent from

(Indexed 2008-01-26):

[Image]One of the best call to action sessions last week at barcampESM was Erik Dahl’s “can we get an open agent?” talk. The discussion has continued over at the newly revived OMC.The issue reminds me of what I tell people all the time in conversation on this topic but have somehow neglected to post here: BMC’s Performance Manager agent would be prime picking for open sourcing and attempting to solve this open agent problem. As a disclaimer, I actually worked on that agen...(truncated)...

Monitoring Panel at barcampESM 08 - IT Management Podcast #03 from

(Indexed 2008-01-26):

John Willis moderates this panel from barcampESM '08 in Austin Texas on the topic of monitoring, if it matters, how it connects to "higher level" IT management ideas, and overall discusses the current state of monitoring in the IT management world.The panelist are a nicely diverse set from Zenoss (Erik Dahl), OpenNMS (Tarus Balog), IBM Tivoli (Heath Newburn), and BMC (Chip Holden).Disclaimer: IBM, Zenoss, and BMC are clients.Formats available:MPEG4 Video (.mp4), MP3 Audio (.mp3), MPEG-4 Video (....(truncated)...

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SAP looks beyond SDN(tags: sap sdn community cocreation)Rails TakeFive: Five Questions with Peter Cooper“Ive been shocked quite a few times over the last several days at how little flexibility there is in the average enterprise environment to deploy or work with technologies that arent ‘officially’ sanctioned by the company.”(tags: fiveruns via:twitter rails enterprise it culture redmonkclients)Hyperic Expands Open-Source SOA And Java Management - SOA / Web Services - Net...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-01-25):

EMC to offer SaaS backup and recovery serviceMozy backup at EMC with encryption on the server side.(tags: emc mozy saas backup storage)JBoss alumni launch open-source startup(tags: loopfuse crm leadgeneration opensource saas)New CA Initiatives Help Customers Derive Greater Business Value from Mainframe Investments(tags: ca mainframes itmanagement redmonkclients)Planview Files Final Petition in Lawsuit Against CASpecifically, the lawsuit alleges that CA proactively recruited a significant number ...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-01-24):

IBM Acquires Business Intelligence Software Maker AptSoft — IBM — InformationWeek“IBM claims AptSoft’s software can analyze tens of thousands of disparate events per second on a network to spot a trend.”(tags: ibm m&a aptsoft via:email monitoring events bsm)SAP Mentor Program(tags: sap redmonkclients mentor)SAP Mentors Wiki(tags: sap redmonkclients mentors)Greenplum Closes $27M Series C Financing, Appoints Two Top ExecsIncluding cash from Sun and SAP.(tags: via:twit...(truncated)...

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IDentity Enabled Architecture (IDEA): Role 2 Rule 2 Resource - FAM perspective(tags: identity sunw AccessManager IdentityManager)Developing Secure Applications With Sun Java System Access Manager, Part 1: Basic AuthorizationPart one of an overview of configuring the Sun Java System Access Manager to do authorization.(tags: sunw java AccessManager security identity idm)LANrev - Automated Client Management for Mac and Windows Computers and SoftwareDoes patch management for OS X and Windows.(tags: ...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-01-22):

Symantec to Sell Application Performance Management Business to Vector CapitalWouldn’t be fun if they open sourced?(tags: symantec m&a apm itmanagement itmanagementguys precisesoftwaresolutions)barcampESMTarus’ wrap-up of barcampESM.(tags: opennms barcampesm itmanagement alterpoint bmc tivoli)The Sun-MySQL deal stinks(tags: mysql m&a opensource sunw dvorak)Austin City LimitsSome notes on visiting OpenNMS customers.(tags: opennms gaming itmanagement austin)ApacheCon EU 2008Looks like ...(truncated)...

Agile Project Management Across Organizational Boundaries with JIRA and VersionOne from

(Indexed 2008-01-22):

In this screencast Jerry Odenwelder walks us through the issue tracking integration between Atlassian's JIRA and VersionOne. VersionOne is a hosted, Agile project management tool for development teams. The idea of the integration is to take defects, bugs, requests, and other "issues" from JIRA and tightly integrate them into the Agile project management workflow provided by VersionOne.We start out by describing the Agile project management approach of bundling up issues into short "sprints" that...(truncated)...

Open Agents? The Need for Better Standards Work - barcampESM sessions from

(Indexed 2008-01-20):

[Image]For the next barcampESM session, with some a customers wish-list laid out, we rolled into the next session from Zenoss‘ Erik Dahl outlining the need for an “open agent.” Here, what we mean is a piece of software and standards that would be shared by all of the IT management vendors, to varying degrees of course. As mentioned above, there’s not much sharing, there’s even dozens of ways to monitor all that IT. It’d be kind of like if there were 12 differe...(truncated)...

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Ajaxian Eclipse RAP Demonstration(tags: rap ego eclipse screencasts)“Can you access your [IT] management tools from your favorite IM client? Now you can!”(tags: im itmanagement itmanagementguys)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

What One MSP Needs - barcampESM session from

(Indexed 2008-01-19):

This morning, David Winter from Coleman laid out what he wants as one of the consumers of IT Management. Their needs were the same as you’d expect: we’ve got a ton of IT stuff spitting out data and we need better ways to figure out what’s wrong. We’ve got a CMDB that we fill up with data (with RANCID, which I don’t know about) and archive off-site. But here’s something that goes all whacky, he said, most of these systems can’t do fail-over when the centr...(truncated)...

Beer and Blinky Lights - barcampESM So Far from

(Indexed 2008-01-19):

[Image]In Austin today, several vendors, open and closed source, and even some customers are meeting at barcampESM to take a community-driven go at fixing things in the mucky world of IT Management. Like any lump of software that commonly wears clothing from Enterprise Row, things have gotten a little complex, but in a billable way in IT Management. Some call it “ESM,” others call it systems management, network management. Whatever you wan to call “keep all those damn computers...(truncated)...

Episode 002 - DevCampTivoli, DMTF, Open Source Spending Bonanza, BSM & Open Source from

(Indexed 2008-01-18):

This week, we’re lucky enough to bring an episode recorded face-to-face. John came to Austin for barcampESM, so we recorded this up in his hotel room with a mute Doug McClure thumbing through trade-rags in the background and watching the “priceless” moments. As I was leaving the “studio,” oddly enough, a hotel dude came by to drop off some cookies. What up with that?You can download the episode directly or get it by subscribing to the podcast feed.As an admin note, ...(truncated)...

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CES: Belkin Podcast Studio Takes Your Show on the Road | Gadget Lab from podcasts ces via:jplouis recording ipod gadgets)Take back your digital IDNeed to see what Yahoo! supporting OpenID means. Is it in flickr,, etc.(tags: identity via:missrouge yahoo! openid identitybuzz via:twitter identity2.0) Index page(tags: packettrap briefings networkingmanagement itmanagement itmanagementguys)More thoughts on Sun & MySQL | January 16, 2008 08:35 PM | ...(truncated)...

OSGi in Java - Eclipse Equinox Screencast and Video Series from

(Indexed 2008-01-17):

I recently wrapped up a 5 video series on Eclipse’s new vision and frameworks to provide a runtime environment based on OSGi. Eclipse is well know for it’s desktop, GUI framework and for the development tooling it providers. They’ve built a nice ecosystem for people large and small - from individuals, to Genuitec, to IBM, to Oracle+BEA, and more - to built tooling in. What’s new, and very much in the cards for 2008 is Eclipse moving into the server side, into an even more...(truncated)...

barcampESM this weekend, in Austin from

(Indexed 2008-01-16):

[Image]In case you’ve missed it or just need a reminder: don’t forget that barcampESM is this weekend (Jan 19th with a little party-thing the night of Jan 18th), right here in Austin, Texas. You should come: it’s free, and bound to be fun.Looking over the list of attendees, it’s looking like I’ll get to hang out with tons of “online friends” and blog-buddies, meeting several of them for the first time, as well as several RedMonk clients (if you want to p...(truncated)...

Sun buying MySQL, Oracle buying BEA from

(Indexed 2008-01-16):

why won’t anyone think of the industry analysts? sun buys mysql and oracle buys bea…on the same day? don’t they care that i’m busy? –StevePretty crazy, huh? MySQL and BEA are snatched up by Sun and Oracle.It looks as if Steve and James will give you the meeting details later today, which is fantastic. I’ll just throw out some speculation and thinking out-loud to hold you off until then: a little bread-basket while you wait ;>Sun and MySQLIn one day-long consul...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-01-16):

Metaweb Gets $42 Million; Theres Hope Yet For Semantic Web(tags: metaweb funding via:tony_teknision semanticweb vc startups)Rich Ajax Platform : My First Try - Shagan.orgSomeone using RAP.(tags: rap eclipse ajax development)US SmartPhone MarketsharePic from keynote with 19.5% of smart phone market owned by Apple. Nutty!(tags: apple gartner keynotes via:mray)Equinox and OSGi Video Series Ian SkerrettIan sums up the Equinox screencast series.(tags: equinox osgi eclipse via:email java screencasts)...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-01-15):

Engine Yard what you get What You GetThere’s a certain irony here. On the one hand, rails is revolutionarily simple. On the other hand, running it requires a 24 layer burger. Hrm.(tags: engineyard rails itmanagement itmanagementguys diagrams burgers complexity)The future of IT? It’s not all bad news, Nicholas Carr says“Nick Carr: The IT department is far from dead yet - don’t believe everything you read in Network World :-)”(tags: nickcarr thebigswitch cloud itdep...(truncated)...

The Big Switch - Book Review from

(Indexed 2008-01-14):

Far from being a crazed screed seeking to eradicate the jobs of IT professionals, Nick Carr’s The Big Switch is more of a clinical look at a possible dystopic future where the Googlbot & it’s groupies rule our lives, screwing things up due to being single points of failure in a frail “World Wide Computer.” I was expecting a book that would argue the case for moving most enterprise IT to the cloud: to the SaaS, hosted, Web 2.0 nirvana where you access everything from a URL...(truncated)...

RIA Weekly 004 - Ribbit Phone Fun, Embedded RIA, Silverlight + NBC, CDN Rumors from

(Indexed 2008-01-14):

In the fourth episode of RIA Weekly we have two guests: Chuck Freedman from Ribbit and Tony MacDonell of Teknision. We talk about Ribbit, “Silicon Valley’s first phone company” and then dive into some of the RIA-related CES talk with Tony.You can download the MP3 directly, or just subscribe to the RedMonk Radio feed in iTunes or other software to get it automatically.RibbitRibbit is billed as Silicon Valley’s first phone company and it allows developers to make and receiv...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-01-13):

Podcast program covers Texas transportation issuesFirst state wide podcast about transportation, that is, the roads in Texas.(tags: podcasts txdot via:austinist texas traffic)Arts study a culture shock“Status is now attached to material consumption, not cultural consumption.” Yay capitalism!(tags: via:austinist via:twitter popculture celeberties culture finearts)Politics of the personal“In any technocratically run country serious politics may simply be too boring to hold the at...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-01-12):

Costco - Trade-In & Recycle ProgramRecycle your computer at CostCo (via GreenSight) and maybe even get cash.(tags: costco computers recycling tradein green)Why Google, Yahoo and Microsoft should worry about Countrywides takeover“Countrywide Financial is being acquired by Bank of America and when the deal closes the second largest Web advertiser will disappear.”(tags: countrywide google yahoo ads m&a BoA)Bank Of America To Buy Countrywide Financial For $4 BillionLooks like ...(truncated)...

IT Management Podcast #001 - barcampESM, Monitoring, The Cloud, 2008 Predictions, and more from

(Indexed 2008-01-11):

In this first episode of what I’m planning on being a weekly or semi-weekly podcast, John Willis and I launch the IT Management Podcast. Podcast feed available as well.As you know, dear readers, I have an unshakable interest in IT Management. It’s always been a pleasure talking with John in the past (RedMonk Radio #42, #44, video 1, and video 2), so I thought we’d cook up a sort of commentary/news round-up show as Ryan and I have done with RIA Weekly.If you’ve got things ...(truncated)...

Enterprise OSGi, a Discussion with Eric Newcomer from

(Indexed 2008-01-11):

While at the Eclipse Runtime Summit, I had the chance to talk with Iona's Eric Newcomer (CTO of Iona, Co-Chair, Enterprise Expert Group, OSGi Alliance, and well respected enterprise coding guy) about the emergence of OSGi as a server-side, or enterprise technology.We discuss how OSGi came to be a technology of interest in the enterprise space, and move on to the formation of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group. Eric goes through a high level list of what the "enterprise" here means: mostly the usua...(truncated)...

Open Source Service with Sourcesense from

(Indexed 2008-01-11):

I spoke with Gianugo Rabellino of Sourcesense this morning about the way they help both the buy and sell side of open source. This division, common among talking about industry analysts, just means customers and vendors.Lubricating the Adoption of Open SourceSourcesense is something of an open source consulting, system integrator company. It’s sort of like the idea of an open source service company I mentioned awhile ago (see Covalent, as well).They’re not so much a product company, ...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-01-11):

AutomatedQA - Tools for Software Testing and Quality Assurance(tags: automatedqa qa testing)ZapTXT : publisherAnother widget to send out alerts when your content updates: sends via SMS, IM, or email.(tags: via:JamesGovernor txt sms notifications blogs)Wizzard Media: 1 Billion Downloads in 2007, Podcasting Far from Dead - ReadWriteWeb(tags: podcast numbers downloads libsyn)Americans turn to online videos“On a typical day, some 15% [of Americans] were either watching or posting video.”...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-01-09):

AAdvantage MileFinder MapGoogle Maps mashup from AA that lets you search major cities for chances to earn miles. No Austin.(tags: via:twitter via:@ThingGuy aadvantage miles travel)Microsoft Bids $1.2B for FS&T EngineLooks to be buying up some enterprise search technology.(tags: search m&a fastcgi norway enterprisesearch msft)Sun to acquire ERM vendor Vaau(tags: vaau rbac identity identitybuzz enterprisesoftware sunw)Linus Torvalds still sticking with GPL 2The comments on the need for good ‘...(truncated)...

Acquia - A Commercial Company for Drupal from

(Indexed 2008-01-08):

[Image]I caught with Jeff Whatcott today about his new job at Acquia, the new, $7M funded Drupal startup. Acquia will sell general support and updates for Drupal, but also Drupal functionality as a service, sort of like “SaaS for plugins,” if you will.You may remember Jeff from the Flex SDK open sourcing at Adobe, his previous employer.What’s Acquia Up To?Being just a casual call, there wasn’t anything earth-shattering we talked about - just a basic intro and some discuss...(truncated)...

IT Management for The Big Switch - Mid-afternoon Speculation and Blue-skying from

(Indexed 2008-01-08):

[Image]I’ve been reading through The Big Switch this week. It’s what you’d expect, and what we’ve been talking about for awhile: everything goes up behind a URL, into the cloud. The whole notion, you see, is that all those company data-centers will consolidate to URLs that Amazon, Microsoft, Google, OpSource, or whoever hosts for you. You know, the old “there is no Chief Electricity Officer anymore” parlor game. It hasn’t worked in the past, but maybe we...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2008-01-08):

If you thought ‘Security ‘07′ was hairy, just wait | Tech News on ZDNet“Henceforth, log management services will be owned by IT departments who then charge-back internal groups for access to the log data. Great news for ArcSight, Log Logic, Log Rhythm, Q1 Labs, and the storage folks.”(tags: logmanagement predictions)Symantec Offers Log Management as a Service(tags: symantec compliance appliance logmanagement)Why Mozilla won’t be going public anytime soon(tags:...(truncated)...

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Rant: A Year with SilverlightA wish-list for Silverlight. As my head is often in Java packaging (OSGi and modules), I keyed off the “we need a swf scheme” bullet.(tags: silverlight packaging msft redmonkclients ria via:ryanstewart)donniea2: Bah Humbug, VistaThis is great stuff. It’d be awesome to get 20-30 bloggers to do this kinds of thing and aggregate the results. Sure, it’s man on the street, but it’s better than nothing or anonymous numbers.(tags: vista msft su...(truncated)...

RIA Weekly 003 - Special Guest Andre Captain Ajax Charland, News Updates, and RIA 2008 Predications from

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[Image]This week Ryan Stewart and I talk with Andr Charland of Nitobi. We cover some brief RIA news from the past few weeks and then get into RIA predictions for 2008. Thanks to Kurt Brockett for the predictions suggestion.You can download the episode directly, or subscribe to the podcast feed.Who’s AndrWell, exciting and stressful are synonyms, right?Andr starts out telling us about Nitobi’s business in Ajax widgets, their hosted web usage service Robot Replay, and then their book E...(truncated)...

Eclipse Service Oriented Device Architecture (SODA) - Overview and Demo from

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Next up in the Eclipse runtime screencast series is a two part video on Eclipse SODA:Part 1 - OverviewIn this two part screencast, I talk with Andy Smith about the Eclipse SODA project, part of the Eclipse OHF effort. In the first part, Andy gives us an overview of the device populated network with edge and centralized servers that SODA services. He then explains the Stepstone use-case for in-home medical monitoring devices that serves as an example use of SODA. In the second part, Andy demoR...(truncated)...

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First Look: Microsoft Office for Mac 2008: Page 4Looks like they finally added iCal and Address Book synching into Entourage, making using an OS X box in an Exchange house (potentially) not too bad at all.(tags: msft osx office entourage ical sync)IBM Acquires XIV(tags: ibm m&a XVI storage video redmonkclients via:email pr)Twitter / Jeff Barr: @cote - We’ve never met the…Amazon’s Jeff Barr says he doesn’t think the Amazon DB in the sky folks have met the Microsoft DB in t...(truncated)...

Online Banking Security is still a Pain and Friend Data Breaches from

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Horror scenario: Plaxo using Scoble’s address book to harvest data from Facebook. –Simon Phipps in TwitterBefore we get to that, allow me to pad a brief idea with some lard:Whatever Happened to a Good Old Username and Password?My first job was working on online banking, at what became and then was FundsXpress (check out all the fun we used to have there!). I was lucky, in hind-sight to have been force drowned into the world of security paranoia, chiefly due to our colleague Sam Hartm...(truncated)...

Your Data in the Cloud - URL-based computing, SimpleDB, Astoria, etc. from

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James pointed to Amazon’s SimpleDB a little while ago; I’ve been on vacation for two weeks, so I’m a bit behind. Looking over the SimpleDB main page, it seems they’re going forward with the potential that Microsoft has with Project Astoria. The missing link is taking the hosted offering as seriously as Amazon does.Astoria - Microsoft’s RESTI must admit that, since last year when I went to a day-long review of Astoria, I haven’t followed it extremely closely, a...(truncated)...

Eclipse Swordfish - An SOA Runtime Environment from

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[Image]Click to PlayIn this screencast, Ricco Deutscher or the Eclipse Swordfish project walks us through the architecture, intentions, and road-map for the OSGi-tools SOA runtime, Swordfish. As Ricco outlines, the Swordfish came about from the desire to benefit from combining the use of JBI, SCA, and OSGi. JBI lends a good packing methodology, SCA helps with the execution of service components, and OSGi adds in the dynamic functionality needed and helps glue it all together.Disclaimer: Eclipse ...(truncated)...

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Eclipse Modeling - EMFT - Project Teneo“Teneo is a database persistency solution for EMF using Hibernate or JPOX/JDO 2.0.”(tags: eclipse ormapping database JDO java middleware)The Riena Project“The Riena platform will be the foundation for building multi-tier enterprise client/server applications.”(tags: client/server enterprise eclipse riena opensource)[ogb-discuss] Website content control?I said “Good day”, sir! Good. Day!(tags: opensource opensolaris solari...(truncated)...

Spiceworks hits 200,000 Users and Spiceworks 2.0 from

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This week Spiceworks announced several things:Version 2.0 - many behind the scenes performance fixes, Windows Event Log monitoring, traceroute and ping “troubleshooting,” reviews and ratings for IT devices, search, and a handful of other features.200,000 users - in the past, “users” has meant “active users” instead of just downloads. This is a large number for how young Spiceworks is and the main, public metric you can use for gauging how they’re doing -...(truncated)...

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Download Pulse for Mac | Eclipse Pulse MacPulse now available for OS X.(tags: pulse genuitec redmonkclients eclipse java ide)Data Center Virtualization Automation/Management is becoming very, very congested - Adventures in Data Center AutomationBig ass list of companies claiming to do virtualization management.(tags: companies virtualization itmanagement 451 automation)What are the Six Functional Areas of Data Center Automation - Adventures in Data Center AutomationNice burger, buddy ;)(tags: au...(truncated)...

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OAuth 1.0, OpenID 2.0 and up next: DiSo | FactoryCity(tags: oauth trust openid microformats xfn via:twitter via:factoryjoe)Comparing open source projects? Start by asking why does the project exist.Control vs. no control when a company does open source.(tags: opensolaris opends scandal sunw opensource)Dont Skimp on the Toilet PaperFiguring out that nice TP doesn’t cost too much over a life-time.(tags: toiletpaper money)Sky Talk: Free wifi at American Admiral’s clubsNice, AA wises up ...(truncated)...

Eclipse Equinox and Component Oriented Development - Overview and Demo from

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I’ve been working with Eclipse for a second round of screencasts, this time around the idea of using Eclipse’s OSGi framework for a back to front runtime. The first installment - in two parts - is on the core of that the Eclipse runtime, Equinox, done by Jeff McAffer.As a usage note, be sure to check out the full-screen mode in the widgets if you’d like to see a larger picture. There are also many different formats - even audio only - available on the show page.Overview - Part...(truncated)...

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AT&T flings cellphone network wide open - USATODAY.comWow, is this really happening industry wide? I remain skeptical, but it’s looking good from a headline perspective.(tags: at&t open cellphones usa mobile)Keeping Information Technology Consulting fun and easy: Spiceworks: Ad-supported asset management, help desk, network monitoring software and much more“Overall this is a heck of a [nice] piece of software especially for free.”(tags: spiceworks itmanagement reviews redmonkcl...(truncated)...

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WhenGuard: a time for everythingTime locks URLs until a specific time. So, good for “posting” time sensitive things that must be embargoed.(tags: via:vishy 451 urls embargos pr)Shedding light on China’s underground cybercrime economy(tags: security china cybercrime virtual crime)The Trials and Tribulation of the Web Worker: Hair“Tomorrow I’m going to blow dry my hair straight and go out for an eggnog latte. Woo hoo! “(tags: webworker via:twitter coffee eggnog ...(truncated)...

Paglo Briefing - Search over your IT Junk, and hosted/SaaS too from

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[Image]Earlier this week I talked with Brian de Haaff and Chris Waters about their company, Paglo who somewhat dubiously calls itself “the world’s first search engine for IT.” I say somewhat dubious because, of course, there’s Splunk who describes itself as:Splunk is the IT Search Engine that indexes and lets you search, navigate, alert, and report on IT data from any application, server, or network device. Securely access logs, configurations, scripts and code, message, ...(truncated)...

Sun xVM Ops Center - Round One in Suns IT Management Platform Ambitions from

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Sun announced what I’d call it’s first step in building an IT management platform, Sun xVM Ops Center. While most of the attention will be on the word “virtualization,” it’s important to keep in mind that Ops Center isn’t only for virtualization management. Sure, that’s part of it: but working with, if not managing virtualization is just what’s expected now.Microsoft’s dreams that virtualization will be just another commodified part of the st...(truncated)...

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Net SAAver & Special Offers - FTD 20 miles per $1This is a good deal. $50 would get you 1,000 miles. American charges $27.50 for a 1,000 miles, but you get flowers delivered here.(tags: AAdvantage ftd miles aa)Zombie Attack at Hierakonpolis(tags: zombies via:rbieber)The Biggest Challenge Facing Identity and Access Management(tags: identity enterprisesoftware predictions via:bwhichard)Maison Fleury: The Brotherhood is Displeased“It is interesting how many people online purport to speak for ...(truncated)...

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Advertisers spend $1 billion on word-of-mouth marketing“Two words: mad cash. New research finds that word of mouth marketing has morphed into a $981 million a year business; that’s a 36 percent jump over 2005.”(tags: wom ads marketing facebook)Server Consolidation and Virtualization Analysis by CiRBA(tags: cirba planning virtualization)DMTF Accepts New Specification for Enabling Federation of System Management Data(tags: dmtf cmdb cmdbf standards via:email)John Herren Cover on ...(truncated)...

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De unifying Unified Communications at Chris Dalby Untangles Networks(tags: msft redmonkclients uc desktopsharing voip voice)BarCamp wiki / DevCampTivoli“Saturday May 17th and Sunday 18th, 2008″(tags: barcamp itmanagement tivoli)ZabovoJohn Wilis’ new company.(tags: JohnWillis tivoli itmanagement services training)HP Announces New Software and Services to Fully Automate the Management of Business Services(tags: hp via:botchagalupe automation itmanagement)HP debuts Automated Opera...(truncated)...

Microsoft TechEd IT Forum 2007 Wrap-up and Other Videos from

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The last video from the Microsoft IT Forum series is a short wrap-up with James and I:Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at as someone who follows IT management I liked the event. As I noted while there, I was primarily there to do all a series of videos. But, in addition to the videos, I had the usual analyst day of going through presentations, talking with Microsoft folks, and then han...(truncated)...

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Coining a term: SaaS-turbation“SaaS-turbation (Noun)Browser based, unsatisfying, on-demand version of a desktop application.”(tags: sass words via:email)HP Exec Says Not Interested In Buying BEA(tags: hp m&a bea rumours openview)Microsoft dives into enterprise search with free server(tags: msft search opensearch free windows)IPv6: Will matter to the enterprise in five years“My prediction is that this will happen somewhere in the 2012 - 2015 timeframe.”(tags: ipv6 networki...(truncated)...

An Open Source CMDB from

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“On a moment’s notice I can list every server we have that touches credit card data, and people know they can trust that information,” he says. “The biggest [hurdle] then and still is getting people to follow the process. But with results, I got a commitment from management, and then other groups such as engineering followed, and the data stays good.” –“University taps ITIL to build open source CMDB”At the heart of big IT management think now-a-day...(truncated)...

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Check out episode 1 of RIA Weekly(tags: riaweekly ria ego podcasts)Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 Release NotesNote the Growl integration and the “save tabs” on quit. Seems worth it.(tags: firefox osx browsers mozilla beta)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

RIA Weekly Podcast, Episode 01 - Ajax, Flex, Silverlight, Chumby, VisualStudio, and more from

(Indexed 2007-11-20):

[Image]In this first episode of RIA Weekly, Ryan Stewart, Charles Lowell, and I talk about a wide swath of topics:Ryan asks Charles what how his company, The Front Side decided how “dressed up” their UIs should be. Charles says the major limit is time and skill.We talk about James Ward’s Flex sightings at Oracle OpenWorld (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), which moves into Flex in enterprise developmentI ask Ryan about the current state of Silverlight and how much video plays into it.We al...(truncated)...

Fleshman Appliance Repair in Austin from

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I’m always suspicious of people who fix things, like home appliances for example. On the other hand, I understand that the fees I’m paying are for time and skill that I don’t have. In Austin, I have a great car mechanic I’ve gone to for years - Ken Tate - and a great handy man we call up for things around the house - Barry Carroll. So far I haven’t found a good appliance guy - someone to fix gadgets around the house.Today I had a quick visit from Tom at Fleshman App...(truncated)...

Chumby - FIrst Impressions & Ponies Id Like from

(Indexed 2007-11-17):

I got a Chumby in the mail yesterday. Here’s my virtual Chumby:From what I can tell, it’s a little linux box with a touch screen, wifi, and runs Flash widgets. Seems like there’ll be a good reason to play around with Flash.The Chumby is this little, soft bound screen that plays widgets. Mostly RSS feeds dressed up fancy now, but there’s some games that you can use the touch screen with.With things like this and people like me, the first thing you get is a big bucket of &#...(truncated)...

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YouTube - A Smarter World for CharleyI hear OSGi is used in this.(tags: videos health stepstone eclipse ibm)audio by artist ‘22nd century’ | Mix2r.fmNeed to find something here for RedMonk Radio, TV, and other media.(tags: music duane)Dell goes after sweet Everdream | Channel RegisterWell, that’s weird. I just talked to these dudes the day before Dell acquired them. They seemed OK and on a good path. So…good job Dell?(tags: dell everdream provisioning saas m&a)Dell soups ...(truncated)...

Ads in Applications - Twitterific and The Deck from

(Indexed 2007-11-16):

[Image]I’ve never heard of The Deck, but they appear to be serving ads in one of my favorite OS X desktop applications, Twitterific, a great little front-end for Twitter.Ads in Desktop AppsAds in desktop applications: who knew?! Hopefully someone at Adobe is keeping track of this The Deck stuff closer than I am. If they prove to be profitable, best to snatch them up before they get too big headed and graft them into the AIR group and platform.Back at Adobe MAX 2006, as James noted, there w...(truncated)...

PowerShell and Automation - Microsoft TechEd IT Forum 2007 from

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The first time I heard about PowerShell, I immediately looked for how it could fit into an overall IT management platform, from Microsoft or anyone else. Key to this is having remote access in PowerShell, which it still doesn’t have in a released version, but has in the “alpha” (or CTP) for the next version.Once PowerShell can be done remotely, I expect to see a lot more IT management platforms take it up for scripting/execution use in Windows-land.Remote Access, Agents & Frien...(truncated)...

Building System Center Management Packs - Microsoft TechEd IT Forum 2007 from

(Indexed 2007-11-16):

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at at Microsoft TechEd IT Forum in Barcelona, I talked with Barry Shilmover (Senior Program Manager, System Center) about creating System Center management packs. Management packs are the sort of “plugin” parts of the System Center platform that do the discovery, monitoring, and management for System Center in addition to containing the help...(truncated)...

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Getting Drunk in First Class Footprints in the Sand byFor those who enjoy Footprints in the Sand jokes.(tags: footprints consulting)Dell To Sell Solaris Servers — Solaris — InformationWeekWhao, now there’s a channel/partner/etc.(tags: dell redmonkclients solaris channel partners)Nagios founder gives in to commercial supportEthan throws his lot in and goes LLC. Best of luck, amigo!(tags: nagios support opensource networkingmanagement via:tarus)Red Hat and Hyperic Extend Collabo...(truncated)...

Strategic Alliances, Partners, and System Center - Microsoft TechEd IT Forum 2007 from

(Indexed 2007-11-14):

Outside the main conference center for Microsoft TechEd IT Forum in Barcelona, James talks with Carl Coken (Director of Strategic Alliances, System Center) about partnerships and standards in System Center land. Carl manages the relationships with third parties, organizations, and others that work with the System Center platform, for example, by providing management packs.James and Carl talk about the new portal available for partners and then jump into the role of the portal’s information...(truncated)...

Microsoft System Center land Tour - Microsoft TechEd IT Forum 2007 from

(Indexed 2007-11-14):

At Microsoft TechEd IT Forum in Barcelona, I talk with Eric Berg (Director of Product Management, System Center) about the System Center product lines. While we focus on only Operations Manager, Configuration Manager, and Virtual Machine Manager, we go into detail on each. We start out going over the linage of the System Center brand: mapping MOM to System Center Operations Manager and SMS to System Center Configuration Manager.Then Eric describes what function both ...(truncated)...

PowerShell Overview and Remote Update - Microsoft TechEd IT Forum 2007 from

(Indexed 2007-11-13):

type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""fla...(truncated)... />In the lobby of the Microsoft TechEd IT Forum in Barcelona I got the chance to catch up with Jeffrey Snover, Architect, Management Services Division. Jeffery gives us an overview of PowerShell and then we talk about Microsoft and other’s use of PowerShell since it’s release a year ago. As Jeffery tells us that PowerShell has been downloaded over one million times, and ...(truncated)...

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Facebook | Adobe FlashWelcome to the new world of adverteasing.(tags: via:twitter via:mdowney facebook adobe socialnetworks flash)CC Soup Can T-shirt front on Flickr - Photo Sharing!As Thomas says, this would make a good sticker indeed.(tags: via:email creativecommons via:theotherthomasotter tshirts pictures)Strategy for Linux Systems Management [PDF]Looks interesting.(tags: linux itmanagement opensource presentations to_read)Douglas Crockford: “Quality” - Yahoo! Video(tags: to_watch...(truncated)...

Virtualization - Microsoft IT Forum 07 from

(Indexed 2007-11-12):

Richard Siddaway does an excellent job of summarizing this afternoon’s keynote announcements: The hypervisor becomes hyper-V and there will be a sku dedicated to the roleHyper-V supports up to 64GB in the guest OSPHP is natively supported in IIS 7SC VMM2 will mange VMWare as well as Microsoft virtualisation productsSoftgrid becomes Application Virtualisation with beta 1 of v4.5 announcedA new CTP of SQL Server 2008 becomes available this month with most of the new featuresTechNet get more ...(truncated)...

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Adventures in Open Source Blog Archive OpenNMS 1.3.8“Second, we now run on Windows. Yes, you heard right, Windows. I know we run on XP and 2000, and assume it would work on Vista.”(tags: opennms opensource networkmanagement itmanagement windows)Eclipse moving into applications(tags: eclipse equinox applications opensource osgi redmonkclients via:twitter)DSCN1121 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!(tags: moleskin via:theotherthomasotter pictures)Moleskine Stories, MoleskineUS(tags: moleskin ...(truncated)...

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Pork-chop on a StickI missed these to work on a presentation. Mmmm….pork-chops on sticks.(tags: pictures porkchop wurstfest)LinearB and whurley’s Happy Hour at Joe DiMaggio’s Italian Chophouse (Tuesday, November 13, 2007) - UpcomingHey, why not? Go get a drink next Monday night with some tech people in town. That “Chophouse” is over-the-top swanky, for Austin at least.(tags: events austin drinks whurley)Microsoft to build $500 million datacenter in Du...(truncated)...

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BDNA Corporation Integrates BDNA Inventory to BMC Atrium CMDB(tags: bdna pr bmc remedy assetmgmt cmdb)Planview Introduces Integration for BMC Remedy Change Management(tags: bmc planview assetmgmt remedy redmonkclients austin portfoliomgmt)Red Hat and Sun Collaborate to Advance Open Source Java TechnologyRedHat signs Sun’s contributor agreement, to work on OpenJDK.(tags: redhat sunw java openjdk opensource icedtea)100% Cotton: BSM from the CEO PerspectiveBSM is all about measuring and repor...(truncated)...

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Bizarre Talents: Book Maverick Lynn Bender’s“The French department to the German department, the medievalists, Classics people, critical theory people, and the S&M people were all sort of coming in and mingling shoulders in this very small space.”(tags: austin LynnBender books fringeware history 90s)Ricardo Semler: Set Them FreeBeing nice & humane can actually work at work. Good luck storming the castle! - Also, more interesting are the comments on not having an IT department a...(truncated)...

Open source in IT Management with John Willis, RedMonk Radio #44 from

(Indexed 2007-11-02):

[Image]In this episode I talk again (see episode #42) with ESM blogger John Willis. We talk about open source in IT management, but more than that, we talk about possible ways the data center landscape could change (”Infrastructure 2.0,” if you will): namely, Hardware-as-a-Service, which essentially means hosting your stuff behind a URL instead of on-premise (you, know, more or less). Whatever it may actually mean, it seems all this *aaS stuff is a big change waiting to happen when i...(truncated)...

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Van Wyk aims to transform Red Hat for future growth | InfoWorld | News | 2007-10-30 | By Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service“As we move forward, we will more be described as an open source services and solutions company.” - RedHat to start doing more stuff around open source. “(tags: redhat rhat opensource support services quotes m&a)Services Safari(tags: blogs services enterprise)sapbpo’s bookmarks on del.icio.usWhao! Check it out. The BPO guys at SAP setup a del.icio...(truncated)...

More with Luke Kanies - Bootstrapping an open source company from

(Indexed 2007-10-31):

In this second part of my talk with Luke (the first part was on the topic of his open source configuration management project, Puppet) we talk about the thinking and decision process of starting up an open source company:Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at this second part of a conversation with Puppet creator and Reductive Labs founder Luke Kanies, we talk about bootstrapping an open ...(truncated)...

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Sun Enhances Sun Startup Essentials ProgramWe talk with these dudes off-and-on. Anyone used Sun’s Startup program recently?(tags: sunw java startups redmonkclients hardware)ITWeb : BMC forum event a great success - provides ideal platform for industry engagementA rare tale of BMC evangelism in action.(tags: southafrica bmc redmonkclients conferences bsm evangelist marketing)Eclipse Releases First Ajax Platform Based on OSGiEclipse’s AJAX project run by OSGi.(tags: eclipse redmonkclie...(truncated)...

Eclipse in IT Management UIs, Zenoss, and CMDBs from

(Indexed 2007-10-29):

A few weeks ago at the InnoTech conference, I got John Willis and Mark Hinkle to sit down for a little chat. I split the video into two chunks, on on Eclipse & custom interfaces in IT management software, and the second on Zenoss, model-driven IT management, and CMDBs.I’d forgotten my tripod, so you’re spared seeing my mug.Part 1Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at at the Au...(truncated)...

Puppet Video Interview with Luke Kanies - Open Source Server Configuration Automation from

(Indexed 2007-10-29):

A few weeks ago, Luke Kanies was in town for InnoTech. Not only did he throw up some thumbs for a Thomas the Train picture, but he did an interview with me about Puppet and boot-strapping an open source company:Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at at the Austin InnoTech conference, I talked with Luke Kanies about Puppet, the open source server configuration automation (or “provisi...(truncated)...

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The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laportemray says this one explains it all.(tags: twit podcasts via:mray git vcs)hal_10 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!That dashes my plans!(tags: pictures funny)The Peacocks Tail: Laptops Dedicated Followers of FashionMy first real post on the geek fashion blog I’m (now) an author on. All you people should go subscribe and read to it. It’s fun! Thanks, Thomas!(tags: dfof lapops stickers ego cote blogs)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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These are a few of my favorite friends from the history of mankind… on Flickr - Photo Sharing!(tags: pictures via:sarah philosophy paintings)Netbeans now dual-licensed: GPL & CDDL(tags: gpl cddl netbeans duallicense sunw redmonkclients via:email)Tumblr | Union Square Ventures: A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup InvestingTumblr gets cash.(tags: tumblr funding vcs blogging)Redmonk Contact Lenses | News | Contact lens news and reviews“How about someone maki...(truncated)...

Erich Gamma on IBM Rational Jazz, OOPSLA 07, RedMonk Radio #43 from

(Indexed 2007-10-26):

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of talking with Erich Gamma about his current work on Rational’s Jazz project. Erich first gives us a general overview of Jazz, and then we discuss the motivations for Jazz, highlighting ways it aims to help geo-distributed teams and better document desires and explanations in code. We also talk about Jazz’s architecture: how it can be deployed as a whole, or taken part-by-part.Next we get into a discussion of how to manage the “opennessR...(truncated)...

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Eclipse Gains a PulseProvisioning for Eclipse and other setups.(tags: eclipse genuitec pulse maya provisioning ide redmonkclients osgi)Meet Your Future Employee - [Looks like we could call them the “f’ you, I know what to do” work-force]“Members of Generation Y…are arriving on the job market armed with up-to-the-minute technology skills, but they’re lacking in other areas, such as business communication skills, employers say. Moreover, many are wary of IT as a...(truncated)...

Videos: Web 2.0 Design Patterns and the DMTF from

(Indexed 2007-10-24):

Last week’s RedMonkTV videos were from pretty diverse: Web 2.0 and IT management standards. Exciting!:Web 2.0 Design Patterns, the bookYour browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at in Barcelona at Adobe MAX ‘07, James talks with Duane Nickull about their upcoming book Web 2.0 Design Patterns.James has a write-up as well.All about the DMTF with Winston BumpusYour browser does not support Java...(truncated)...

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IT security and management on collision courseDifficulties in keeping anti-virus and other security utils up-to-date driving need for configuration management.(tags: antivirus itmanagement configurationmgmt)Adobe adapting to hosted SW model | InfoWorld | News | 2007-10-18 | By Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News ServiceAhh, look at ‘em bein’ coy about competing with Google. It’s like Google saying they’re not competing with Microsoft Office. Overall, I nice interview for the R...(truncated)...

Do The Kids Like The RSS? from

(Indexed 2007-10-20):

[Image]Just a brief pointer here. Check out the most recent episode of the Sun Identity Podcast, where-in Brandon and Don interview Don’s 20 year old daughter, Megan, on the different web-technologies she and her friends use.You can’t make a mountain out of one date-point, but it’s good stuff to hear anyhow. Names:MySpace is for middle-schoolers, that is, people who are uncool to college students.Facebook rules.Email is for planning and scheduling.IM (here, AIM) is for communic...(truncated)...

[ Podcast] Episode 108 - Nestmates, Erlang, & Social Diseases from

(Indexed 2007-10-16):

In this episode, Charles and I spend some time talking about Erlang, specifically, what the hell is up with it being such a buzz-language now.In addition to that, we talk about some non-code stuff which I’ve forgotten.(This episode edited by Charles.)Tags: erlang.Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

InnoTech Austin 07 from

(Indexed 2007-10-12):

[Image]Yesterday I was at the InnoTech conference in Austin. It was a nice time, and there were several fun folks — several pictures above, thanks to John Willis — to hang out with.I was on a panel on the topic of Navigating the Open Source Community in which fellow panelists and I answered the question “how do I jump into this open source world and start using it?” At least, that’s the take away I had.There’s an interesting trend in open source conversations ...(truncated)...

Next Week: SAP TechEd 07 in Munich - WordPress, ERP, and Lord Knows What from

(Indexed 2007-10-10):

[Image]James has beaten me to the punch when it comes to writing up what we’ll be doing next week at SAP TechEd’s CommunityDay in Munich. In summary: we’re using the RedMonk track to show how SAP technologies and their data/processes can be hooked up into the rest of the world, namely WordPress, RIA’s, and other non-SAP, non-business-world software.There are two prongs to why this matters:The William Gibson Law of Innovation - which flies under many quotes from Gibson: &#...(truncated)...

On Jaiku, Google, and Twitter: The Value of Buddies, Attention Lock-in, and a mild-WTF from

(Indexed 2007-10-09):

(Someone asked us to comment on the Jaiku acquisition in email. Usually I let these things rot in my sent folder, but I thought I’d be lazy and do a little “re-posting” with some gussying-up, if you will.)As you, dear readers, probably know, I’m actually not to hip to Jaiku and much more a fan of Twitter ( That said, Jaiku is more featureful than Twitter, which can be both good and bad depending on where you fall on the question of simplicity...(truncated)...

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Five questions: SAPs acquisition of Business Objects…the other questions is what enterprise software companies who built/work on-top of Business Objects should do. Do they like SAP or not?(tags: m&a sap businessintellegence bi businessobjects)ZFS to play larger role in future versions of Mac OS X(tags: osx zfs storage rumours via:slashdot)BMC buying out configuration management company(tags: bmc m&a configurationmgmt realops redmonkclients)Ellison: Wheres the big money in SaaS?“What ...(truncated)...

RedMonkTV: The Rise of the Designer/Developer Mashup Developer from

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In our last on-topic video from last week’s SAP Tech Ed ‘07 in Las Vegas, James talks with (now) RedMonkTV regular Dan McWeeney about the new type of designer/developer role and methodology Dan has seen emerge recently:Rather than build on an open source or closed source only stack, Dan says, these developers pull in whatever code, projects, tools, and data they need to make a sort of development tool-chain mashup. Many of these coders, Dan notes, aren’t traditional types of de...(truncated)...

The Goal: Make Money, or, C.R.E.A.M. for suits from

(Indexed 2007-10-05):

[Image][Image]While at SAP TechEd ‘07, I found myself in a conversation explaining why I’m always racing to connect software with making money. Commercial software that is. Close readers will probably know that I try to use the word “cash” and “money” as much as possible when discussing the business of software.While I’m acutely aware of and spend much time discussing the non-monetary aspects of software, in the context of commercial interests in softwar...(truncated)...

SAP Tech 07 - Adobe SDN RIA Hacker night from

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[Image]Thanks to Craig Cmehil, I’m in the Adobe sponsored RIA night here at SAP TechEd ‘07, hosted by Matthias Zeller.There’re about 25 people here, which is a little above the cap of 20, according the Craig. There’s an open bar, pizza, presentations, and now some Wii and video game playing.There were about 4-5 presentations — from both vendor and buyer — each on projects that layered Adobe Flex on-top of SAP back-ends. Also, there’s plenty of free Flex ...(truncated)...

Majority Desk - Wiimote 3D widget desktop - totally sick from

(Indexed 2007-10-03):

While at SAP TechEd ‘07 in Las Vegas, James and I had the chance to get an exciting demo from Dan McWeeney and Eddie Herrmann. Having won the SAP TechEd ‘06 DemoJam, Dan and Eddie couldn’t compete this year, so they cooked up the Wiimote driven 3D desktop we see in the demo. It’s sort of like Minority Report with two Wiimotes. Built on a collection of open source project and Flex, Dan and Eddie’s Majority Desktop is quite the site to see.As you may recall, Dan and E...(truncated)...

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AboutUISome nice SAP folks we met yesterday.(tags: blogs sap sapteched07 ui netweaver via:theotherthomasotter)afongen AIR Camp“It seems, though, that the scope is expanding, and Adobes setting their sights a bit wider than Java. Good news all around.”(tags: air adobe flex java)numpty“Someone who (sometimes unwittingly) by speech or action demonstrates a lack of knowledge or misconception of a particular subject or situation to the amusement of others.”(tags: via:yellowpa...(truncated)...

Is Google Stalking OK? from

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During Tim O’Reilly’s keynote last night here at SAP TechEd ‘07, he said that we’ve become the bionic man. Namely, that we’re (well, us here, dear readers) always hooked up to the web, hand on laptop.Naturally, when I meet a new person, I Google the hell out of them. I want to find flickr, Facebook, blogs, old USEnet posts, everything.This has been normal for me sine the days of BBSes and gopher, and I do it all the time now — I was just hunting down Jeff Nola...(truncated)...

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SAP To Kick Off Developers’ Conference With Sun, IBM Partnership(tags: sap announcements identity sunw ibm sapteched07)Industry Leaders Showcase New Applications Built on Adobe AIR at MAX 2007(tags: air ria adobe pr sap via:twitter via:matzeller)Pittsburgh Whiskey FestivalLooks like a good early November weekend trip, eh?(tags: booze whiskey via:#drunkandretired pitsburgh travel via:faisal)Chris Madrid’s - Burgers in San Antonio(tags: food sanantonio burgers texas via:Goulash)We Are ...(truncated)...

Adobe Goes SaaS Applications - Buzzword and Project Share from

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Last week I had the chance to talk with Adobe ahead of time about their acquisition of Buzzword, the Flex-built word processor. This is an extremely interesting event as it signals one of the few “middle-ware,” Elder Companies companies going after not only applications, but also using a very pure SaaS model.The Services/Products ThemselvesI won’t spend much time telling you what Buzzword and Project “Share” are in this post. I anticipate many others will be able to...(truncated)...

Eclipse BIRT Exchange, collecting tacit knowledge for the user community from

(Indexed 2007-09-30):

While at the Eclipse Marketing Symposium in Chicago, I caught up Virgil Dodson on the goings on in the BIRT community. BIRT is an Eclipse project that focuses on providing a framework and runtime for reporting; see the previous RedMonk video with Virgil for more detail and a demo.Virgil’s update is primarily about the new BIRT user community, BIRT Exchange. As Virgil tells and then demos for us, BIRT exchange allows users to not only share tips and trouble-shooting about reports, but also ...(truncated)...

RedMonkTV: BMCs Kia Behnia on Community and Innoopracts Jochen Krause on Eclipse RAP and OSGi from

(Indexed 2007-09-28):

Last week’s RedMonkTV videos are from the BMC Analyst Summit and the Eclipse Marketing Symposium.The c-word: community from cellphones to IT management, talking with BMCs Kia BehniaIn the first one, James had the chance to talk with BMC’s Kia Behnia in the lovely court-yard of the Sonoma Lodge. They use Kia’s cellphone gadgetry as a nice launch into talking about community in technical circles:Someday we’ll put up the interview with a cow we did that night too.Innoopract ...(truncated)...

SAP TechEd Community Day next week, Oct. 1st, 2007 from

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[Image] [Image]As mentioned last month, next week James and I will be in Las Vegas for SAP TechEd. As part of this, we’re helping run and facilitate a track in the TechEd CommunityDay. Check out the Community Day wiki for a list of all the sessions, not just RedMonk.Not having known to attend this even last year when I starting going to SAP TechEd, I don’t know first hand what to experience. But, from the conversations I’ve had and what I know, it looks like it’ll be a mi...(truncated)...

Reinventing FileMaker, Hypercard from

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On the last trip I was fortunate to sit next to a Web 2.0 evangelist (that’s not their official title, but what they end up doing frequently) for one of our larger clients. In our conversation, we talked about lines of businesses using Web 2.0 technology — mostly mashup stuff — to build their own disposable applications.The Deal with the IT DepartmentIn the main, most IT in large companies is farmed out to the IT department. This is good and bad:Food because centralizing on the...(truncated)...

Eclipse Marketing Symposium, 2007 from

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I’m on the way back home, to Austin, from Chicago, having attended the first day of the Eclipse Marketing Symposium.Developer Marketing - Do’s and Don’t’sEclipse asked me up to give a talk, Developer Marketing: Do’s and Don’t’s:PDF download also available.Having been a developer of late, it was fun giving the room some guidelines for successful marketing. I think I managed to wedge in “don’t make me fill out a registration form” twice ;...(truncated)...

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Google adds presentations app to Google Docs hosted suite | InfoWorld | News | 2007-09-18 | By Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service(tags: google presentation saas googleapps)PHP developers get Eclipse boost | InfoWorld | News | 2007-09-17 | By Paul Krill“We found that PDT is more of a framework to build products based on this, so it provides a very good editor and good debugging, but there is much to complete beyond that.”(tags: php zend eclipse redmonkclients pdt)GroundWork Open Sour...(truncated)...

Gadgets: Plantronics Mx500i 3 in 1 headset from

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After a few click-filled phone calls and the Monkcast folks complaining that my volume was too low, I got a new, affordable headset: the Plantronics Mx500i 3 in 1 headset[Image]. I’ve used the headset for two days both on the phone and for recording audio on my computer. So far, I like it.Check out the photo set in flickr for a close look at it and it’s different parts.The Need for HeadsetsUs web worker types and other work-at-homers get obsessive about headsets because we spend so m...(truncated)...

RedMonk Radio #42: Enterprise Systems Management with John Willis from

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[Image]A few weeks ago, I talked with John Willis about enterprise systems management. I found the conversation quite fun and interesting. John Willis is an independent, Tivoli consultant, so he’s got all sorts of good, frank content.We talk about his “What Does Bob Want?” story which discusses getting the ESM software to tell the CIO what he actually want to know: that the IT is working, end-to-end. Also, we talk about SOA and ESM, and then open source in the IT management spa...(truncated)...

Virtualization, SaaS for IT Management, Pulling Knowledge from Mainframe-landwith Israel Gat from

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The second part of my conversation with BMC’s Israel Gat is up:As my original description says:In the second part of my conversation with BMC Software’s Israel Gat, we talk about virtualization and IT Management for SaaS. Israel points to the energy savings benefits of virtualization and also the deployment benefits it brings, using the example of managing many different types encryption software.We then talk about pulling knowledge from the mainframe world into a more virtualized wo...(truncated)...

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i-CAUGHT TV: Tom GreenCheck out the dozen camera he has. Whao. Also, note the small bit about people watching the videos long after the initial video broadcast: the traditional idea of a “TV schedule is going out the window.”(tags: via:twitter video diy interviews via:dberlind)Pricing: How Big Is That Discount? The Last Digit Determines Consumers’ Perception Of The DealIf the last digit of the price is less than 5, you tend to think you’re getting a better deal: “an...(truncated)...

Web 2.0 is People! Its People! from

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Recently, I’ve talked and consulting with people who are introducing “Web 2.0″ into their software stacks, thinking, projects, and technologies. If you’re technology-minded, it’s easy to look at Web 2.0 as REST, HTTP, XML, RSS, and whole lot of other things you have to hold the shift key down to type.In the face of more complex technologies, this is welcome and I don’t want to discourage it all. The idea of having a simple “view” built on HTTP and ...(truncated)...

Enterprise Agile from the VPs View from

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As you know, Agile Software development is one of my favorite topics to talk with people about. The most recent discussion I’ve recorded was with the Vice President of the group I used to work in at BMC, Israel Gat.I split our talk into two parts, and the first is on his experience introducing and then growing Agile as the development methodologies for the product lines under him.If you haven’t seen it already, you might also be interested in the discussion I had with Chip Holden who...(truncated)...

Travel Blog from

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While I Twittered it last week, I wanted to point out another blog I started up recently: Travel. I travel quite a lot (well, relative to my programmer life) and, as a systems type thinker, I’ve had fun walking around the loyalty programs, particularly, American Airlines’ AAdvantage program.So, as with most things that I spend too much time doing, I started a blog for it to “write-out” my insomnia and boredom, if you will.My plan is to simply “do...(truncated)...

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Please Fork RadRails NowAs someone said to me, “whatever aptana is, it seems to be attracting interest not in a good way.”(tags: opensource community aptana scandal rails ide)The Lure [on Simon Phipps, SunMink]Witness the fast death spiral/tar baby that is open source license discussions when closed source EULA’s get thrown into the blender.(tags: opensource licenses scandal via:luisv moonlight msft redmonkclients sunw)Puppet Blog: Development and MoreFrom all accounts that I h...(truncated)...

Do you give a damn about video? from

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I’m at the Lone Star Ruby Conference in Austin yesterday and today. It’s fun stuff! In talking with several gracious and kind listeners, I’ve begun to think that we should take the podcast back to audio.Video is quite a hassle, and it’s obviously impacted our delivery ability.Before I dump the video — except for, perhaps, little fun short videos from time to time — I wanted to ask if there was anyone who’s balls-out excited about and ...(truncated)...

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Computerworld UK - The Voice of IT ManagementNew blog outlet for Greenmonk. I like James’ bio: “I am the co-founder of analyst RedMonk, the community-based analyst firm. I’m 36 and married with a boy. I talk too much, but i do actually listen.” Nice!(tags: green greenmonk uk redmonk monkchips)Is open-source software support better than closed-source software support?Open source companies sell closed source extensions because “they’re trying to give the custome...(truncated)...

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AmericanAirlines Elite Status Bonus“Effective March 1, 2008, British Airways flights no longer earn elite status bonus miles.”(tags: aa american aadvantage bitrishair)Giving WordPress Its Own Directory WordPress CodexSetting up Wordpress to have it’s own directory, so that all those wp-* files and dirs don’t crud up the root directory of your blog.(tags: wordpress config)Platinum Card from American Express: Airport Club Access Program - AmericanWhen did Amex add American...(truncated)...

Drinks 001: Tequila and Lime and Ice from

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While we haven’t found the time to record a proper podcast, I did find the time to show you, dear viewers, how to make one of my favorite drinks: tequila and lime and ice.Enjoy!Tags: drinks, cote, video, tequila, lime, booze.Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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Open Source vs. Closed Source SupportMark responds to the call for comment on open source support. Quite a nice post.(tags: zenoss opensource support re:peopleoverprocess redmonkclients)Engineering world-class support for open source(tags: redhat jboss support opensource)InfoQ: Open Source Business Models Debate: Create & Support vs. Pure-Support(tags: opensource spring openlogic stacks support blogs interface21)Help! I Need Somebody - support people should be rock-stars(tags: opennms support op...(truncated)...

Busy Conference Time Coming UpYuh! from

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The Fall conference bonanza and travel season is fast approaching. Here are some events I’ll be at:Lone Star Ruby Conference, Sep. 7th and 8th, Austin, TX - next weekend, just up the street from me is one of the first (if the first?) ruby conferences in Austin. So of course I’ll be going to that! Hopefully I can get some video interviews for RedMonkTV. Maybe the intro to ruby and rails workshop the night before would be a lazy/quick way for me to refresh myself as well.BMC Software A...(truncated)...

Vacation! from

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I’ll be on vacation tomorrow and Friday (Aug 30th and 31st). And, despite my air-headed attempts to schedule meetings with some of you on Monday — Labor Day you remind me — I’ll be off on Monday as well.See ya’ll next week!Technorati Tags: travelShare This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

Making Money in Open Source with Support from

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Not to knock developers, but writing code is much less stressful than handling support. There are pressures to be sure, but the number of unknown variables to be managed in a coding project is less than those in the average support issue. I constantly face support issues that could be due to configuration issues, the customers network, the server, the operating system, or bugs. Last week alone I dealt with one client who was having issues because they used Solaris tar versus GNU tar on a build (...(truncated)...

Running a small software company, sharing IP, and the US banking market from

(Indexed 2007-08-29):

Last week I talked with one of my oldest friends, Zane Rockenbaugh about his software development company, Liquid Labs. As a full disclaimer, not only have I known Zane since junior high, but I’ve also worked with and for him at two different companies.Running a Small Software ShopI’m always interested in talking with developers who’ve made the jump from being employed to working on their own. I often discuss the topic in my podcast with one of my other frie...(truncated)...

Open source support stories: the same as closed source? from

(Indexed 2007-08-28):

I’m working on a little post about the nature of “open source support.” What I mean here is support that’s paid for, i.e., the sort of support commercial open source companies provide.While I’ve got a head, several mind-maps, and a post draft full of thoughts, I wanted to see if ya’ll, dear readers, had any stories about support you’ve used (as a “buyer”) and/or support you’ve provided (as a “seller”).What I’m interest...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2007-08-28): Announces Record Fiscal Second Quarter 2008 Results - has 35,300 customers“Q2 by adding approximately 3,000 net paying customers in a quarter for the first time in its history. These additions pushed total net paying customers in the second quarter to 35,300.”(tags: saas salesforce via:conformity qtr_calls numbers)Smart Soulful Marketing, the New RulesMark really likes this book.(tags: books pr marketing redmonkclients)Screengrab!Firefox extension for ca...(truncated)...

Casual Tone is the Real Reward, P.S.: culture is safe, move along from

(Indexed 2007-08-24):

[Image]The real pay-off for blogs and other “the amateur nut jobs are killing the canon”/”these kids today and their not liking the things I liked when I was their age” trend is a wider acceptance of using a casual tone in “communications.” By that I mean the written word, images, talks, and anywhere that someone is talking in whatever medium.Me!I hated my early english classes in public school. I never really learned grammar, how to spell (thank you red squig...(truncated)...

IT Management for SaaS, open source and SaaS, sniffing out open services from

(Indexed 2007-08-23):

In one of this week’s RedMonkTV episodes I had the chance to talk with my old co-worker, manager, and friend Divakar Jandhyala. He’s been working on a startup, eVapt with several other folks over the past year (or so) to provide IT management for SaaSes. There aren’t that many folks actually working in the IT management for SaaS area, so it was great to explore just what that area is and looks like.In the discussion, we touch on possible ways the IT department might evolve to ...(truncated)...

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Perfect coffeeCoffee porn!(tags: coffee via:yellowpark via:twitter espresso pictures)Delicious 2.0: Building Candy-like App with Adobe AIR in HTML/AJAX OR Flex at Hurricane Electric Building Two “The Matrix” (Wednesday, August 29, 2007) - Upcoming(tags: rich adobe air conferences ria upcoming)dux07 - conference on designing for user experience(tags: design rich conferences dux dux07 ord socialnetworks interactivedesign cocreation)Ajax and Flex Job OpportunitiesRedMonk sti...(truncated)...

More on barcampESM: video! from

(Indexed 2007-08-17):

Last week while the three where up at LinuxWorld, I talked with whurley, John Willis, and Mark Hinkle about barcampESM. If you’ve still got questions about what barcampESM is, this is a good video to watch as the three go into detail about the goals and hopes for getting the IT management community together.We shot this in sort of DIY, remote style: I was on the speaker phone (for them) and recording myself on my iSight, while the three of them were filming with whurley’s HV20. So, i...(truncated)...

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Remote Managed ServicesBlog for doing remote, over the Internet management with System Center.(tags: blogs sce opsmgr systemcenter mircosoft msp remote itmanagement)Mens Wanna See My Cubicle T-Shirt at tshirts via:twitter via:@ThinGuy cubicals)Tipping the Microsoft Cash Cow Could Be Adobe’s Next MoveSee me being skeptical about RIA Office killers.(tags: office air adobe ria redmonkpressquotes msft)VentureCake Blog Archive The VMware house of cards(tags: rumors virtua...(truncated)...

Microsoft System Center Essentials from

(Indexed 2007-08-14):

Last week, I spent some time looking at Microsoft System Center Essentials in response to a client inquiry. For a quick over view, see the presentation above.OverviewFirst, “SCE” is the abbreviation for System Center Essentials. SCE is Microsoft’s mid-market offering for IT management. They seem to pronounce it “ski,” drawing out the “i” a little bit.While I didn’t get a chance to run it myself, if you’re primarilyconcerned about managing Win...(truncated)...

Enterprise Agile with Chip Holden from

(Indexed 2007-08-13):

I talked with an old friend of mine, Chip Holden, last week about his recent thoughts and experience applying Agile Software Development on large-scale projects.Chip works at one of my former work-places, BMC Software. He’s been there since the beginning (and before) of BMC’s switch to Agile, and he’s always got plenty of war stories to tell. More importantly, he’s drawn out some useful (anti-)patterns, observations, and practices.For more from Chip on Enterprise Agile, c...(truncated)...

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Bruce Sterling at Pop!Tech - “a culture war of web semantics”On a meta-topic, who’s aping who’s intro: TED or Pop!Tech. Their video intros are the same “we’re smart people” crap-sequences. Check out the theatre Sterling injects into his speeches. Also, I think he half-reads them…?(tags: brucesterling web semantics words)Novell owns the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights! Novell has right to waive! - SCO looses(tags: sco scandal linux unix opensource)How ...(truncated)...

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UNAMERICAN 4.0: stickers via:podtech)Massive spam campaignSince the massive spam campaign has begun, mentioning a publicly traded company “The share price of this particular company has risen by 60%” PDF traders!(tags: spam stocks scams pdf via:PaulKedrosky)MacUser: World exclusive!!! Bob Keefe is not Fake Steve Jobs. But he is the “Intel Sticker Guy.”When OS X fan-boys attack!(tags: osx intel audio pressconferences)Stuck on the enterp...(truncated)...

whurley talks about open source at BMC from

(Indexed 2007-08-10):

Last week I talked with whurley about the recent open source and developer network announcements from BMC. More than just covering the announcements, we talked about why BMC is starting with open source and what it hopes to accomplish (namely, integration).Several people I’ve talked with were perplexed by the choice of the BSD license over the GPL or *PL licenses, and we discuss that as well. And, for those asking “who is this whurley guy?” here he is ;>Additionally, both of of...(truncated)...

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Novell CEO backs standard Linux apps certificationMore details on Novell’s LinuxWOrls Linux announcements: cross-distro “will run” certification, playing nice with the LSB (how and to what degree?), ZenWorks virtualization releases, and calls to action for Unix and Windows desktop replacement.(tags: zenworks linux linuxworld novell opensource lsb windows virtualization)Google News: Have your say in commentsGoogle sets itself up as taste-maker and big-brother for adding comments...(truncated)...

barcampESM coming to Austin from

(Indexed 2007-08-09):

[Image]As the organizers announced yesterday, Austin will soon be the home of the first barcampESM. “ESM” being Enterprise Systems Management, though I’d suggest not to get too hung up on “enterprise” and exclude yourself if you feel more SME than E.I talked with the three organizers yesterday (BMC’s whurley, Zenoss’ Mark Hinkle, and exciting new IT management blogger and Tivoli-head John Willis) and the premise sounds fun: getting together customer, dev...(truncated)...

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FatWire Software Appoints Former CA Executive Yogesh Gupta President and CEO(tags: yogesh ca execs cms fatwire)The Writer’s Almanac from American Public MediaI like the literary history updates here. Good stuff.(tags: podcasts npr writers history)System Center: Getting Started with System Center Essentials 2007 — TechNet Magazine, August 2007(tags: essentials sce systemcenter itmanagement smb msft redmonkclients)TechNet Webcast: Overview and Architecture of System Center Essentials 2...(truncated)...

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IBM to bury BlackIce by next yearThe point is that they’re shutting down consumer sales. IBM wants only business sales.(tags: security ibm blackice consumer)The Mutineer: Rants, Ravings, and Missives from the Mountaintop 1977-2005: Books: Hunter S. ThompsonNew HST book (hopefully letters, articles, and unpublished stuff) to ship February 1, 2008.(tags: hst books gonzo)System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) Catalog and Inventory Tool for Custom Updates (ITCU)(tags: 1e hp adobe citrix msft s...(truncated)...

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(Indexed 2007-08-06): -Support - Voice-SoundStation-SoundStation VTX 1000Can I hook this thing up to my network and do cool things?(tags: polycom voice phones vtx1000)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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XNmap - Network Scanner for Mac OS XOS X port/wrapper of nmap(tags: osx nmap networkingmanagement scanner)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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CA files $200 million copyright lawsuit against Rocket(tags: ca rocket scandal db2)Tough Delay for Big Game by Take-Two - Grand Theft Auto IV to be delayed to Q2 of 2008(tags: gta games taketwo rockstar ps3) Amazon FPS, Amazon Flexible Payment Service: Amazon Web Services(tags: amazon via:#redmonk via:mikeolson payments saas services fps)CMDB Federation (CMDBf) 0.95 Public Interim DraftDraft complete with UML, WSDL, and schema for querying and interacting with the CMDB.(tags: cmdf itm...(truncated)...

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sotto voce“in a low, soft voice so as not to be overheard.”(tags: words via:PaulKedrosky)Twitter / confessionPeople anonymously submit tweats that are to be secrets. Much affairs, suicide, and nose picking.(tags: twitter secrets)Closed is the New OpenUpdate from the land of share-croppers. Surfs unite! The comments are good too, e.g.: “Facebook just went as open as any for-profit media company will ever get.”(tags: facebook roachmotels socialnetworks via:alexbarn)15 to lo...(truncated)...

Printers Problems with Adobe Fedex Kinko Plugin & Google Maps Microformats from

(Indexed 2007-08-01):

I’m pretty much speaking out of the business domain I understand here. I don’t know about the US printing industry.Disclaimer out of the way, apparently many printers are quite upset at one of the recent features in Adobe Acrobat: there’s a little icon that allows you to send a print job lickity split to a Kinko’s.See this brief text write-up and audio from Monday’s Marketplace.The Web to the RescueIt seems to me that there’s the chance here for some microform...(truncated)...

Klir Closing from

(Indexed 2007-08-01):

The news says SaaS provided IT management vendor Klir is closing up:As a venture-backed startup, [James] Maiocco [CEO] said, it is tough to switch gears.“You are not a conglomerate that can afford to pursue six different business models,” he said. “You are placing a bet on a business model, and you can’t go out after that business model half-heartedly. You have to attack it intensely, which we did. Unfortunately, pursuing our business through a direct sales model was just...(truncated)...

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Sun plans ‘consumer-friendly’ Java SE(tags: java7.0 se performance)Create an ‘active files’ view using Smart FoldersAll right, this is pretty handy for desktop document/notes people like me.(tags: osx smartfolders tips via:dogbowl)LabnotesThis looks like a fun blog. Nice format. Like a digested tumble blog.(tags: blogs java programming ruby tumbleblogs)The 451 Group | Caos | Report Four: Managing in the Open(tags: opensource 451group sysmgmt little4 itmanagement analysts ...(truncated)...

[ Podcast] Episode 103 - Ruby & Java IDE Chat from

(Indexed 2007-07-30):

In this episode, Cot and Charles spend much time talking about IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, and TextMate (for ruby). Also: Old Austin Radio - Froggy and Key 103.5 Play-off Bears. The “Should” Anti-pattern. Transformers and the Hip-hop/Sci-fi error in movies. Amazon S3 vs. libsyn. Shiner Kolsch. Haskell and side-effects. Unix programming w/pipes and The End Times.Enjoy!Audio only version also available.Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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Laptop Bags, Laptop Cases, and Laptop Backpacks made by TOM BIHNMore bags for me to drool over.(tags: bags laptop via:jjb)Verge RecordsHeard on NPR this morning. Looks like nice source of music, eh?(tags: hiphop brazil worldmusic)NPR : Brazil’s Traditional Beats Revamped in RioNPR piece on record label with music from the favelas.(tags: npr radio favelas music hiphop)Man admits trying to blow up Austin women’s clinicNews of Austin abortion clinic (attempted) bomber: reading list (he ...(truncated)...

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[Image]In working on a paper, I thought I’d troll the blog here for IT management ideas and moves I’ve suggested (not always from me, but just written up) here. Let’s see what nutty things I’ve said:07/26/2007 - Symantec partner or M&A with someone to capitalize on their mid-market brand power. Also, provide IT management as a SaaS07/25/2007 - BMC open source the BPM SDK, AR, CMDB, provide reference implementation(s) for the CMDB Federation, PowerShell adaptors and script...(truncated)...

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Microsoft now wants its Shared Source licenses to qualify as open source(tags: msft sharedsource opensource oscon)Ozzie spells out the Live platform layersSounds like an operating system in the cloud. Maybe an SOA-based operating system.(tags: saas msft zdnet ozzie live)A checkpoint on Web 2.0 in the enterprise(tags: web2.0 socialsoftware enterprise2.0 behindthefirewall zdnet research)Microsoft describes software plus services“utility computing fabric”…I haven’t seen the ...(truncated)...

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Virtualizations impact on Market ResearchNice musing on how virtualization makes getting server/OS numbers mo’ difficult. I like this esp.: “[h]igh performance computing/Grid computing software has a tendency to increase system shipments, reduce the value of each one of those shipments.”(tags: virtualization numbers idc os via:twitter)User pressure leads SugarCRM to adopt GPLv3 | InfoWorld | News | 2007-07-25 | By China Martens, IDG News Service(tags: sugarcrm mpl opensource gp...(truncated)...

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GroundWork’s Harper Mann saves me the trouble of blogging an email I sent in responseto a question of posed by Denise Dubie, via frequent AR IM buddy Ray George, which essentially boiled down to: what’s it look like for non-Big 4 companies getting into Big 4 IT management space? Here’s my off-the-cuff-y response, re-blogged for your pleasure, dear readers, with some added comments and links:Microsoft is definitely a contender, though 1-3 years out. They’re in year 4 of th...(truncated)...

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Why Congress Needs a Version Control SystemThe question is really: doesn’t secrecy actually help? What are examples of not-that that work?(tags: via:dehora svn politics prjmgmt)Yes, Were Open TalkBMCBMC’s open source program/policies.(tags: bmc opensource whurley bsd)HP Labs : SmartFrog : Home“SmartFrog is a technology for describing distributed software systems as collections of cooperating components, and then activating and managing them…. The core SmartFrog framework...(truncated)...

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Today, BMC’s Open Source Dude, William “whurley” Hurley released BMC’s Developers Network site which includes an open source section. Both are interesting in the respect of filling large holes BMC has had ever since I’ve known them: establishing a common community for developers and open sourcing more of it’s own software. As has been noted, and as with HP, sure, BMC uses and participates in open source, but as of yet they haven’t committed much along th...(truncated)...

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The relative verbosity of programming languages isn’t the interesting thing; nor is typing doctrine. What’s interesting is the culture of frameworks and what different communities deem valuable. My sense of it is that on Java, too many web frameworks - think JSF, or Struts 1.x - consider the Web something you work around using software patterns. The goal is get off the web, and back into middleware. Whereas a framework like Django or Rails is purpose-built for the Web; integrating wi...(truncated)...

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[Image]I’ve been using cards for sometime now. They differ from “normal” business cards in two ways, as seen above:They’re narrower, about half the size.You can put a different picture on the backs of each card.The price is currently 100 cards for $20, not including some $4-5 for shipping from London to Austin.The BenefitsI like these cards a lot, and they’re well worth the trouble to create and pay for them.The primary reason that I like them is that they&#...(truncated)...

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Palamida GPLv3 and LGPLv3 - Who’s converting, who’s not(tags: palamida opensource gpl gplv3)Sun adds compiler to JavaFX platform | InfoWorld | News | 2007-07-20 | By Paul Krill(tags: sunw javafx ria swing java redmonkclients)HP to acquire Opsware for $1.6 billion | InfoWorld | News | 2007-07-23 | By China Martens, IDG News Service(tags: opsware hp m&a itil)HP to Acquire Opsware Inc.(tags: hp opsware m&a itil)Fortress Rochester: The Inside Story of the … - Google Book SearchNow ...(truncated)...

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Four years ago we spent 70% of our R&D dollars on hardware, but last year that 70% was dedicated to software. –Mark Hurd, CEO, HPHP is on the path to acquiring two more companies today: Opsware and Neoware. I don’t have a well reasoned analysis at the moment for you, but here are some off-the-cuff thoughts:If Opsware’s Run Book Automation (not just monitoring, but actually doing stuff with IT) works as well as Opsware’s recent growth and The Hype would seem to indicate, s...(truncated)...

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SAP bangs drum for A1S hosted apps“…midmarket, which SAP defines as companies with under 2,500 employees or less than $1 billion in annual revenue.”(tags: smb a1s sap redmonklclients saas)Xandros buys Linux e-mail vendor Scalix(tags: m&a xandros linux opensource scalix email redmonklclients)IBM shakes up sales organization to target SMBs(tags: smb ibm sales redmonklcients)IBM’s Q2 strongest revenue growth in 6 years(tags: qtr_calls ibm redmonkclients numbers)Wal-Mart to s...(truncated)...

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The last in the series of five Eclipse Europa screencasts was published this week while I was off in Marfa, TX on vacation. The five are:EMF with Ed Merks.DTP with John Graham.Mylyn (formally Mylar) with Mik Kersten.BIRT with Virgil Dodson.Equinox with Jeff McAffer.This post isn’t so much about the Europa screencasts themselves as it is about how I made them, which has been a frequent question. I go into the minutia of video and screencast editing, so it may seem terribly nerdy and boring ...(truncated)...

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Fortune iMeme: Adobe Sees Fourth Generation Of Software Apps“is interactive Web applications - with this generation…it is important to bring them back to the desktop…enable you to install them as desktop applications…run them online or offline - but build with HTML, Javascrpt, Flash [etc.]”(tags: adobe kevinlynch ria desktop air redmonkclients synchronizedweb)Fortune iMeme: Building New Internet Platforms; Facebook Has 1000s Of Third Party AppsOf note: GMail on desk...(truncated)...

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Microsoft and AdobeWhile a more nuanced understanding of the two kind of balks at putting AIR and Silverlight in the same RIA bucket and, thus, competing with one another, I tend to still look at the two in that bucket when I ask what’s going on in vendor-lead RIA. It’s sort of like the difference between like “red wine” instead of, well, I like “red wine,” so I don’t know what the True Wine Believers would like…uh…vintages? (I’ll have ...(truncated)...

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This morning I had dialed into a fun teleconference with one of Tivoli’s customers. This customer told us how it’d used Maximo to establish an ITIL-y service desk. The company had gotten the ITIL fever and was on a “journey” (that’s a key-word to pay attention to in enterprise software as the unspoken adjective cluster is usually “painful and expensive, but necessary) to convert it’s IT process to ITIL. Pink Elephant would have been happy to see their na...(truncated)...

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The latest, and 4th Eclipse Europa screencast is up and available, this time on the Data Tools Platform project, or DTP. As with all Eclipse projects, DTP provides quite a bit of platform plumbing, but in this screencast we see many of the more end-user facing tools that are available in the Europa bundle. Most interesting to my unit testing memories of woes is the DbUnit integration. And, as I comment in the screencast, the SQL query tools look like they’d have been a good enough way to g...(truncated)...

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To Raise Shopper Satisfaction, Web Merchants Turn to Videos - New York TimesSounds like the old online shopping high-theory of the mid 90’s.(tags: retail ecommerce customerservice video)bookofjoe: Ultimate HoodieWTF?(tags: weird gadgets)SCOTTEVEST/SeV - Gear Management Solutions-GMS- Technology Enabled Clothing-TECLooks like good shopping once winter comes.(tags: clothes to_buy hoodies gadgets)Google to buy Postini for $625 million | InfoWorld | News | 2007-07-09 | By James Niccolai, IDG N...(truncated)...

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Google Apps has rapidly shown that there’s more coordination going on at Google than people had perceived in the past. Tighter integration between Google Apps, access to a user’s desktop, and offline access facilitated by Google Gears has the makings of, for one thing, offering an Office competitor that wins on simple and cheap vs. feature-full and expensive.But, the question is always if Google cares about pursuing that vision and revenue-gamble, which their public comments always s...(truncated)...

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The second video this week in RedMonkTV is a conversation between Dave “KirinDave” Fayram and me about his use of the iPhone over the past week. If you listen/watch my personal podcast,, you’ll probably recognize Dave as a (recently) regular guest and special co-host, like when he was waiting for the iPhone. Dave’s a developer, so we spent plenty of time dorking out about the technical aspects of the iPhone and ways to extend and “hack” it....(truncated)...

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The third installment in our Eclipse Europa screencast series is now up, this time on Mylyn, formally known as Mylar. For those who want to zoom into the screen, there’s a giant version of the screen cast available as well.I’ve mentioned Mylyn/Mylar several times before — here and most recently in the context of Europa — an it’s one of my favorite Eclipse projects.Mik is always fun to talk with, and the astute RedMonkTV viewers out there will probably figure out tha...(truncated)...

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Project Zero“Project Zero is an incubator project started within IBM that is focused on the agile development of the next generation of dynamic Web applications.”(tags: via:twitter ibm agile development webapps)Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

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In this week’s MonkCast with ZDNet’s David Berlind, all three of us RedMonks man the phone due to the magic of chaining together 3 way conferences. Telco magic!Steve leads a nice discussion of GPLv3 and then we jump into a discussion of FaceBook, LinkedIn, and how businesses are hurt or helped by APIs that effectively allow anyone to poach all their data. Or, put more friendly, “the freedom to leave.”We touch briefly, at the end, on how the RedMonk ideas of low barriers t...(truncated)...

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We all know what tomorrow is: GPLv3 is coming out! Europa!Chuckles aside, it’s iPhone day! On the IT nerd side, there’s the news around the iPhone being business ready or not. Will IT support the iPhone? Is it worth $499-599 or however many thousands over two years to have one?On the face of it, the price is too steep. But, in my way of thinking, in business price is just something to be justified if you really end up wanting a device. Otherwise, this whole enterprise software market...(truncated)...

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Prism Microsystems, Inc - Systems Management Solutions(tags: redmonkclients itmanagement windows sysgmmt logmanagement snmp)The Pappas FamilyBlog for one of my sister’s family. We all wonder how such an athletically-minded person managed to crack into our lot ;)(tags: family blogs)T-Mobile to launch nationwide converged Wi-Fi, cell service | InfoWorld | News | 2007-06-27 | By Nancy Gohring, IDG News ServiceNow, this seems incredibly sensible….(tags: analyze_this tmobile cellphones pl...(truncated)...

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[Image]First off, a big, fat disclaimer: Eclipse is a long-time client of ours and they’ve hired RedMonk to do a series of 5 screencasts on the Eclipse Europa release. The first two are currently available: Equinox and BIRT.June 29thIntriguingly timed (by coincidence, no doubt) to be released on the same date as the iPhone and the GPLv3, Eclipse Europa is the second go at a coordinated release of Eclipse projects.There are three interesting dimensions to the Europa release:A platform for p...(truncated)...

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I talked with Ed and Dan back at SAP Sapphire 2007. This was actually the first video I did for RedMonkTV, so it’s fun to watch it. At some point I think I realized I looked silly chewing gum and swallowed it.Here’s the description from the show posting: In this interview from SAP SAPPHIRE 2007, talks with Colgate-Palmolive developers Ed Herrmann and Dan McWeeney about their Imagineering Fellowship with SAP. After showing their development skills with projects like SAPLink and...(truncated)...

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Spiceworks adds troubleshooting to its free net mgmt. tool - SpiceWorks 1.6(tags: spiceworks free redmonkclients itmangement desktop ruby assetmgmt)Forget SAP, Run Down to StaplesIt’s The Goal and lean-think in a blender, with WhiteboardCam.(tags: sap erp manufactoring lean)LinkedIn to open up to developersFinally LinkedIn getting the platform idea. Too bad they didn’t take my free advice years ago ;)(tags: linkedin platform socialsoftware resumes)Conversational marketing, yesPeople ...(truncated)...

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The perennial open source question of the season is nudging it’s head-up against. What exactly is this phrase “open source” and how should it be used? Steve did a nice job hammering out the issue a few months ago (here and here), but I thought I’d take a stab at it from the more, well, software developer cultural lens I tend to look at things through.In summary, my sense is that there’s a large group of developers who want open source to be more expansive of a term ...(truncated)...

[ Podcast] Episode 99 - Goat Ass, Partner Biz Models, ANTLR, EC2, and Time Management (Audio) from

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In this episode, Charles and Cot explore the phrase “goat ass,” revisit ANTLR briefly, explain ways of using Amazon EC2, talk about software partnership strategies vs. being The Single Source, and then end-up with some time management talk.Audio only is also available.Tags: ec2, amazon, antlr, business, gtd.Share This[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

Eclipse Equinox: OSGi Moving to the Server-side from

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This week, one of our RedMonkTV episodes is an interesting screencast of Eclipse Equinox, one of the core frameworks in Eclipse. The Flash include above is quite small for detailed viewing, so check out the larger sized video as well. Equinox is Eclipse’s OSGi framework, and as the topic of Java modularity has quickly become one of my ongoing Java interests, it was great to talk with Jeff McAffer and see what Eclipse had to offer.As with Eclipse Europa in general, the subtle but big shift ...(truncated)...

ITIL Meets Mad Max from tumblr

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Cot: [My next trip is] IBM Maximo World '07 in Orlando!Eric: ooooh, maximoCot: Yeah, I think it's IBM's Mad Max product line.Cot: "Just put down your asset management suites and leave! Lord Maximo will forgive you! Lord Maximo demands your allegiance or he will unleash the dogs of ITIL!"[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

Is IT for people? from

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[Image]“The iPhone is not positioned at all for the IT world,” he say. “Its a very personal device. Most corporations are probably not going to support the iPhone on their networks.” –Randy Giusto, IDCIndeed, it strikes me that Giusto is tragically spot-on. Why tragic? The notion that a “very personal device” as compelling as the iPhone (have you seen them ads?!) would be against everything IT wants — secured, affordable, and other inherently submi...(truncated)...

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Virtual computing can be a real hassleCA and HP start circling the wagons against virtualization, which is, of course, a threat to the status quo of systems management.(tags: infoworld virtualization sysmgmt ca hp)Top 50 analyst bloggers(tags: analysts bloggers ranking via:jamesgovernor)HP acquisitions bring new, updated service management software - Network WorldChange management software up in here.(tags: hp mercury changemanagement itil itmanagement)predilectionThis is one of those words I al...(truncated)...