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121 posts from: Running as Root

Links for 2012-09-27 []

(Indexed 2012-09-28):

jQuery plugin for communication between browser windows sfpeter.comUsing jQuery to communicate with another browser window / tab that was opened from the first. Useful for pop-out master/detail view functionality.

Links for 2012-09-07 []

(Indexed 2012-09-08):

LittleChefAdds a couple of nice features to Chef solo, like data bag search.Continuous Integration BootstrapperProject to make setting up Jenkins on EC2 easier.JoelJ (Joel Johnson)Some nice Jenkins plugins.

Links for 2012-07-19 []

(Indexed 2012-07-20):

Enterprise Spring Best Practices – Part 1 – Project Config | Technophile BlogPretty good overview for setting up your maven project.

Links for 2012-07-17 []

(Indexed 2012-07-18):

Create Keyboard Shortcuts & Sequences with Mousetrap | Web Resources | WebAppersLibrary for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript.

Door Handles and Usability

(Indexed 2012-05-25):

I just finished watching "J. Crew & the Man Who Dressed America" on CNBC. I recommend it but then I love those sorts of pseudo documentaries. It's about Millard "Mickey" Drexler and mostly his time spent at the Gap and J. Crew. One interesting thing about him is that he is mostly responsible for the [...]

Links for 2012-05-10 []

(Indexed 2012-05-11):

InfoQ: Breaking the MonolithStefan Tilkov suggests breaking a system into several subsystems, separating the micro and macro architecture, and addressing various integration issues in order to get a suppler architecture. Pretty good overall architecture presentation.

He's Got This Ultimate Set of Tools

(Indexed 2012-05-06):

"Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it." If you don't remember your Fast Times at Ridgemont High quotes you're probably not alone. The scene is worth remembering because the context is ridiculous. So it is sometimes with software development. The cost [...]

Links for 2012-02-07 []

(Indexed 2012-02-08):

turn.js - The page flip effect for HTML5HTML5 page turning effect.Tinycon - Favicon AlertsLibrary for manipulating the favicon to do things like display alerts.SQL Maven Plugin - IntroductionPossible pre-Liquibase solution for schema create / drop around integration tests.

Links for 2012-01-31 []

(Indexed 2012-02-01):

Tech Bits: Adding Rich Dynamic Data to jQuery Mobile AppsHidden near the bottom are some good details for preventing 302 redirects for AJAX requests when the user is not authenticated. Uses - Spring MVC: Where to place validation and how to validation entity references - Stack OverflowAccepted answer has a very good description of an alternative to using data transfer objects under Spring MVC that avoids data binding and validation issues pretty well.jsTr...(truncated)...

Links for 2011-09-16 []

(Indexed 2011-09-17):

Fossil: FossilPretty interesting looking distributed version control / wiki / blog / bug tracking project.

Links for 2011-09-07 []

(Indexed 2011-09-08):

HTML Parser - HTML Parserjsoup Java HTML Parserdisruptor - Concurrent Programming Framework - Google Project Hosting

Links for 2011-06-17 []

(Indexed 2011-06-18):

Annotation Reference for Spring Projects

Links for 2011-05-30 []

(Indexed 2011-05-31):

AuditedAnnotation - xebia-france - @Audited annotation writes an info message in the underlying SLF4J "fr.xebia.audit" logger each time the method is invoked. - Xebia France libraries and pieces of code - Google Project HostingInteresting looking Auditable annotation for use with Spring and Spring Security.

Better Programmer Interviews

(Indexed 2011-04-14):

One of my former co-workers wrote some of his thoughts on crappy interview questions as well as some advice on improving the situation. My latest job was the first time I had to write code during the interview. It was interesting although I think the problem was a bit trivial. The thing I liked about [...]

Links for 2010-09-07 []

(Indexed 2010-09-08):

CSS Sprite Generator | Project FondueUtility that lets you upload a zip file of PNG images and uses it to create a single combined image as well as the CSS to reference the individual image regions.

Links for 2010-08-31 []

(Indexed 2010-09-01):

zeroclipboard - Project Hosting on Google CodeGood enough cross browser, Flash backed "copy to clipboard" implementation.

Links for 2010-08-25 []

(Indexed 2010-08-26):

Content with Style - A CSS FrameworkAppFuse made this popular enough that I really should bookmark it. Especially considering how often I run into projects that use AF as a starting point.

Austin Java Developer Job Market

(Indexed 2010-08-23):

I stopped getting paid some time in late January of 2010. My "former" company still paid for my health care while they hoped to bring me back on "very soon." Between then and roughly the beginning of July I kind of just hung out and piddled around. I wrote an Android game for the hell [...]

Links for 2010-08-22 []

(Indexed 2010-08-23):

Styling the button element with sliding doors | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MADecent graphical button in html and css.jquerycurvycorners - Project Hosting on Google CodeBetter rounded corners than the previous JQuery plugin I had found. This one will correctly handle IE8 and more complicated backgrounds under the rounded object (such as gradient fills).

Job Postmortem #2

(Indexed 2010-08-03):

About the Company Now that I'm done with my current job it's again time to reflect on what I learned and what went wrong. I've changed the names to protect the innocent. I spent about 2 years at "Company V." They make a retirement planning tool. It allows you to do some nice "what if" [...]

Links for 2010-08-01 []

(Indexed 2010-08-02):

flensed :: flXHR means Easy Cross-Domain AjaxflXHR is a client-based cross-browser, XHR-compatible tool for cross-domain Ajax communication that uses Flash.

Links for 2010-07-11 []

(Indexed 2010-07-12):

Tutorial for creating an icon for an Android button: Part 1 of 2 - Dev NotesAmit’s Game Programming InformationGood collection of links to quite a few game related resources and articles.Android Game Development – Part 1 GameLoop & Sprites | warriormillGood start at simple canvas-based sprite animation in Android.

Links for 2010-06-21 []

(Indexed 2010-06-22):

How to bootstrap a Startup with less than $10k. Meet Tipsandtrip.APK Downloads for Android Projects - GitHubYeah, the guy with the $500 phone is going to download apps off of GitHub? Come on!AndroidTestingSome semi-useful information on how to use some mock libraries during Android development and what the resulting trade offs might be.Using Input Pipelines In Your Android Game | Robert Green's DIY

Links for 2010-06-10 []

(Indexed 2010-06-11):


Links for 2009-11-03 []

(Indexed 2009-11-04):

Top things to do after installing Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Karmic KoalaKind of a beginner guide but there are mentions to some pretty nice software projects in it.

Links for 2009-09-29 []

(Indexed 2009-09-30):

Forum Tournaments & Ladders - ForumSupposedly the vBulletin module on which GameBattles was built.hibernate-generic-dao - Project Hosting on Google CodeA generic DAO framework I should look at the next time I need one.

Links for 2009-09-18 []

(Indexed 2009-09-19):

EtherPad Blog: Saving is ObsoleteNice UI design of a time slider that allows you to easily view the evolution of a document in EtherPad. The slider also supports save points that act as book marks. It's a nice UI idea.

Links for 2009-06-15 []

(Indexed 2009-06-16):

Tejus's Blog " Integration testing Spring MVC Annotated ControllersOne way of testing annotated Spring MVC controllers using a dispatcher servlet type setup.

Links for 2009-05-06 []

(Indexed 2009-05-07):

Stay Tuned with JK !: Step by Step tutorial on CAS - Part1-IntroductionCAS / Spring Security SSO integration tutorial.

Links for 2009-01-19 []

(Indexed 2009-01-20):

How To: Getting Started with Amazon EC2 - PaulStamatiou.comHey kids, get your EC2 on!reCAPTCHA: Stop Spam, Read BooksA free CAPTCHA service that helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows. It includes audio versions of the CAPTCHA. Multiple programming language wrappers are available from third parties.Web Design Resources I UseNice, organized collection of tools for web development and design.

Linux in the (Wannabe) Enterprise

(Indexed 2008-12-10):

The footholds of Linux in small Windows shops are skunkworks projects and discarded hardware. Inevitably the old mail server or the equivalent is considered woefully underpowered and gets replaced. The old hardware sits in a corner of the server room and collects dust. That is until I need a "no money down" [...]

Links for 2008-11-14 []

(Indexed 2008-11-15):

Curling Quotes in HTML, XML, and SGMLAdvice on putting smart quotes into HTML. It boils down to use “ and ” for a few reasons which are explained in the page.Java UTF–8 international character support with Tomcat and Oracle, 26/03/07, Kieran's blogAdvice on correctly handling internationalization issues at each level of the stack. It's not exhaustive but it's a pretty good overview about the kinds of issues you'll see.Find broken links on your site with Xenu's ...(truncated)...

Links for 2008-11-12 []

(Indexed 2008-11-13):

sysv-rc-conf - Run-level configuration for SysV like init script linksA command line utility for controlling the run levels of various init.d scripts. Yet another useful command / project whose name I can never seem to Blog Archive My First and Last WebcomicPNG versus JPG web comic.On Job Hopping Toronto Technology Jobs"If youre worried about employees moving on at the job posting level, long before youve even started to assess a particular candidate, you probably need t...(truncated)...

Flat Organization: Our Next CEO

(Indexed 2008-10-22):

While I'm going to try and publish once a week, I have a hard time sitting on finished comics. I just can't resist the temptation to do two this week.

Links for 2008-10-09 []

(Indexed 2008-10-10):

Obama's overhead projectorSome additional details from the Chicagoist about the "overhead projector" mentioned during the 2nd Presidential debate between McCain and Obama in 2008.

Links for 2008-10-04 []

(Indexed 2008-10-05):

Project Management Truisms - Part 1You had me at "Nothing is impossible for the person who doesn't have to do it."

Links for 2008-09-17 []

(Indexed 2008-09-18):

Google to buy Valve - The INQUIRERLooks like a super sneaky build up to an Android app store to me.Home - Lambda ProbeWeb app for managing TestUtilTestUtil is a Java automated method testing tool for verifying all matching accessor methods on mutable objects with a single line of unit test code.ROM-o-matic.netDynamically generates gPXE and Etherboot network booting images.Elasticfox Firefox Extension for Amazon EC2Firefox add on for working with EC2 and S3.Etherboot/gPXE ...(truncated)...

Links for 2008-09-15 []

(Indexed 2008-09-16):

YouTube - Simple interactive 3D modeling for allResearch project demoing an application that can assist users in creating low polygon count models from videos. Really stunning stuff.Arthur Ganson makes moving sculpture | Video on TED.comTED Talk with sculptor Arthur Ganson talking about some of his pieces and his inspiration. He makes mechanical sculptures that move in various ways. I don't think I had a favorite sculptor until I saw this.Arthur Ganson's Machines / Kinetic Sculpture"Live...(truncated)...

Links for 2008-09-12 []

(Indexed 2008-09-13):

Herding Cats: A Little Book of f-Laws13 Common Sins of Management. Nice management related quotes that come from Management f-Laws.WOWIO: The Changers 1: Evolution is Our Right by Ezra Claytan DanielsAn interesting sounding online comic that someone at work told me about.JavE - Java Ascii Versatile EditorJava application that lets you easily draw and edit ASCII art.Wordle - Beautiful Word CloudsJava word cloud generator from RSS.

Links for 2008-09-10 []

(Indexed 2008-09-11):

YouTube - Mythbusters - Fun With GasMythbuster Adam Savage inhaling sulphur hexafluoride, which makes his voice sound completely bad ass.Planigle, LLC | PlanigleHosted Agile planning tool.

Links for 2008-09-08 []

(Indexed 2008-09-09):

Collaborative Project Management Software- VeoProjectThe project management tool my former employer recently elected to use since the old tool that they didn't use didn't work for them. This one has Gantt charts!!!11

Links for 2008-09-07 []

(Indexed 2008-09-08):

JPC - Computer Virtualization in JavaJPC is an x86 PC emulator written in Java.Nereus - Massively Parallel ComputingJava MPC project.

Links for 2008-09-05 []

(Indexed 2008-09-06):

The Video Poker Table ProjectA poker table that uses RFID technology and video cameras to produce a live video feed of a poker game that shows players' hole cards and statistics, just like a televised game.

Interminably Long Timeouts for META-INF Under IIS

(Indexed 2008-08-27):

How’s that for a catchy title? To recap recent events: I’m working on speeding up a Java applet, sloppy code in applet libraries try to load resources from the server which then 404, you can avoid this by setting the codebase_lookup property to false in the applet tag, and finally eliminating 23 megs of [...]

Links for 2008-08-24 []

(Indexed 2008-08-25):

Olympics Blog at Sports Reference The Beijing Opening Ceremony and the Costs of the Beijing OlympicsInformation on the cost of the opening ceremonies for 2008 as well as a total cost and cost per athlete for all modern summer Olympics.

Optimizing PNG File Sizes

(Indexed 2008-08-21):

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on improving the load time of an applet at work. Someone here noticed a while back that we seemed to have a ridiculous amount of image files in the applet. There are roughly 23 megabytes of images in the final jar which is around 14 [...]

Links for 2008-08-17 []

(Indexed 2008-08-18):

What reading Tufte won’t teach you: Interface design guidelines - glyphobet • глыфобет • γλυφοβετSome high level application UI design tips.InfoQ: Renowned Orchestra Embraces Scrum-like PracticesOverview of how the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra is able to work well in a conductor-less environment.What's Your Solar Potential? - RoofRayQuick little web app that uses Google Maps to help det...(truncated)...

XFire, Applets, and 404s

(Indexed 2008-08-06):

XFire Mapping FilesThe application I work on uses XFire as a Java SOAP framework (this project has been replaced by CXF which is why this isn’t a bug report with a patch) that is launched via Web Start. At some point we decided to allow it to be run as an applet as well. [...]

Links for 2008-07-31 []

(Indexed 2008-08-01):

Apache Sling - IndexAnother web framework. This one makes it easier to use a content repository and has Apache Felix (the OSGi library) embedded.KilimKilim is a message-passing framework for Java that provides ultra-lightweight threads and facilities for fast, safe, zero-copy messaging between these threads.Ropes For JavaA rope is a high performance replacement for Strings.OpenX: Take control of your advertising | OpenXThe new name / project for OpenAds the PHP based online ad server.Maven-enab...(truncated)...

Links for 2008-07-30 []

(Indexed 2008-07-31):

Flickr: Kill Your LawnPhotos of people getting rid of the lawns around their homes and replacing them with gardens.OpenRemote-HomeOpen source internet enabled home automation software and hardware project.iScreen - The Java Object Validation FrameworkAjaxian Loom: Annotation based Java frameworkYou can never have enough frameworks.

Links for 2008-07-01 []

(Indexed 2008-07-02):

Scala Blog: Fun with Project Euler and ScalaSome nice Scala solutions to a few of the Project Euler problems that may help get your head around functional programming.syntaxhighlighter - Google CodeThat snazzy looking code formatter I've been seeing on a lot of blogs List of Free Java Decompilers

CodeGreen Labs

(Indexed 2008-06-24):

I’ve been listening to back episodes of the Agile Toolkit Podcast. One of the things that really caught my attention was the frequent mentioning of something called CodeGreen Labs. From elsewhere on the internet:We are dedicated to creating a unique training experience that uses real projects with real deliverables. Labs work on projects [...]

Links for 2008-06-13 []

(Indexed 2008-06-14):

Welcome to Scriptella ETL ProjectScriptella is an open source ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and script execution tool written in Java. A possible candidate for writing database upgrade scripts.pivot: HomeA client side UI framework for Java. One of the alternatives to Swing. Might be a little rough.RepairPalSearch for car repair estimates, user ratings and reviews.Perspectives - Jeff Dean on Google InfrastructureSummary of server infrastructure, hardware failure rates, and downtime reasons at G...(truncated)...

Links for 2008-06-04 []

(Indexed 2008-06-05):

xhtmlrenderer: The Flying Saucer ProjectFlying Saucer is an XHTML renderer written in Java. I overheard a reference to it in the morning stand up. We're using it for PDF generation, although it's capable of a lot more.

Virtualization as Adoption Criteria

(Indexed 2008-06-05):

Yesterday at work I got a question from a co-worker about doing something under AIX. I don’t really work with AIX, but I managed to answer the question. This is for another project that I don’t work on. It got me to wondering if I could run AIX in a VM on [...]

Links for 2008-06-03 []

(Indexed 2008-06-04):

Essential Database Naming Conventions (and Style)A set of easy to refer to and understand database naming conventions that I can live with.Index : Apache TuscanyA newly promoted top level ASF project that works to simplify the development of service-based application networks.

Links for 2008-05-29 []

(Indexed 2008-05-30):

My DebugBar | IETester / HomePageTool that aids in testing web pages with the rendering and javascript engines from various versions of Internet Explorer at the same time on one machine.Tag GalaxyAn awesome flash based tool for visualizing Flickr tagging and photos.iText, a Free Java-PDF Library: Home PageNati Shalom's Blog: Architecture You Always Wondered About: Lessons Learned at QconMore tips on scalable architectures.JoSQL - SQL for Java ObjectsProvides the ability to apply a SQL statement ...(truncated)...

Links for 2008-05-20 []

(Indexed 2008-05-21):

Welcome to Migrate4jAnother Java database migration tool. Requires a Java class to migrate between versions.home [LiquiBase]An XML based database migration tool in Java. Has Hibernate integration and database diffing.How a magnet turned off my speech - TelegraphBrief story and video on transcranial magnetic stimulation being used to interfere with Broca's area, effectively turning off the speech center of the brain.

Links for 2008-05-14 []

(Indexed 2008-05-15):

freesound :: home pageThe Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.

Links for 2008-05-07 []

(Indexed 2008-05-08):

Gamasutra - Feature - "How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days"Tips and tricks from four grad students that made over 50 games in one semester. Interesting stuff in here about brainstorming, the creative process in general, development, and project management.

Twitter Update

(Indexed 2008-05-04):

As I mentioned in another post, I’m giving Twitter a retry. I must say I’m enjoying it a lot more now that I’m not trying to treat it like other mediums of communication both in terms of what I follow and in how I use it to communicate. I’m definitely more willing to [...]

Links for 2008-04-30 []

(Indexed 2008-05-01):

NirCmd - Freeware command-line toolA Windows command line utility that lets you script some pretty cool things like: controlling system volume, moving your mouse cursor, turning off your monitor, creating desktop shortcuts, hiding cmd windows, changing your display mode, saving screen shotSequoia: Welcome to the Sequoia Project!Open source library that offers clustering, load balancing, and failover at the JDBC driver level.Flickr Architecture | High ScalabilityA high level overview of the Flick...(truncated)...

Links for 2008-04-15 []

(Indexed 2008-04-16):

Steven Smith : Use Unit Test Framework to Test Production DB ConsistencyAn interesting idea of using something like continuous integration and unit test frameworks to do something very un-unit testy like test data integrity on production sites.

Links for 2008-03-23 []

(Indexed 2008-03-24):

Why Apple fans hate tech reporters - Machinist - Salon.com24 ways: CSS for AccessibilityCSS tips that relate to, among other things, improved accessibility.Overdoing accessibility | 456 Berea StreetMore CSS tips or anti-patterns related to accessibility.Web Access Centre Blog :: Too much accessibility - TITLE attributesAvoiding Extreme Accessibility - Beast-Blog.com7 common lies told by enterprise software sales people | IT Project Failures |

Twitter Retry

(Indexed 2008-03-22):

Initial DismissalI tried to get into Twitter a few months ago but I really didn’t see the point of the whole thing. However, its wild popularity and frequent mentions in every blog and podcast I follow have made me realize it’s once again time to retry a technology or product I had written off [...]

Links for 2008-03-18 []

(Indexed 2008-03-19):

Zamzar - Free online file conversionMain Page - F-SpotPhoto management application for Linux. Can export to FlickrJungleDisk - Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3 ™ - Jungle DiskCheap S3 backed, off site backup solution with multiple OS clients.

Links for 2008-03-16 []

(Indexed 2008-03-17):

Keep Your Maven Projects Portable Throughout the Build CycleGood, simple Maven tips.

Links for 2008-02-28 []

(Indexed 2008-02-29):

InfoQ: Questioning the Retrospective Prime DirectiveI can't get past the feel good psychoanalyst bullshit long enough to tell if this is useful or if these people just think everyone shits rainbows and pisses Skittles.LeadingAnswers: Leadership and Agile Project Management Blog: Top 10 Estimation Best Practices

Links for 2008-02-25 []

(Indexed 2008-02-26):

MAKE: Blog: HOW TO - Make plants talk! They'll Twitter you when they need to be watered (and more)...An Arduino / XPort project to send a message on Twitter when a plant needs watering.

Links for 2008-02-18 []

(Indexed 2008-02-19):

Do not be afraid to remove features: How To Be A Good Product Manager: Product management tips

Links for 2008-02-14 []

(Indexed 2008-02-15):

Kapo C++: Using Eclipse for your gtkmm project (new version)

Links for 2007-11-16 []

(Indexed 2007-11-17):

Automatic projector calibration - Hack a DayVery cool method of calibrating a project to tilted and skewed projection surfaces, including mutli-projector stitched image calibration. Too cool for words.Ajaxian replaceHTML for when innerHTML dogs you down

Links for 2007-11-10 []

(Indexed 2007-11-11):

POW -- Plain Old Webserver :: Firefox Add-onsAdd-on that runs a web server in Firefox. Looks useful for testing inter-server communication code (pub/sub, server ping, etc)

Links for 2007-11-02 []

(Indexed 2007-11-03):

RestTestFirefox extension that allows you to issue HTTP requests with headers and data and examine the results.MockFtpServerJava project that provides a mock FTP server that can be used to test FTP client code.The Wisdom of Ganesh: Life above the Service TierService-Oriented Front-End Architecture article

Links for 2007-10-22 []

(Indexed 2007-10-23):

Salmon Run: A Maven2 multi-environment filter setupA nice way of applying different filters to resources based on build profile.

Links for 2007-09-20 []

(Indexed 2007-09-21):

Proximity CardsHack project to clone prox cards.

Links for 2007-08-25 []

(Indexed 2007-08-26):

ecards for when you care enough to hit sendThe How and the Tao of Old Time BanjoCreative commons licensed online banjo book.A Book of Five StringsAnother online CC licensed banjo book.The How and the Tao of Folk Guitar

Links for 2007-08-16 []

(Indexed 2007-08-17):

FMJ - HomeOSS project to provide a free replacement for JMF.GSpot Codec Information ApplianceA very handy utility for getting information about a video file.

Black, Blue, and Purple

(Indexed 2007-06-22):

How I waste my free timeIn between trying to get a simple Arduino project thrown together and farting around with the Yahoo! UI Library, I took a timeout to play around with Firefox add-on (back in my day they were extensions) named Stylish.The subject came up on Jyte that black text on a white background [...]

Links for 2007-06-12 []

(Indexed 2007-06-13):

MegaSquirt - Electronic Fuel Injection Computer by Bowling & Grippo * * 2005I overheard the IT guy talking about this. It's a programmable electronic fuel injection controller that you build yourself.The DIY Zoning ProjectI overheard the IT guy talking about this. The DIY Zoning Project is a repository containing the information about architecting, designing and implementing the Do It Yourself Temperature Zoning system.

Links for 2007-05-04 []

(Indexed 2007-05-05):

pack:tagA serverside static-resource compressing JSP-Taglib. Used to compress Javascript and CSS files.Faster Page Loads With Image ConcatenationInteresting but probably inadvisable way to decrease load times by concatenating icon images and selectively displaying portions of the image as individual icons.Census - RIA Data Loading BenchmarksTransfer and rendering time comparisons between the more popular Ajax transferring mechanisms.JSONSite about JSON with a good index of available tools in mu...(truncated)...

The New Love of My Life

(Indexed 2007-03-15):

I wrote previously that I was playing around with creating a logo in Gimp. I see now the error of my ways. It’s just not the right tool for the job. I still love Gimp, I’m just not in love with Gimp. A vector graphics program is what I need. [...]

Things To Do When Youre Bored

(Indexed 2007-03-12):

Besides spending way too much time on Jyte this weekend, I took an initial stab at making a logo for Dr. Nick Riviera’s alma mater, per Matt’s suggestion.

Yahoo! Pipes and My Almost Mashup

(Indexed 2007-02-18):

Brandon had another cool idea which he posted on his blog. In short, he thought it’d be cool to be able to automatically schedule recordings on your DVR for the titles in your Netflix queue. I’ve been playing around with Yahoo! Pipes recently and this seemed like an ideal candidate project. [...]

Links for 2007-01-26 []

(Indexed 2007-01-27):

google-rfc-2445 - Google CodeOpen source project that implements parts of RFC 2445 (iCalendar) in Java.

Links for 2007-01-05 []

(Indexed 2007-01-06):

Virtual to Physical Documentation and Sample ConfigurationsTechnical notes from VMWare on converting virtual machines to physical machines.Gentoo Linux Documentation -- Gentoo Network Appliance (GNAP)Very easy way to build Gentoo-based network appliance systems.Gregg's Weblog - Stripes and JSF: A Brief ComparisonmaveniumMaven / Selenium integration plugin.Automated Smoke Tests With Selenium, Cargo, TestNG and Maven MadaspeakVery good overview of integrating Selenium tests into your build proces...(truncated)...

Links for 2006-11-13 []

(Indexed 2006-11-14):

finditA surprisingly difficult game in which something will gradually change in a picture and you must click on it before time expires.America's Most Famous DeistsA chapter from an online book "God versus the Bible" that deals with the religious views of the founding fathers.Positive AtheismAtheism site. Good repository of quotes.

Links for 2006-10-29 []

(Indexed 2006-10-29):

JDistro.comProject working on a desktop for the JVM. MVM elements similar to JSR-121.Jsh : OpenSource Java Shell !An application laucher based on Echidna.mvm: Multi-Tasking Virtual MachineSun Barcelona's MVM implementation that serves as the reference implementation for |Another Java desktop / operating system effort.The Janos Project: The JanosVMOpen source JVM that has spport multiple separate processes withina single VM.JXJava operating system project.QuickTopic: free messa...(truncated)...

Links for 2006-10-26 []

(Indexed 2006-10-27): -- Multiprocess JVMsArticle on creating a multiprocess JVM with moderate separation between processes. Also has some open source product recomendations.Echidna as a Java Shared VM surrogateDownload link to the now missing in action Echidna project for running a multiprocess JVM. Also has a link to JDEngine, a service that allows you to easily use Echidna's features.

Links for 2006-10-16 []

(Indexed 2006-10-17):

Model PrepA movie showing the before / after and time compressed preparation and alteration of a model on a billboard.

Links for 2006-10-13 []

(Indexed 2006-10-14):

Access Matters Blog Archive Today’s AJAX and DHTML Best PracticesOverview of Ajax best practices with emphasis on 508 accessibility.Beautycheck - HomeInformation on a large research project on 'facial attractiveness' that has been carried out at the universities of Regensburg and Rostock in Germany. This is packed full of fascinating stuff.The Sun Online - News: Do you fancy a Donald Duck?A short article talking about a backstage Disney video (with link) in which costumed characters dry...(truncated)...

Links for 2006-09-27 []

(Indexed 2006-09-28):

The Metasploit ProjectFree product to perform penetration testing, IDS signature development, and exploit research.In pursuit of code quality: Repeatable system testsCargo is an open source project that aims to automate container management in a generic fashion, such that the same API used to deploy a WAR file to JBoss can also start and stop Jetty. Cargo also can download and install a container automatically.

Links for 2006-09-17 []

(Indexed 2006-09-18):

The Malleus MaleficarumTranslation of the Malleus Maleficarum.Luca Masini's Eclipse template project for GWT with SpringAn example of integrating Spring, Struts, Tiles, GWT, and Hibernate.Luca Masini's GWT and Spring at full speedExtension to ealier template project this time with a focus on Spring, GWT, and Spring RAD That Ain't Bad: Domain-Driven Development with TrailsIntro to using Trails which is like RoR but uses Spring, Tapestry, and Further Down the Trai...(truncated)...

Links for 2006-09-13 []

(Indexed 2006-09-14):

Build and implement a single sign-on solutionOverview of using CAS (an open source SSO solution) that integrates with Acegi.Introduction to Acegi @ JAVA DEVELOPER'S JOURNALAnother high level introduction to - Security: adding message digests via interceptorsThis article discusses using an Interceptor to automatically generate MAC digests for saved and updated records. This provides a mechanism to identify database records created or modified by unauthorized and presumably mal...(truncated)...

Links for 2006-09-12 []

(Indexed 2006-09-13):

Securing Your Java Applications - Acegi Security StyleQuick intro to using Acegi.Raible's Wiki: AppFuseAcegiACLTutorial for adding Acegi ACLs to an AppFuse project. Still interesting stuff in here even if you're not using AppFuse.Manentia Software - KasaiAn open source Java authentication and authorization framework.

Links for 2006-09-01 []

(Indexed 2006-09-02):

Great Moments in Science - 21 GramsOrigins of the idea that the human body loses 21 grams at the time of death.Hazard Screening Report on Power Tools and Workshop EquipmentAccording to the CPSC 183 people died in power tool related incidents in 2000. I don't know what I am going to do with that fact, but I'm sure it'll be useful for something.

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Doppel Gang Videos on YouTubeOld videos from a public access sketch comedy show in San Antonio.PIKAPIKACrazy animations done with a light pen and a digital camera using long exposures.Sony GPS-CS1: Tags Photos With Location - GizmodoA GPS you will be able to use to add location tags to your photos. One step closer to integrating it in the camera. I'll keep my fingers crossed since this is from Sony, my favorite camera manufacturer.A beginner's guide to accelerometersStarter information for add...(truncated)...

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OpenSourceCMS - HomeDefault install demos of most popular CMS, blogs, forums, etc.How To Ask Questions The Smart WayNumerous suggestions for getting help on the internet, particularly open source projects. Good for forwarding to people that ask bad questions.

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Tongue test identifies 'super-tasters' - Create and share diagrams online.Pretty spiffy quick and dirty web based diagramming tool for flowcharts, floor plans, network diagrams, UI, etc.

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(Indexed 2006-07-14):

ForumMatrix - Compare Them AllAnother comparison matrix, this time for forums.

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Buildix from ThoughtWorks :: project start-up in a boxSubversion, Trac, and CruiseControl all pre-installed on Debian in a VM.

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Simpson Crazy - The Ultimate Simpsons Fan SiteDesign by WikiOne user's experience and tips at using a Wiki to manage project documentation.WikiMatrix / Wiki Feature Comparison - Compare them allTool to compare the features between different Wikis.

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(Indexed 2006-06-28): -- What Corporate Projects Should Learn from Open SourceProducing Open Source SoftwareGood tips for participants in open source projects. Some of this applies to enterprise development as well.

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(Indexed 2006-06-15):

Spark Fun ElectronicsSite that sells electronic parts for small projects.tapestry-springOpen source project to integrate Tapestry 4 with Spring.

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Computer Games Time LineThe Dot Eaters - Classic Video Game HistoryVery good site on the history of video games.AccessibleObject revisited: a study in immutabilityShort Java post on the reason for lack of immutability within the reflection API as well as what would have been an acceptable fix.A List Of Fallacious ArgumentsFallaciesMore fallacious arguments, now with cool Latin names!!The Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer; the Art of Controversy by Arthur Schopenhauer - Project Gutenberg

Job Postmortem

(Indexed 2006-06-11):

The Big Sticky BallIt’s job switching time again. I’ve had a good time watching another software project that I don’t work on struggle to grow, fail, then struggle to survive and reinvent itself. The extremely quick summary is that a system admin with a lot of domain knowledge converted his convenience scripts into [...]

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Free Vector Clipart and IconFree clipart for personal or commercial projects. Useful for icons.Free Retro ClipartChoice selections of 50s style clipart.Public Domain ClipartGood collection of more free clipart.Grandma's Graphics: Vintage graphics and clipartFree collection of clipart, some of which dates back to the late 1800s.mibDepot: Home PageLarge collection of vendor MIBs. Requires $5 donation before downoad.Running Linux on the Sega Dreamcast

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Benford's LawGood summary of Benford's law and using it to spot possible fraud.Beale CiphersBendford's law applied to the two uncracked letters of the Beale ciphers.Air Canada Flight 888The last angry young man's complaint letter about his delayed flight and missed connection. The response (linked from original) from the airline is perhaps perfect customer service, the analysis at the bottom of the complaint explains why.Great Canadian Wine ProjectAnother awesome customer service response to a ...(truncated)...

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Microcontrollers - Maxim/DallasTINI platform is a microcontroller-based development platform that executes code for embedded web servers.Dallas Semiconductor: DS80C400/410/411 C Library ProjectC libraries for the Tini platform.jGuru: TINI FAQ Home PageTINI FAQ Home Page

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Network Notepad HomepageFree, simple network diagram tool.Adaptive Engineering of Large Software Projects with Distributed/Outsourced TeamsAgile case study (via:bushwald).

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The Way of The Master Episode 7 The Beauty of a Broken Spirit - Atheism: - Google VideoKirk Cameron and friends on how to handle atheists.Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution ControversyA False Sense of InsecurityHow does the risk of terrorism measure up against everyday dangers?

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KingsCascade.comSite with a few juggling tricks and tips on juggling five balls.JuggleAnimJuggling pattern animation program (in Java).

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Computer :: News :: Tips :: and Hacks: Best Freeware GuideNetBackup Faq-O-Matic: How do you decipher the output of "bpdbjobs -report -all_columns"?Short write up on how fucked up the data format is for some NetBackup commands.Tweak's Guide to the Home and Project StudioTips on building a home studio.

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David Butcher: Pedal Powered GeneratorOverview of a guys pet project to great a stationary bike powered generator.

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ajax chessAjax chess web application that supports internet play.Online Poker Tools Software PortalListing and reviews of different online poker tools.Free Web-Based Poker Software - PokerTracking.comOnline hand history with feature comparison table of competitors.Web clients fatten up with OpenLaszloOverview / tutorial on | Feral children: isolated, confined, wild and wolf childrenGives some details on children that have grown up with little or no human contact.Get ...(truncated)...

You Must Grep It

(Indexed 2006-02-22):

Almost everyone I work with at my current job is a hard core Linux enthusiast and they code primarily in Perl. The project I’m working on is in Java and one of the Perl guys has been transitioned over to work with me. He usually tries to do everything in the way he [...]

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Nagios: HomeOpen source host, service, and network monitoring program.OpenNMSOpen source network management software.


(Indexed 2006-02-15):

Here’s my angry issue of the day. I’m working on a project that uses a software development kit (SDK) from a third party. The third party provides some Maven plugins to help construct the necessary files for deployment into their framework. So far, so good. The problem I ran into that [...]

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XSLT ReferenceA very nice Javadoc style XSLT reference (via:mkinman).Blog Flux PollsSite that provides free hosting of polls for your site, complete with a google maps mashup of voter location.corkscrewCorkscrew is a tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies.LFS Project HomepageLinux From Scratch (LFS) is a project that provides you with step-by-step instructions for building your own customized Linux system entirely from source.Linux Mail ServerGuide for creating a mail server using Linux.

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ScrumWorks - Product Overview | Danube TechnologiesAnother free agile project management tool.The Sect of HomokaasuTest best 404 page - 25 words that hurt your resume - Jan 20, 2006Cryptex - Custom-made Cryptex(tm) Security BoxCingular Patenting the Emoticon :(More patent related bs.

What a Tool

(Indexed 2006-01-27):

Humble BeginningsAround ten years ago I was working for a pretty backwards IT department. We wrote and maintained an internally deployed call center application in Foxpro. We didn’t use any source control. The shared libraries for the multiple, customer specific versions of the application were on a shared network drive. When [...]